Oscar Health’s initial IPO price is so high, it makes me want to swear

Amidst all the hype that Lemonade (IPO), Root (IPO), Metromile (SPAC-led debut) and other insurtech players have generated in the last year, it’s been easy to forget about Oscar Health. But now that the company founded in 2012 is approaching th.....»»

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Lone high-energy neutrino likely came from shredded star in distant galaxy

Provides evidence that tidal disruption events can also be cosmic particle accelerators Enlarge / The remains of a shredded star formed an accretion disk around the black hole whose powerful tidal forces ripped it apart. This created a cosmic pa.....»»

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Measuring hemoglobin levels with AI microscope, microfluidic chips

A complete blood count can help ascertain the health of a patient and typically includes an estimate of the hemoglobin concentration, which can indicate several conditions, including anemia, polycythemia, and pulmonary fibrosis. Researchers describe.....»»

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Record-high Arctic freshwater will flow to Labrador Sea, affecting local and global oceans

Freshwater is accumulating in the Arctic Ocean. The Beaufort Sea, which is the largest Arctic Ocean freshwater reservoir, has increased its freshwater content by 40% over the past two decades. How and where this water will flow into the Atlantic Ocea.....»»

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Perseverance rover gives high-definition panoramic view of landing site

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover got its first high-definition look around its new home in Jezero Crater on Feb. 21, after rotating its mast, or "head," 360 degrees, allowing the rover's Mastcam-Z instrument to capture its first panorama after tou.....»»

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The best tablets for seniors for 2021

Tablets are ideal for older users because their larger, high-resolution touchscreens are easy to see and operate. Here are our picks for the best of the lot. .....»»

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Canva acquires background removal specialists Kaleido

Kaleido, makers of a drag-and-drop background removal service for images and video, have been acquired by up and coming digital design platform Canva. While the price and terms are not disclosed, it is speculated that this young company may have fetc.....»»

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Palantir: NHS faces legal action over data firm contract

Controversial data-crunching firm Palantir's deal with the UK health service is under the spotlight......»»

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For selenium in rivers, timing matters

Researchers have gained new insight into an ongoing environmental health problem......»»

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High energy radiotherapy could "paint" tumors to avoid harming healthy tissue

A radiotherapy technique which 'paints' tumors by targeting them precisely, and avoiding healthy tissue, has been devised......»»

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Reducing salt in Parmigiano Reggiano cheese might not negatively affect its flavor

Aged cheeses pack a punch of nutty, sharp flavor. Before they're fully mature, aged cheeses are either waxed or placed in brine for weeks to create a natural rind. However, the high salt content in brined cheeses deters some consumers. Now, researche.....»»

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Basic cell health systems wear down in Huntington"s disease, novel analysis shows

A new computational approach for analyzing complex datasets shows that as disease progresses, neurons and astrocytes lose the ability to maintain homeostasis. The 'Geomic' approach can be applied to other diseases, authors say......»»

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Hormone helps prevent muscle loss in mice on high fat diets

A new study suggests that a hormone known to prevent weight gain and normalize metabolism can also help maintain healthy muscles in mice. The findings present new possibilities for treating muscle-wasting conditions associated with age, obesity or ca.....»»

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Dell slashed over $900 off the Precision workstation today – but hurry!

If you need to upgrade your laptop, you can't go wrong with the Dell Precision 3551 Workstation, now on sale for $923 off, lowering its price to just $1,479......»»

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MicroStrategy dumps another $1 billion into Bitcoin, adding to its enormous holdings

Bitcoin briefly hit an all-time high of just over $58,000 on February 21 before a slide brought the value back down around the $45,000 mark. The dip seemed to be an opportune time for some to reaffirm their commitment to the coin......»»

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New material is next step toward stable high-voltage long-life solid-state batteries

A team of researchers designed and manufactured a new sodium-ion conductor for solid-state sodium-ion batteries that is stable when incorporated into higher-voltage oxide cathodes. This new solid electrolyte could dramatically improve the efficiency.....»»

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Potentially harmful chemicals found in plastic toys

New research suggests that more than 100 chemicals found in plastic toy materials may pose possible health risks to children. The study provides findings that may lead to stricter international regulations......»»

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Screening for macrocyclic peptides

Macrocyclic peptides are promising candidates for pharmaceuticals, but their screening is difficult. Scientists have now developed an easy-to-use, high-throughput screening assay for cyclic peptides with affinity to ubiquitin, a protein that helps to.....»»

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Understanding Toast’s expected IPO through the lens of Olo’s 2020 results

If Toast's recovery was anything like Olo's ascent, it isn't impossible to grok why its old $5 billion valuation might be a bit too small here in 2021 Boston-based Toast has been on a roller coaster over the last year. From raising $400 mil.....»»

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How public health research can shape inclusive immigration policies

President Joseph Biden and the Democrat-controlled Congress have started boldly with immigration. On Feb. 18, Democrats introduced the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, which would rollback many of Donald Trump's policies and bring comprehensive immigrat.....»»

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Merging boson stars could explain massive black hole collision and prove existence of dark matter

An international team of scientists led by the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) and the University of Aveiro shows that the heaviest black hole collision ever observed, produced by the gravitational-wave GW190521, might actually be s.....»»

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