Omada Health launches the Omada Insights Lab to help improve healthcare outcomes

Omada Health, one of the U.S.’s original virtual healthcare providers, today announced the creation of the Omada Insights Lab. “The Insights Lab is an approach to product development that leverages multidisciplinary teams to rapidly look at what.....»»

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Building customer-first relationships in a privacy-first world is critical

With clarity of vision, privacy can improve business outcomes. Prioritizing consumer trust and transparency is the right thing to do, and it can help the bottom line too. Travis Clinger Contributor S.....»»

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Comparing the actual US grid to the one predicted 15 years ago

Demand and carbon emissions are way down, renewables far more common than expected. Enlarge (credit: VCG / Getty Images) On Monday, the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley Lab released a report entitled "Halfway to Zero," referring to.....»»

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To improve climate models, an international team turns to archaeological data

Climate modeling is future facing, its general intent to hypothesize what our planet might look like at some later date. Because the Earth's vegetation influences climate, climate models frequently include vegetation reconstructions and are often val.....»»

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Kroger launches its first Ocado-powered ‘shed’, a massive, robot-filled fulfillment center in Ohio

After inking a deal to work together almost three years ago, U.S. supermarket chain Kroger and U.K. online grocer Ocado today took the wraps off the first major product of that deal. Kroger has launched a new Ocado-powered customer fulfillment center.....»»

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TikTok funds first episodic public health series ‘VIRAL’ from NowThis

TikTok is taking another step towards directly funding publishers’ content with today’s announcement that it’s financially backing the production of media publisher NowThis’ new series, “VIRAL,” which will feature.....»»

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EU Commission To End AstraZeneca and J&J Vaccine Contracts at Expiry

The EU Commission has decided not to renew COVID-19 vaccine contracts next year with AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson (J&J), Italian daily La Stampa reported on Wednesday, citing a source from the Italian health ministry. Reuters: "The European Comm.....»»

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Blue Origin launches and lands New Shepard rocket in key prep flight for human passengers

Blue Origin has launched its New Shepard rocket for the second time this year, and the 15th time overall. The mission profile saw the reusable spacecraft fly to suborbital space, and then return for a parachute-assisted landing at Blue Origin’s.....»»

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Ag policy in India needs to account for domestic workload

Women's increased agricultural labor during harvest season, in addition to domestic house care, often comes at the cost of their health, according to new research from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI)......»»

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Ocean temperature reconstructed over the last 700,000 years

Researchers from the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern reconstructed for the first mean ocean temperatures over the last 700,000 years using ice core data. The new knowledge serves to improve our understanding of t.....»»

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Yes, even a dirt cheap webcam is probably way better than just your laptop

A cheap webcam really can greatly improve your videoconferencing experience compared to your laptop's webcam......»»

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South Africa’s Quro Medical comes out of stealth with $1.1M to expand its hospital-at-home service

For a continent with such stark inequality, Africa has seen limited innovation to increase access to healthcare and reduce healthcare delivery costs. Over the years, there has been continued investment in traditional care models despite the overwhelm.....»»

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US companies hold 55% of worldwide IC market in 2020, says IC Insights

US companies held a 50% share of total IDM sales and a 64% share of fabless sales worldwide in 2020, capturing 55% of total IC sales worldwide last year, according to IC Insights......»»

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Vietnam-based healthcare booking app Docosan gets $1M seed funding led by AppWorks

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Docosan helps patients avoid long waits by letting them search and book doctors through its app. The company announced today it has raised more than $1 million in seed funding, which is claims is one of the largest seed rou.....»»

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FBI launches operation to remove backdoors from hacked Microsoft Exchange servers

A court in Houston has authorized an FBI operation to “copy and remove” backdoors from hundreds of Microsoft Exchange email servers in the United States, months after hackers used four previously undiscovered vulnerabilities to attack tho.....»»

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FBI launches operation to remotely remove Microsoft Exchange server backdoors

A court in Houston has authorized an FBI operation to “copy and remove” backdoors from hundreds of Microsoft Exchange email servers in the United States, months after hackers used four previously undiscovered vulnerabilities to attack tho.....»»

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Researchers streamline molecular assembly line to design, test drug compounds

Researchers from North Carolina State University have found a way to fine-tune the molecular assembly line that creates antibiotics via engineered biosynthesis. The work could allow scientists to improve existing antibiotics as well as design new dru.....»»

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National narcissists likely to support greenwashing campaigns to improve nation"s image

New research by the University of Kent and the SWPS University has discovered that national narcissists are more likely to support greenwashing (misleading information about the environmental benefits of a product, a company or a policy) in order to.....»»

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Childbirth versus pelvic floor stability

Human childbirth is comparatively difficult because our babies' heads are large relative to our birth canals. This tight 'fetopelvic' fit increases the risk of obstructed labor, which in turn has potentially dire outcomes for both mother and child. I.....»»

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There’s reason to be skeptical of the $80 TicWatch GTH’s health tracking

Mobvoi's new $80 TicWatch GTH has an Apple Watch-like design, and an array of health-related sensors, but don't expect it to be a medical-grade device......»»

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Microsoft Acquires Nuance, Elevating Its Cloud Strategy for Healthcare

In a strategic move Microsoft will acquire Nuance, a cloud and AI healthcare software provider in a transaction that will close by the end of this calendar year Continue reading........»»

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