Opinion: Jobs are up! Wages are up! So why am I as an economist so gloomy?

In any other time, the jobs news that came down on Dec. 2, 2022, would be reason for cheer......»»

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Apple has infringed on worker rights, NLRB investigators say

Apple has illegally imposed rules on its employees that prohibit them from discussing their wages and engaging in other protected activity, according to investigators at the National Labor Relations Board......»»

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This app lets Silicon Valley workers commiserate about layoffs in secret

In the week before Microsoft publicly announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs, thousands of workers at the tech giant who were eager for any information about the looming layoffs joined a professional networking site — not LinkedIn, which Microsoft owns.....»»

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Four months later – I was wrong about the Apple Watch Ultra

Four months after my initial review of the , a lot has changed in my opinion about it; many of the issues that first bothered me have turned out to not be so bad. At the same time, there are also features I thought were great, but have ended up bein.....»»

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Is the 2023 Mac Pro dead on arrival? [Opinion]

The Mac Pro has effectively been defined as two things. First, the most powerful Mac in Apple’s line-up. Second, the most expandable machine, but it’s looking increasingly like neither will apply to the 2023 Mac Pro. And if you take away both of.....»»

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Poll: What is the best front-facing camera solution for the iPad?

In 2018, Apple redesigned the iPad Pro, and customers, including myself, were in awe of this beautiful piece of hardware. It was the first time Apple left the classic, Steve Jobs envisioned-designed, and gave us something completely different. A nea.....»»

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Most of this week"s iPhone 15 Pro & iOS 17 rumors are lies & fabrications

A prolific "leaker" hammered out missives about the iPhone 15 and iOS 17 — but the only problem is, it's all fake and speculation from a known fraud. Here's what we're going to do about it.Steve Jobs Theater, where the magic actually happensEvery s.....»»

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GoldenEye can’t distract from Switch retro games’ most annoying pitfall

Opinion: GoldenEye's 16:9 support doesn't help other 4:3 games marred by borders. Enlarge / Nintendo's promotional key art for the launch of GoldenEye 007 on Switch. (credit: Nintendo) Today marks the long-awaited rerele.....»»

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Perseverance takes a selfie to show off some of its samples

One of the main jobs for the Perseverance Mars rover past few weeks has been collecting carefully selected samples of Mars rock and soil. These samples have been placed and sealed in special sample tubes and left in well-identified places so that a f.....»»

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How rising household debt could slow UK labor strikes this year

After decades of declining real wages and deteriorating working conditions, strike activity has spiked over the last year, particularly in the United Kingdom. From nurses and teachers to railway and postal workers, employees are demanding wage increa.....»»

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IBM and SAP are cutting thousands of jobs

IBM and SAP are the latest tech companies to slash thousands of jobs, as they reorganize businesses and profits come under pressure from a slowing global economy......»»

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IBM cuts 3,900 jobs in latest round of big tech layoffs

IBM is firing approximately 1.4% of its total workforce, with the cuts coming from its IT services and healthcare groups.Following major layoffs from Amazon, Spotify, plus Microsoft and Google, IBM has announced its financial earnings, and revealed t.....»»

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IBM is cutting 3,900 jobs

IBM has become the latest tech giant to slash thousands of jobs, with 3,900 positions, or 1.5% of its global workforce, expected to be eliminated......»»

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Work from home success linked to work/life boundaries

Remote jobs can help workers craft more satisfying lives, with higher psychological well-being and work engagement, but only if that work occurs during regularly contracted hours, according to new ILR School research......»»

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Apple beefs up smartphone services in “silent war” against Google

Apple enhances maps, search, and online advertising on iOS to challenge rival Android. Enlarge / Apple allegedly still holds a ‘grudge’ against Google ever since co-founder Steve Jobs called its rival Android operating system.....»»

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Students lacking language skills will miss out on jobs, according to new report

British students wanting to get ahead in the world of work should be studying an additional language. New research from the University of Portsmouth, based on the analysis of job adverts targeted at graduates, shows a high demand for language skills.....»»

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40 years ago, Apple’s original Macintosh started a revolution

When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh computer, it changed how we interacted with machines forever......»»

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Can you judge trustworthiness based on looks? New research says no

A new study from Rice University political scientist Rick Wilson and Texas A&M economist Catherine Eckel has examined the topic of trustworthiness. The article, titled "Attributions of Trust and Trustworthiness," will appear in an upcoming edition of.....»»

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Spotify cuts jobs in latest round of tech layoffs

The music-streaming company says it is shedding 6% of its workforce......»»

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Ford job cuts in Europe: Where the ax will fall

Ford's plans to cut thousands of jobs, mostly in product development, triggered a union threat of Europewide disruption......»»

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Google cuts 12,000 jobs, the largest layoff in the company’s history

Google will slash 12,000 jobs, or about 6 percent of the company. Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson) Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been on a cost-cutting tear over the last six months, shutting down various projects inside.....»»

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