Pitch us, Pittsburgh

We’re getting closer to putting our spotlight on Pittsburgh, and there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes. We’ve been spending a ton of time chatting with folks who are on the ground in the city, and we’ve had a great time learning and.....»»

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Pitch us, Pittsburgh

We’re getting closer to putting our spotlight on Pittsburgh, and there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes. We’ve been spending a ton of time chatting with folks who are on the ground in the city, and we’ve had a great time learning and.....»»

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Carnegie Mellon University President Farnam Jahanian is speaking at TechCrunch City Spotlight: Pittsburgh

TechCrunch is thrilled to announce Carnegie Mellon University President Farnam Jahanian is speaking at our Pittsburgh event on June 29. You can register here. It’s free to participate and hear President Farnam’s interview. President Jahan.....»»

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Stream of stars extends thousands of light-years across the Milky Way

It's hard to see more than a handful of stars from Princeton University, because the lights from New York City, Princeton and Philadelphia prevent our sky from ever getting pitch black, but stargazers who get into more rural areas can see hundreds of.....»»

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This $5 billion insurance company likes to talk up its AI. Now it"s in a mess over it

A key part of insurance company Lemonade's pitch to investors and customers is its ability to disrupt the normally staid insurance industry with artificial intelligence. It touts friendly chatbots like AI Maya and AI Jim, which help customers sign up.....»»

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Calling all Yinzers, TechCrunch is (virtually) headed to Pittsburgh!

We’ve had a blast meeting new folks in different cities this year and we’re keeping the train rolling. We learned quite a bit about what’s happening now in Miami and got up to speed on what’s been happening in the great city of Detroit.  Up.....»»

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Oracle Hits to Road to Pitch Data Center Plans

Analysts see Oracle focusing on Sun hardware, the cloud and other topics where customers are looking for direction......»»

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Lamborghini bidder Quantum makes innovation pitch to VW

The newly-established investor said its proposed acquisition of the Italian sports-car brand "would clearly be a key strategic benefit to the wider Volkswagen Group.".....»»

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Vise CEO Samir Vasavada and Sequoia’s Shaun Maguire break down the art of the pitch

"The deck has to show that you're solving an important problem, that you've got the path to an important solution, that there is a big market opportunity, and that your team is positioned to execute." In just a few short years, Vise has gon.....»»

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Dogs of Lordstown

Lordstown is not the only SPAC that is going to see some daylight between its pitch and its performance. But it's a pretty stark reminder that SPAC decks are sales pitches, not promises. The lackluster performance of shares in companies tha.....»»

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Brain implant gives robotic arm a sense of touch

Being able to tell what you're grasping gives a big boost to performance. Enlarge / Robotic arm in action. (credit: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center) One of the most stunning examples of the promise of brain implants is shown in a vide.....»»

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Check out the top-notch founders and investors joining us on Extra Crunch Live in June

In the past month, we’ve gotten a look at Poshmark’s early fundraising pitch deck with CEO Manish Chandra and Mayfield’s Navin Chaddha, heard where the biggest opportunities lie in the proptech space with Fifth Wall’s Brendan.....»»

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Bees can tell time by temperature, research finds

Bees are known to tell time by light and social cues. Now, postdoctoral scholar in biological sciences Manuel Giannoni-Guzmán and researchers from Brandeis University, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras, University of Pittsburgh and East Tennesse.....»»

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Pitch, a platform for making and sharing presentations, raises $85M on a $600M valuation

Powerpoint may still dominate the landscape for presentations in many people’s minds, but some might say that legacy status also makes Microsoft’s software ripe for disruption. Now, a startup out of Berlin called Pitch has just picked up.....»»

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May Mobility’s Edwin Olson and Nina Grooms Lee and Toyota AI Ventures’ Jim Adler on validating your startup idea

Read on for highlights from our chat with Olson, Grooms Lee and Adler, or watch a recording of the full session, including our live pitch-off. When a founder has a work history that includes the name of the parent company of one of their ke.....»»

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The Future of Post-Industrial Cities

Will second-tier cities like Pittsburgh and Baltimore emerge from the pandemic stronger and readier to face climate change? .detail-wrapper .article-detail .media-wrapper .buttons { font-family: Theinhardt-Regular,sans-serif; display: none;.....»»

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Biden to pitch his $174 billion electric vehicle plan in Michigan

The White House wants to encourage new battery production facilities by offering cost-sharing grants for new high-capacity plants in the U.S., according to a fact sheet reviewed by Reuters......»»

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Reality show "Unicorn Hunters" is looking for the next $1 billion company

A new reality TV show called "Unicorn Hunters" borrows the pitch-for-fame-and-fortune concept popularized by "Shark Tank" but adds an unusual twist: It's not just the judges throwing money at the businesses. Viewers at home can invest, too......»»

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Applications for the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off in July are open

Early-stage startups — now is your time to shine at the TechCrunch Early Stage event on July 8 and 9. This is part two of the highly successful event from April where top experts train and teach founders how to build, launch and scale their co.....»»

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Pitch your startup to seasoned tech leaders, and a live audience, on Extra Crunch Live

TechCrunch is known for its pitch-offs. We’ve had them in cities all over the world, and heard from hundreds of startups who have shared the story of their company on our stages. We’re excited to be bringing the pitch-off to Extra Crunch.....»»

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Climate change-resilient infrastructure

When President Joe Biden addresses a joint session of Congress tonight a common thread will likely run through much of his narrative: resilience. Beyond touting his administration's accomplishments, Biden is expected to use the spotlight to pitch his.....»»

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