Nozomi and Cynalytica team to deliver security solutions to OT & IoT environments

Nozomi Networks and Cynalytica have unveiled they have partnered to provide a visibility, monitoring and threat detection solution that encompasses both TCP/IP-based and non-IP based serial bus and analog connections found in OT and IoT environments......»»

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Double trouble: Infamous "eagle killer" bacterium produces not one, but two toxins

The cyanobacterium Aetokthonos hydrillicola produces not just one, but two highly potent toxins. In the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), an international team led by Martin Luther University Halle-Wi.....»»

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Chi-Nu experiment ends, bolsters nuclear security and energy reactors

The results of the Chi-Nu physics experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory have contributed essential, never-before-observed data for enhancing nuclear security applications, understanding criticality safety and designing fast-neutron energy reac.....»»

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Study demonstrates the presence of camelids in Cordoba during the Roman and al-Andalus eras

A research team has found the remains of nine different camelids, making Córdoba one of the main sites featuring this animal on the Iberian Peninsula.....»»

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Fungus versus flies: Following a scent towards insecticide-free pest management

While a blueberry with a fungal infection might end up in most people's compost bin, for a team of researchers in the US, it has provided a key to tackling the unsustainable use of insecticides......»»

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A newly refined map of Zealandia drawn using study of dredged rock samples

A small international team of geologists and seismologists has created a newly refined map of Zealandia using data obtained from dredged rock samples recovered from the ocean floor. They report details in the journal Tectonics......»»

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A 1% increase in unbroken rice could help feed millions more, boost producer profit

A 1% increase in unbroken rice kernels after milling could mean millions more servings of this critical staple grain, increased food security around the globe and improved producer profitability, a study from two Arkansas researchers suggests......»»

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Why endangered wildlife needs AML law coverage and banks need to share IWT intelligence

The illegal wildlife trade (IWT) is a fast-growing "financial portfolio" within the larger illegal, violent, parallel transnational global economy. As such, it creates state-level security and development risks, especially in source countries......»»

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Genomics detective work reveals pest moth travels

The fall armyworm moth (Spodoptera frugiperda) is a notorious pest in agriculture. It devastates essential food crops and threatens global food security. It has been reported to feed on more than 350 plant species, ranging from maize to cotton and ve.....»»

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5 free vulnerability scanners you should check out

Vulnerability scanners delve into systems to uncover security gaps. The primary mission? To fortify organizations against breaches and shield sensitive data from exposure. Beyond merely pinpointing weaknesses, vulnerability scanning is a proactive me.....»»

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Assessing the safety and suitability of using cat-attracting plants for olfactory enrichment

In a study published in iScience, a research team first examined the effects of silver vine on cats by comparing single exposure and long-term exposure to plant extracts. The cats were given access to the extract for four hours. At first, they showed.....»»

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Cybersecurity skills employers are desperate to find in 2023

The surge in digital economic growth and our increasing dependence on it make cybersecurity a critical profession. In this Help Net Security video, Aaron Rosenmund, Director of Security Research and Curriculum, Pluralsight, discusses the most sought-.....»»

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MITRE ATT&CK project leader on why the framework remains vital for cybersecurity pros

MITRE ATT&CK, a common language for cybersecurity professionals to communicate with each other and better understand real-world adversary behaviors, celebrates its 10th anniversary this fall. In this Help Net Security interview, project leader Adam P.....»»

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Reolink introduces new 4K solar+ security cameras

There are a plethora of options for home security cameras – from the ultralow end to the ultrahigh end. Almost all of them have some drawbacks – a hefty subscription price, low quality, a need to run wires, or an unreasonable upfront cost. But Re.....»»

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Quordle today - hints and answers for Tuesday, September 26 (game #610)

Looking for Quordle clues? We can help. Plus get the answers to Quordle today and past solutions......»»

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What to know about the auto supplier Trump is visiting in Michigan

Trump's camp confirmed Saturday that he will "deliver remarks" at Clinton Township-based Drake Enterprises Inc. at 8 p.m. Wednesday, according to a news advisory on his website. Drake is located about 25 miles Northeast of Detroit......»»

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Team reviews photocatalysis for methane conversion to high-value products

A research team has published a review paper summarizing the recent progress in methane conversion using photocatalysis. Photocatalysis, the process of using light to accelerate a chemical reaction, offers a promising and green technology for methane.....»»

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New pathway of diatom-mediated calcification and its impact on the biological pump

A research team found that the photosynthesis of Skeletonema costatum (S. costatum), a common diatom species, can induce substantial aragonite precipitation from artificial/natural seawater under significantly lower supersaturation levels required fo.....»»

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Chromosome-scale genome sequence of Suaeda glauca sheds light on salt stress tolerance in halophytes

A research paper titled "Chromosome-scale genome sequence of Suaeda glauca sheds light on salt stress tolerance in halophytes," by Professor Qin Yuan's team from the Center for Genomics, Haixia Institute of Science and Technology (Future Technology C.....»»

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How fast are Arctic glaciers melting? Engineers explored the north with a robot and cameras to find out

Equipped with snow jackets, gloves and luggage containing a host of cameras and sensors, professor Hanumant Singh and a team of Northeastern robotics researchers recently traveled to the Arctic with a noble goal to help address the climate crisis......»»

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Historic wind tunnel facility testing NASA"s Mars ascent vehicle rocket

The MAV (Mars Ascent Vehicle) team recently completed wind tunnel testing at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in a facility that has been a critical part of NASA missions going all the way back to the Apollo program......»»

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