People living in dense parts of UK cities found to be more lonely

A team of researchers from the University of Hong Kong and one from Oxford University has found that people who live in the denser parts of U.K. cities tend to be lonelier than people living in more open areas. In their paper published in the journal.....»»

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Windows 11 compatibility waiver warns of ‘damages’ that Microsoft could prevent

Microsoft is allowing people with unsupported hardware to install Windows 11, but you'll need to sign a waiver warning of damages beforehand......»»

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Windows 11 hits the Release Preview Insider channel as official release nears

Near-final preview release demonstrates how the upgrade will be offered to PCs. Enlarge / The "official" Windows 11 update, complete with the UI that regular people will see, is now available in the Release Preview channel for Windows Insiders......»»

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Guiding microbes along their path

The interdisciplinary field of active matter physics investigates the principles behind the behavior and self-organization of living organisms. The goal is to reveal general principles that allow to describe and predict the performance of living matt.....»»

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New agreements needed now to improve food systems

In 2020, between 720 and 811 million people suffered from hunger, and almost as many (768 million) were malnourished. Two billion people did not get enough essential nutrients and vitamins due to unbalanced diets or a lack of fresh food. At the same.....»»

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"I don"t think I can cope financially": People are putting off parenthood because of austerity

Britain's birth rates are plunging. The number of babies being born has been in steep decline since 2017. Now, researchers are investigating early signs that the pandemic may have caused rates to drop even further......»»

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China Says All Cryptocurrency-related Transactions Are Illegal and Must Be Banned

China's central bank said on Friday that all cryptocurrency-related transactions are illegal in the country and they must be banned, citing concerns around national security and "safety of people's assets." From a report: The world's most populated n.....»»

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Twitter will allow people to tip their favorite content creators with bitcoin

Twitter will allow people to tip their favorite content creators with bitcoin.....»»

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Video: How lemur research can help endangered species

Research scientists Marina Blanco, Ph.D. and Lydia Greene, Ph.D. study lemurs at the Duke Lemur Center in Durham, North Carolina (home to the largest population of lemurs outside of Madagascar). Some people might assume that they do this just to hang.....»»

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Vietnam forecasts one million EVs by 2028

With its huge population of 100 million people, Vietnam has the potential to have more than one million electric vehicles (EV) by 2028 and 4.5 million EVs by 2050, according to Vietnam Automobile Manufacture Association (VAMA)......»»

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As remote teaching becomes intelligent, AVer creates best audiovisual experience based on people

In the age of globalization, remote technology has become the best tool for educational organizations to shorten the distance between cities and rural areas and minimize the difference in resources, especially with the frantic adoption of remote teac.....»»

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CDC Panel Endorses Pfizer COVID-19 Booster Shots For People 65 and Older

A key Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory group unanimously voted Thursday to recommend distributing Pfizer and BioNTech's Covid-19 booster shots to older Americans and nursing home residents, clearing the way for the agency to give t.....»»

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Higher levels of organic pollutants found in homes located near natural gas wells, study finds

A University of Toronto study has found that those living close to natural gas wells are exposed to higher levels of certain organic pollutants in their homes......»»

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If endangered primates disappear, so will their parasites. That"s actually a problem

We put "save the chimps" on t-shirts and posters. But you'll never see anyone walking around in a shirt that says "save the chimpanzee lice." People seem to be more aware of the plight of endangered gorillas than of the gorillas' gut worms, or are un.....»»

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A Stalkerware Firm Is Leaking Real-Time Screenshots of People"s Phones Online

A stalkerware company that's designed to let customers spy on their spouses's, children's, or employees' devices is exposing victims' data, allowing anyone on the internet to see screenshots of phones simply by visiting a specific URL. From a report:.....»»

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23,000-year-old footprints suggest people reached the Americas early

People may have walked along the shore of a lake in New Mexico 23,000 years ago. Footprints left behind in layers of clay and silt at New Mexico’s White Sands National Park may be between 23,000 and 21,000 years old. That’s based on radioca.....»»

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Deadly virus"s pathway to infect cells identified

Rift Valley fever virus causes economically devastating outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever in livestock such as sheep, goats and cattle. These mosquito-borne outbreaks lead to infection in people working with dead or dying animals, sometimes causing hund.....»»

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US projections on drought-hit Colorado River grow more dire

The U.S. government released projections Wednesday that indicate an even more troubling outlook for a river that serves 40 million people in the American West......»»

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Gas pipe workers find 800-year-old bodies in Peru

Peruvian workers laying gas pipes found the remains of eight people buried in a common tomb with food and musical instruments some 800 years ago, an archaeologist said Wednesday......»»

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Following expert advice, FDA authorizes boosters for people 65+, high risk

Advisors for the CDC will meet Thursday to set guidance on use of boosters. Enlarge / The Food and Drug Administration headquarters in White Oak, Maryland. (credit: Getty | Congressional Quarterly) The US Food and Drug Administration late Wedn.....»»

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FDA Authorizes Pfizer Booster Shots For Older and At-Risk Americans

After weeks of internal strife at the Food and Drug Administration, the agency on Wednesday authorized people over 65 who had received Pfizer-BioNTech's coronavirus vaccine to get a booster shot at least six months after their second injection. The N.....»»

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