Oaks adapt drought resistance to local conditions

As climate change brings an increase in the frequency and severity of droughts, forest dieback is a key cause for concern: forests act as reservoirs of biodiversity and also allow vast amounts of carbon to be stored, reducing the so-called greenhouse.....»»

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Genome editing in farm animals: Chickens and pigs with integrated genetic scissors

Researchers at the TUM have demonstrated a way to efficiently study molecular mechanisms of disease resistance or biomedical issues in farm animals. Researchers are now able to introduce specific gene mutations into a desired organ or even correct ex.....»»

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PayPal To Launch Local Wallet in China Focused on Cross-Border Payments

PayPal plans to set up a local wallet in China focused on cross-border payments. From a report: In January, the U.S. fintech company became the first foreign firm with 100% ownership of a payments platform in China. But until now, PayPal's been quiet.....»»

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Cleaner fish from salmon farming affect wild populations

A growing demand for cleaner fish in salmon farms raises concerns about overfishing and human-mediated geneflow to wild populations. A recent study reveals that up to 20 percent of the local populations of corkwing wrasse in mid Norway may constitute.....»»

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There"s a lot more to Australia"s red cedar than timber

Native deciduous trees are rare in Australia, which means many of the red, yellow and brown leaves we associate with autumn come from introduced species, such as maples, oaks and elms......»»

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Vietnam to accelerate 5G commercialization

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) of Vietnam is laying the groundwork of its telecom infrastructure, saying that it will accelerate 5G commercialization and kick off massive 5G service testing in 2021, according to a local media re.....»»

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Missing Arctic Ice Fueled the "Beast of the East" Winter Storm

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Extreme weather has become the new normal -- whether it's precipitation, drought, wind, heat, or cold. The question of how the ever-shrinking layer of Arctic sea ice has contributed to any of the.....»»

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We’re all in this together: The partnership between marketing and automation; Monday’s daily brief

Plus, the local SEO problem of 1-star, no-comment reviews Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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A Hacker"s Nightmare: Programmable Chips Secured by Chaos

A complex network of randomly interconnected logic gates creates conditions that could thwart hackers Not all chaos is bad. In the case of programmable chips, chaos can be harnessed to create a unique digital identifier. Think of it as a finger.....»»

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Research inside hill slopes could help wildfire and drought prediction

A first-of-its-kind study led by The University of Texas at Austin has found that rock weathering and water storage appear to follow a similar pattern across undulating landscapes where hills rise and fall for miles......»»

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Northern Red Sea corals live close to the threshold of resistance to cold temperatures

Coral reefs are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth. In the northern Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba corals also have exceptionally high tolerance to increasing seawater temperatures, now occurring as a consequence of global warming. T.....»»

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Tracking topological conditions in graphene

Scientists have been able to demonstrate that graphene nanostructures can be generated by annealing of a nanostructured silicon carbide crystal for a few years. "These two-dimensional, spatially strongly restricted carbon bands exhibit a vanishingly.....»»

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Modelling shows urgent need to revamp hiring and working conditions for astronomers

It will take until at least 2080 before women make up just one-third of Australia's professional astronomers, an analysis published today in the journal Nature Astronomy reveals......»»

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We’re all in this together: The partnership between marketing and automation

Plus, the local SEO problem of 1-star, no-comment reviews Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Detroit VCs weigh in on fundraising and building startups in Michigan and the Midwest

TechCrunch just hosted a small virtual meetup with Detroit startups and venture capitals. Like the one we held last month in Miami, the event was a blast and featured a talk with two local VCs on what startups work in Detroit and how to raise money f.....»»

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One-star ratings on Google are deemed not defamatory and why that’s a problem

It’s crucial to have a solid review management strategy in place and for local SEOs to manage SMB expectations around review removal. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Climate Emergency Stymies Forecasts of Local Disaster Risks

After a record-setting year for hurricanes and wildfires, the insurance industry is grappling with the role of our climate emergency in estimating local disaster damages -- Read more on»»

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Vingroup eyes second VinFast car plant in central Vietnam, report says

The planned factory would be on a 3,700-acre plot in the northern central province of Ha Tinh, Reuters reported, citing documents filed with local authorities......»»

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Agricultural trade across US states can mitigate economic impacts of climate change

Agricultural producers deal firsthand with changing weather conditions, and extreme events such as drought or flooding can impact their productivity and profit. Climate change models project such events will occur more often in the future. But studie.....»»

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AI pinpoints local pollution hotspots using satellite images

Researchers at Duke University have developed a method that uses machine learning, satellite imagery and weather data to autonomously find hotspots of heavy air pollution, city block by city block......»»

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Officials, voters, show greater concern about ocean waste after kids" presentations

A new study from North Carolina State University found that, on average, voters and local leaders showed greater concern about plastic and other garbage in the ocean after watching kids' presentations......»»

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