Plastic pollution in Nigeria: Whose job is it to clean up the mess?

Take a walk or drive through the streets of most Nigerian cities, and you will see plastic waste everywhere. The country's rivers, lakes and ocean are also full of discarded plastic. Nigeria is estimated to generate about 2.5 million tons of plastic.....»»

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Microsoft wants changing default apps in Windows to be less of a mess

But it probably won't stop the OS from reminding you that Edge exists. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Ars Technica) One of the enduring legacies of the '90s browser wars has been an outsize attention to how Microsoft h.....»»

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Clean junk files from your Mac with Intego Washing Machine X9

Spring is the perfect time to clean up your Mac, and there's nothing better than professional software like Mac Washing Machine X9 from Intego's famous software suite to do the job.Mac Washing Machine X9 from IntegoMacs are efficient and typically ma.....»»

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Best Buy’s deal of the day is $130 off a Dyson cordless vacuum

Make it easier to clean your home by getting the Dyson V7 Advanced Origin cordless vacuum, which is available from Best Buy for $280 after a $120 discount......»»

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Watch A Hobby CNC Guru Play With A $100,000 Machine

Winston Moy may not be your average hobby cnc user. His methodical and scientific approach are thorough and intelligent. He really pushes the hobby CNC machines he has access to, to their limits for finish and clean cuts – unlike me, who just.....»»

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Xcel is cleaning up radioactive water spill at Minnesota plant

A broken pipe at Xcel Energy's Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant leaked about 400,000 gallons of water containing radioactive tritium, and the utility is working to clean up the contaminated plume, state regulators said Thursday......»»

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The Filthy Truth About Your Tap Water

The US is proposing bold action to clean thousands of “forever chemicals” out of drinking water. It’s long overdue......»»

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Your Tap Water Is Filthy, but That Could Finally Change

The US is proposing bold action to clean thousands of PFAS “forever chemicals” out of drinking water. It’s long overdue......»»

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US provides US$750m funding for clean hydrogen research and development

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced on March 15 a funding opportunity of US$750 million for research, development, and demonstration efforts to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen by developing clean hydrogen electrolysis and clean hydrogen man.....»»

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Low-cost device can measure air pollution anywhere

Air pollution is a major public health problem: The World Health Organization has estimated that it leads to over 4 million premature deaths worldwide annually. Still, it is not always extensively measured. But now an MIT research team is rolling out.....»»

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US public water supply is a local source of phosphorus pollution, finds study

In the United States, public water systems are sometimes dosed with phosphate to reduce copper levels and lead pipe corrosion. This practice can help avert humanitarian disasters like the Flint water crisis, but because phosphorus can contribute to e.....»»

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Fines for breaking US pollution laws can vary widely among states—the disparity may violate the Constitution

It's expensive to pollute the water in Colorado. The state's median fine for companies caught violating the federal Clean Water Act is over US$30,000, and violators can be charged much more. In Montana, however, most violators get barely a slap on th.....»»

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International scientists warn of the serious impact of noise pollution on marine invertebrates

An international scientific study, led by the UPC's Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB), shows that noise from human operations at sea damages marine invertebrates and ocean ecosystems. Published in Frontiers in Marine Science, the work points o.....»»

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New model provides improved air-quality predictions in fire-prone areas

Globally, wildfires are becoming more frequent and destructive, generating a significant amount of smoke that can be transported thousands of miles, driving the need for more accurate air pollution forecasts. A team of Penn State researchers has deve.....»»

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Check out the winners of this year’s Gallery of Soft Matter Physics

Submissions were judged on both striking visual qualities and scientific interest. Enlarge / Brown University scientists used two 3D-printed plastic disks to explore the Cheerios effect. (credit: A. Hooshanginejad et al., 2023).....»»

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Could waste plastic become a useful fuel source?

A process that turns waste plastic and CO2 into fuel has been developed at Cambridge University......»»

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The Daylight Saving Time Mess Just Won"t Go Away

Changing the clocks is bad for your health and bad for the economy. The US and Europe are trying to stop the seasonal switches, but with little success......»»

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Rise in ocean plastic pollution "unprecedented" since 2005

Plastic pollution in the world's oceans has reached "unprecedented levels" over the past 15 years, a new study has found, calling for a legally binding international treaty to stop the harmful waste......»»

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Iconic Nile River Delta faces existential threats, according to new study

Large-scale heavy metal pollution, coastal erosion and seawater intrusion pose an existential threat to the Nile River Delta and endanger 60 million people (about twice the population of Texas) in Egypt who depend on its resources for every facet of.....»»

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Senegalese recyclers seek solutions in fight against plastic

Discarded containers and bags are an eyesore in many towns, while beaches are covered by debris—Senegal's notorious problem of plastic pollution is not going away......»»

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Amazon is having a big sale on Roomba robot vacuums, from $179

If you need some help in keeping your floors clean, you shouldn't miss this chance at discounts from Amazon's sale on various robot vacuums by iRobot's Roomba......»»

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