Overfished lobster found to grow bigger in protected areas

A team of researchers at the University of Agder's, Center for Coastal Research, working with a colleague at the Institute of Marine Research, both in Norway, has found that when protected areas for lobsters are established in overfished parts of the.....»»

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Martian dust devil analogues in the Mojave Desert

In the Mojave Desert, the sun beats down on the ground and makes pockets of low pressure. Cool air rushes into these areas, where it warms and rises, creating vortices that pick up dust. These types of dust devils aren't limited to Earth: They are fo.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external display could get bigger

If the rumors are accurate, it has been suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external display could be bigger than its predecessor. The post Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s external display could get bigger first appeared on Phandroid......»»

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Why the lawsuit against Apple’s AirTags may be bigger than you realize

Apple has been challenged in court by two victims of alleged stalking using AirTags. The outcome could be much be much bigger than just another lawsuit......»»

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Forest wildflowers and their overstory trees are changing with climate, but not always keeping pace

For spring ephemerals, timing is everything. These special wildflowers grow in temperate forests around the world, early in spring before the trees leaf out. Come out too early and it's still winter, too late and it's too shady under the forest canop.....»»

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Researchers develop nano-based technology to fight osteoporosis

University of Central Florida researchers have created unique technology for treating osteoporosis that uses nanobubbles to deliver treatment to targeted areas of a person's body......»»

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Long-lived lakes reveal a history of water on Mars

The northern hemisphere of Mars is divided into two broadly distinctive areas: the smooth northern lowlands and the pockmarked southern highlands. The region of Arabia Terra sits along the transition between these two regions and is thought to contai.....»»

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Clashing laws need to be fixed if Australians want to live in bushfire-prone areas, says researcher

It's almost bushfire season. Yes, even though floods are still racing through parts of eastern Australia. Fire conditions are above average including in inland New South Wales and Queensland......»»

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This Low-Cost Test for Hearing Loss Lives on a Smartphone

Audiology screening can be inaccessible for kids in low-resource areas. By utilizing off-the-shelf products, these scientists are trying to change that......»»

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Park Rangers Are Using Silent Ebikes to Catch Poachers

A Swedish electric bike is helping Mozambique’s park rangers protect game and reducing the need for fossil fuel infrastructure in Africa’s remotest areas......»»

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IC test interface solution providers positive about 5G smartphone demand

The adoption of 5G smartphones will continue to grow and buoy probe card demand for related application processors in 2023, according to sources at IC test interface solution providers......»»

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Compound semiconductor demand for CE devices unlikely to pick up until mid-2023

Compound semiconductor demand for consumer electronics is unlikely to pick up until the middle of next year, while demand for automotive, industrial, military and other niche-market applications continues to grow steadily, according to market sources.....»»

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Feline genetics help pinpoint first-ever domestication of cats

Nearly 10,000 years ago, humans settling in the Fertile Crescent, the areas of the Middle East surrounding the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, made the first switch from hunter-gatherers to farmers. They developed close bonds with the rodent-eating cats.....»»

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Call for "urgent investigations" following crab and lobster deaths along England"s coast

A Parliamentary committee which heard evidence from a Newcastle University academic about mass deaths of crustaceans off the North East coast says further urgent investigations should be carried out......»»

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Taiwan PCB industry continues to advance amid market headwinds, says TPCA

Taiwan's PCB production value is expected to grow to a new height in 2022 despite market headwinds facing almost the entire electronics supply chains, and will continue to advance further in 2023, due mainly to the increasing output of higher-value p.....»»

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BenQ-Qisda group to see healthcare revenue continue growing in 2023

The BenQ-Qisda group expects its healthcare revenue to grow by 30% annually to over NT$20 billion (US$653 million) in 2022 and increase another 30% to NT$25 billion in 2023......»»

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Plants can adapt their lignin using "chemically encoding" enzymes to face climate change, study finds

A new study shows how plants "encode" specific chemistries of their lignin to grow tall amid climate changes: Each plant cell uses different combinations of the enzymes LACCASEs to create specific lignin chemistries. These results can be used both in.....»»

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Death Valley"s Ubehebe Crater reveals volcanic hazard areas are underestimated

When magma bubbles up toward Earth's surface and meets groundwater, steam pressure builds, sometimes bursting into eruptions that spew currents of hot ash, potentially burning and asphyxiating people and burying nearby cities. Take, for example, simi.....»»

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Project seeks to learn how to grow super mushrooms, with termites as teachers

Termites have cultivated and eaten them for 30 million years. This incredible mushroom has more protein than chicken, soy and corn, but has yet to be grown by humans. By imitating termites, scientists at the University of Copenhagen will investigate.....»»

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Pop-Up Farming Pods to Help Colonizers Grow Crops on Mars

Interstellar Lab’s inflatable BioPod is designed to help plants survive inhospitable conditions on Earth and allow explorers to settle on the Red Planet......»»

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Tissue growth is influenced by whether local environment is firm or fluid

We all know that genes influence how cells and tissues grow and develop, but new research has shed light on the importance of another factor: whether the environment around them is firm like Jell-O or fluid like honey......»»

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