Platform9 Arlon allows developers to deploy and configure a large number of clusters

Platform9 launches its latest open source project, Arlon. Arlon defines a unified architecture that leverages GitOps, declarative APIs, and Kubernetes to manage and reconcile state of both infrastructure (clusters and underlying resources) as well as.....»»

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Best mesh WiFi routers for 2022

Do you have a large home where you’re finding a lot of dead spots when it comes to WiFi? Then perhaps a mesh WiFi router system might be one that’s worth investing in, and here are some of our suggestions. The post Best mesh WiFi routers for 2022.....»»

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Warmer stream temperatures in burned-over Oregon watershed didn"t result in fewer trout

The number of trout in a southern Oregon stream system showed no decline one year after a fire burned almost the entire watershed, including riparian zone trees that had helped maintain optimal stream temperatures for the cold-water fish......»»

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Here are nearly 150 EVs, plug-in hybrids headed to U.S. dealerships through 2026

A number of brands now intend to go fully electric later this decade, while others are still several years away from introducing their first EV......»»

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Taiwan semiconductor industry: Domestic challenges, overseas headhunting and global sharing

Taiwan's domestic market is small but the export-oriented semiconductor industry actually depend heavily on the domestic environment. As TSMC CEO CC Wei has noted, the number of semiconductors in automobiles is increasing at a rate of 15% per year. W.....»»

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Autonomous driving chips to be next battlefield for IC designers and automakers, says DIGITIMES Research

Autonomous driving chip developers, based on their business types, can be separated into four major camps – automotive chip IDM/designers, ICT chip companies, emerging automotive chip developers, and automakers with an in-house chip R&D team &n.....»»

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Mapping disease risk at human-wildlife "hotspots"

New research has mapped how infectious diseases spread among wildlife populations in areas where humans and wildlife live in close proximity. The study has identified the animals, specifically wild monkeys that live in large groups alongside human se.....»»

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Small App Developer Assistance Fund payouts will happen soon

Developers who applied for a share of Apple's $100 million App Store class action settlement have been told that payments should happen as soon as October.The Small App Developer Assistance Fund was created as part of Apple's settlement of a lawsuit.....»»

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Apple names new VPs for Maps, Services, Silicon

Apple has named a number of new vice presidents for its teams, with Maps, Services, and Silicon teams getting new supervisory pairs of eyes.Apple annually makes changes to its list of vice presidents in the fall, typically under its regular performan.....»»

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YouTube TV now lets you subscribe to some add-ons without a base plan

YouTube TV now lets you subscribe to a number of add-on networks without first having to have the $65-a-month base plan......»»

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Twitter Introduces New Changes to Messaging

The social media app makes some new changes to its DM interface. The post Twitter Introduces New Changes to Messaging first appeared on Phandroid. Twitter is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms to date, with a large reach.....»»

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Most Twitter users don"t follow political elites, researchers suggest

While social media platforms are the primary source of political information for a growing number of people, a majority of Twitter users do not follow either members of Congress, their president or news media, a new study suggests. They are much more.....»»

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Delayed slow ocean response to carbon dioxide removal causes asymmetric tropical rainfall change

Using fossil fuels causes large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) to be emitted, which is one of the major greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. The climate changes under increasing CO2 radiative forcing (called "CO2 ramp-up") have been wide.....»»

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"Extinct" wood-eating cockroach rediscovered after 80 years

A large wingless wood-eating cockroach, unique to Australia's Lord Howe Island and thought extinct since the 1930s, has been rediscovered by a University of Sydney biology student......»»

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Young Australians face lifetime of labor change

With robotics and artificial intelligence causing job cuts and large-scale automation in most industries, tech-savvy young people are already preparing for rapid changes in their working lives......»»

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Southern resident orca pod falls to lowest number in 46 years

Only 73 southern resident orcas that live along the coast of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia remain as of July 1, according to the latest census from the Center for Whale Research......»»

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Study identifies need to improve awareness and understanding of chemicals used in everyday consumer products

Chemophobia is rife; often driven by ignorance and scientific illiteracy, it fires an activist agenda that can often be very misguided and target the wrong issues entirely. An unfortunate lack of engagement in science education and a greater number o.....»»

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The humble lillipilly forms the world"s largest genus of trees, and should be an Australian icon

You're probably familiar with the sight of a lillipilly bush. This hardy Australian staple—a glossy evergreen bearing powder-puff flowers and clusters of bright berries—features in many a garden hedge......»»

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Rising daily surface temperatures of 160 lakes across Tibetan Plateau shown over 40 years

The annual surface temperature of 160 lakes across the Tibetan Plateau has increased significantly in the period of 1978–2017, according to a study on large-scale dynamic monitoring and simulation of lake water temperature......»»

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Korean antitrust authority raids Apple offices to investigate 33% App Store cut

The Korean antitrust authority has carried out a dawn raid on Apple offices in the city of Gangnam-gu. The raid was part of an investigation into claims that Apple effectively charges some developers even more than the 30% cut which has itself come.....»»

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Hurricane Ian heads to Carolinas after regaining strength in Atlantic

Forecasters expect Hurricane Ian to cause life-threatening storm surges in the Carolinas on Friday after unleashing devastation in Florida, where it left a yet unknown number of dead in its wake......»»

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