Orico 2.5-inch hard drive enclosure review: affordable and cool storage

Orico has made a clever external 2.5-inch USB enclosure with a retro cassette design that is inexpensive and fun to use.The Orico 2.5-inch USB SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure is a small plastic drive box with a USB 3.0 connection. The enclosure is.....»»

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"Heat highways" could keep electronics cool

As smart electronic devices become smaller and more powerful, they can generate a lot of heat, leading to slower processing times and sudden shutdowns. Now, as reported in ACS Applied Nano Materials, researchers have used an electrospinning approach.....»»

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Usually $120, these Sennheiser wireless headphones are on sale for $70

The Sennheiser HD 350BT are comfortable, durable headphones for the rest of us. Finally made affordable!.....»»

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Fully-specced Apple silicon Mac Pro more affordable than last version that maxed out at over $50,000

Does the Vision Pro price seem a little steep? It’s just a fraction of a maxed-out Apple silicon Mac Pro – which itself is a fraction of the highest-end 2019 Mac Pro price. There’s a reason for that, however. more… The post Fully-specced Ap.....»»

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15-inch MacBook Air vs 13-inch Air: What’s the same, what’s changed?

Apple has launched the largest-ever version of its MacBook Air with a 15-inch display. While naturally keeping the super slim design the Air is known for, the new laptop offers a fast and big MacBook at an affordable price. Here are all the details.....»»

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DEAL: $50 discount on the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II now!

If you’re after a new pair of true wireless earbuds with noise-cancelation, then this deal on the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II is too good to pass up on. The market is flooded with true wireless earbuds right now and it’s not hard to.....»»

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DEAL: Save up to 38% on the Amazon Fire TV Stick!

Amazon's Fire TV Stick is a great option for people looking to access services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more. Smart TVs are pretty cool – they connect to the internet, let you stream content on demand, and even access video.....»»

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App Store Review Guideline updates go after fake apps, bad ads

Apple has refined its App Store Review Guidelines and other developer-related documents, with changes taking aim against inappropriate advertising, apps that impersonate others, and Safari extensions.In an email to developers sent out on Monday, Appl.....»»

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Even with so many demonstrated use cases, Apple Vision Pro might not yet have a purpose

In the year 2023, it's hard to imagine there's still room for Apple to "disrupt" anything anymore, but the company aimed high with its first augmented reality headset and managed to set a new standard for what this segment can achieve.Of course, Appl.....»»

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Optimizing the properties and microstructure of bulk superconductors

Superconductors are increasingly finding applications in several areas, such as medical imaging techniques, drug delivery systems, energy storage systems, levitation processes, and water purification methods. This can be attributed to their awe-inspi.....»»

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Catalysis under the microscope is more complex than expected, shows new study

Catalysts composed from tiny metal particles play an important role in many areas of technology—from fuel cells to production of synthetic fuels for energy storage. The exact behavior of catalysts depends, however, on many fine details and their in.....»»

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Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse better than Into the Spider-Verse?

With Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse getting almost universal love, the hard question must be asked: Is it better than Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse?.....»»

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Mazda3, CX-30, CX-5 get new Carbon Turbo variants

Mazda's Mazda3, CX-30 and CX-5 will offer new Carbon Turbo variants that get a turbocharged engine, standard all-wheel drive and distinct looks......»»

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Why millions of usable hard drives are being destroyed

It is estimated that 90% of hard drives are destroyed. Why aren't more wiped and reused?.....»»

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With AI trending, cooling solutions are also receiving attention

In the face of a global demand slowdown, AI remains a hot topic and gradually shows its importance across all industries. However, with computing power continuously expanding and data storage access increasingly frequent, the issue of power consumpti.....»»

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Nidec, Renesas team up for e-axle semiconductors

Nidec and Renesas Electronics have agreed to collaborate on the development of semiconductor solutions for a next-generation e-axle (X-in-1 system) that combines an electric vehicle (EV) drive motor and power electronics, according to the companies......»»

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IS-Wireless leverages Taiwan ICT strength to serve Europe"s 5G O-RAN needs

IS-Wireless, a Polish Open RAN technology provider, has established fruitful partnerships with Taiwanese manufacturing companies to drive its growth in the telecommunications industry. During his participation in the Innovex exhibition in Computex 20.....»»

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Pond emission measurements improve climate predictions

There could be billions of shallow lakes and ponds on Earth, though lack of mapping systems makes it hard to know just how many exist. Together, they emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but emissions from these systems v.....»»

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Why millions of useable hard drives are being destroyed

It is estimated that 90% of hard drives are destroyed. Why aren't more wiped and reused?.....»»

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Degradable polyethylene plastics from the nonalternating terpolymerization of ethylene, CO, and polar monomers

In a study published in the journal National Science Review and led by Dr. Zhongbao Jian (State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics and Chemistry, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS), E/CO/PM terpolymerizations were carried out with seven p.....»»

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Reflecting on 20 years of progress in interfacial sciences and engineering

Interfacial reactions happen at the boundary where materials in different phases, for example a solid and a liquid, meet each other. These reactions drive all elemental cycling on Earth and play pivotal roles in human activities such as agriculture,.....»»

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