Ohio working on new bill prohibiting the tracking of people with AirTags

For the last year, AirTag has been helping Apple users alike track their lost or stolen items. However, some have been using the tracking device for more nefarious purposes. A news station in Ohio has found a loophole in a law that allows tracking p.....»»

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Workato expands leadership team with new appointments

Workato announced the appointments of Carle Quinn as Chief People Officer; Kerry Moore as its first Vice President of Talent & Diversity; and Keith Tyndall as Vice President of Corporate and Brand Marketing. Quinn, Moore and Tyndall join Workato duri.....»»

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Apple talks to suppliers to increase manufacturing efforts outside of China

Apple is intending to decrease its reliance on suppliers working in China, a report claims, with the iPhone maker telling some contract manufacturers it wants to expand production outside of the country.The Apple supply chain in China is having to de.....»»

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Apple Fitness+ makes Apple TV an even better buy

If you have an Apple Watch, you can get even more out of your Apple TV in terms of working out and getting fit......»»

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AirTag helps police track and arrest robbery suspect

Police in Portland were given a technological assist by Apple's AirTag, after an armed robber unknowingly picked up the tracking device during a second theft.An armed robbery in the 100 Block of Northwest Broadway in Portland, Oregon on Thursday invo.....»»

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HP unveils its vision for the perfect hybrid working setup

HP wants to be the power behind your hybrid working future......»»

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Nasty Apple bug reportedly killing FaceTime on iPhones

Possibly affecting people on T-Mobile and Verizon networks, the main solution is to get a new SIM card.....»»

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Apple"s Headset Said To Feature 14 Cameras Enabling Lifelike Avatars

Citing a report from The Information's Wayne Ma (paywalled), MacRumors reports Apple's long-rumored AR/VR headset is said to feature 14 cameras that enable lifelike avatars with accurate facial expressions. The company is also working with former des.....»»

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Analysis of prehistoric feces shows Stonehenge people had parasites

Fossilized fecal analysis sheds light on prehistoric dietary habits and social behavior. Enlarge / The prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK. A large Neolithic settlement known as Durrington Walls is less than two miles a.....»»

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Why haven"t we wiped out rabies yet?

Despite effective vaccines, the rabies virus kills around 59,000 people a year. We asked medical anthropologist Deborah Nadal why the disease is still a threat......»»

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Music alleviates collective grief

In February 2020, a group of musicians from around the world living in China recorded their cover of a song by Michael Jackson on video to express their support to the families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and to those working in the frontline......»»

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How soaring inflation can be particularly harmful for young people

Inflation rates have become almost impossible to ignore. In the U.K., inflation has soared in recent months, now reaching 9%—the highest rate for 40 years. The Bank of England expects it to rise to 10% this year and for the economy to slow down......»»

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TikTok hopes the next way to capture your attention is in gaming

TikTok is working on a “major push into gaming” and is reportedly testing mini-games on the platform in Vietnam. In partnership with mobile gaming studio Zynga, the company is making ad-supported HTML5 games that could release on the platform l.....»»

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Survey: Chesapeake"s crab population at lowest since 1990

The number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay is estimated to be at the lowest level observed since an annual survey tracking the population began in 1990, officials announced Thursday......»»

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Webb telescope nearly set to explore the solar system

As NASA's James Webb Space Telescope moves through the final phases of commissioning its science instruments, we have also begun working on technical operations of the observatory. While the telescope moves through space, it will constantly find d.....»»

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Canada Set To Ban Chinese Tech Giant Huawei From 5G Network

Canada is planning to ban Huawei from working on Canada's fifth-generation networks. reports: The move puts Canada in line with key intelligence allies like the United States which have expressed concerns about the national security implicatio.....»»

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Deadlocked FCC Could Derail Biden"s Digital Equity Plans

The Biden administration has charged the Federal Communications Commission with prohibiting digital discrimination -- but without a third Democratic commissioner to break the agency's partisan deadlock, those plans are in trouble. From a report: One.....»»

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TikTok Plans Big Push Into Gaming, Conducting Tests in Vietnam

TikTok has been conducting tests so users can play games on its video-sharing app in Vietnam, part of plans for a major push into gaming, Reuters reported Thursday, citing four people familiar with the matter. From the report: Featuring games on its.....»»

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Apple Shows Headset To Board in Sign of Progress on Project

Apple executives previewed its upcoming mixed-reality headset to the company's board last week, indicating that development of the device has reached an advanced stage, Bloomberg News reported Thursday, citing people with knowledge of the matter. Fro.....»»

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US senators target Big Tech"s digital advertising machine with new legislation

Google, Facebook's parent Meta, and Amazon could have to spin off chunks of their advertising businesses under Congress's latest bill targeting Big Tech, according to the US senators behind the proposal......»»

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Citrix collaborates with Microsoft to help companies accelerate their digital transformations

Citrix announced it is working with Microsoft on an upcoming offering that combines Citrix’s high-definition user experience (HDX) technology, IT policy control, and ecosystem flexibility with Windows 365, offering IT administrators streamlined Cit.....»»

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