Playing it safe: Scientist creates energetic compounds with isotopic labels

Ana Racoveanu is able to do something most others throughout the nuclear security enterprise cannot do—something challenging and extremely valuable throughout the complex......»»

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A court is banning one man from Roblox forever

Simon, better known by his YouTube handle Ruben Sim, was first banned from playing Roblox several years ago. His evasion of that ban, documented on his YouTube channel, and his public encouragement of trolling in the game, resulted in a lawsuit being.....»»

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Tonga struggles with ash, psychological trauma after eruption and tsunami

A satellite image shows Mango islands after Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano eruption, in Tonga, January 20, 2022. Satellite Image @2022 Maxar Technologies/Handout via REUTERSFamilies have prevented children from playing outside as Tonga struggles t.....»»

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Mars lander InSight is awake from safe mode after dust storm

NASA's InSight lander on Mars has returned to normal operations after a break of around two weeks due to a regional dust storm......»»

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Swift Observatory in safe mode as NASA investigates issue

An issue with NASA's Swift Observatory has forced it to suspend science operations and enter safe mode while the team investigates......»»

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Kid of the Year Finalist Lino Marrero, 15, Invented a Shoe That Can Charge a Cell Phone

Lino Marrero was leaving cello practice one day when he noticed several blisters on his fingers. The pain was so bad that the 10-year-old inventor from Frisco, Tx. wanted to quit playing the instrument for good, even though he loved music. So he star.....»»

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Bring the band into harmony with a good drum set

Studies show that playing the drums is a great workout of the brain, and it reduces stress and anxiety. For some, it may just be noise pollution! Choosing the right drum set can be a complicated process because of all the different factors to conside.....»»

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Pamper your dog with the best beds

Our furry friends rely on us to take care of them. That's why it's essential to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable place to rest. Gifting your dog with its bed is a great way to show them that you care while also offering them a comfortab.....»»

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Show off your cooking skillz with the best skillet

A decent cast iron skillet is a kitchen essential. This type of pan is safe to use on any kind of hob or stove, can go in the oven, can be used on a BBQ, and can be taken from the kitchen to table. You can use a skillet to sear, saute, cook, bake and.....»»

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Become a gift-wrapping pro with these best wrapping paper cutters

Wrapping gifts can be tedious- all the cutting, folding, and taping. But some tools can help you make gift-wrapping an easy, safe, and fun experience. With these best wrapping paper cutters, you can cut the perfectly-sized piece of paper off in one s.....»»

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Keep your files and photos safe for life with this backup plan on sale

TL;DR: As of Jan. 21, a lifetime subscription to Degoo Premium Mega Backup Plan worth $4,320 is just $149.99, which is 95% off.No one prints the best moments of their lives anymore. They just keep them on hard drives forever until they want to show s.....»»

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Ozzy Osbourne"s NFT Project Shared a Scam Link, and Followers Lost Thousands of Dollars

Two days after Ozzy Osbourne's NFT collection were minted, supporters were being targeted by a phishing scam that drained cryptocurrency from their wallets, "playing off a bad link shared by the project's official Twitter account," reports The Verge......»»

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Rocket Report: SpaceX lands rocket cargo funding, Virgin Galactic’s stock crash

“Everyone is safe and the team did an admirable job." Enlarge / SpaceX launched its third mission of 2022 on January 18. The rocket carried 49 Starlink satellites. (credit: SpaceX) Welcome to Edition 4.29 of the Rocket Repo.....»»

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India to have ePassports soon - But are they safe?

IIT Kanpur and the National Informatics Centre (NIC) have developed the software to be used in the new passport. The India Security Press, Nashik is working on advanced security features on the ePassport......»»

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NASA"s Swift Observatory May Have Suffered An Attitude Control Failure

After 17 years of relatively smooth sailing, NASA's Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory has entered safe mode after detecting a "possible failure" in one of the six reaction wheels used to change attitude. Engadget reports: While it's not clear exactly wh.....»»

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How AI Conquered Poker

Good poker players have always known that they need to maintain a balance between bluffing and playing it straight. Now they can do so perfectly. From a report: One of the earliest and most devoted adopters of what has come to be known as "game theor.....»»

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Marine sponge cells in 3D could ramp up production of drug compounds

There are more than 9,000 species of marine sponges (Phylum Porifera) worldwide, which are a source of novel natural products. They contain promising chemical agents that may be useful in combatting cancer, COVID-19 and antibiotic-resistant Staphyloc.....»»

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Ash Blanketing Tonga after Volcano Eruption Creates Health Concerns

Short exposure should not be too harmful, but residents should take precautions where they can -- Read more on»»

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Is a smart safe necessary?

Need a better way to protect valuables from theft, or curious kids? A smart safe could help, but what do they do, and how do they work?.....»»

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‘Pareto Security’ is an app that helps you check your Mac’s security settings

Apple provides multiple security features to ensure that macOS users keep their Macs safe, but sometimes users have no idea how to check if all these security tools are enabled. With this in mind, software company Niteo has created “Pareto Sec.....»»

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5G C-band FAQ: phones, planes, and launch cities

You’ve probably noticed a lot of headlines about 5G recently. Understandably, you might have questions. Why is 5G in all the headlines recently? Is it safe to fly? Should your phone be super fast now? Hasn’t 5G been around for years? We&.....»»

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