Novel nanoparticles deliver innovative cancer chemoimmunotherapy

University of Pittsburgh researchers have designed cancer-fighting nanoparticles that co-deliver a chemotherapy drug and a novel immunotherapy, according to a new Nature Nanotechnology study published today......»»

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Vietnamese EV maker VinFast files for US IPO

VinFast, an electric carmaker backed by Vietnam's richest man trying to take on Elon Musk's Tesla Inc, has filed for an initial public offering in the US just as it prepares to deliver its first SUVs to California customers later this month......»»

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Attackers take over expired domain to deliver web skimming scripts

Attackers have taken over at least one expired domain that used to host a popular JavaScript library and used it to deliver web skimming scripts to a number of e-commerce sites. “The victim websites had years to remove the dead link that was le.....»»

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Aviatrix partners with Equinix to deliver encrypted connection to the cloud

Aviatrix has joined forces with Equinix to deliver Aviatrix Edge software across 25+ of Equinix’s global International Business Exchange data centers. The combined solution, which leverages Equinix’s Network Edge and Equinix Fabric, deliv.....»»

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Researchers develop nano-based technology to fight osteoporosis

University of Central Florida researchers have created unique technology for treating osteoporosis that uses nanobubbles to deliver treatment to targeted areas of a person's body......»»

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Microstructured fiber measures the size of nanoparticles

Researchers at Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (Leibniz IPHT) developed a new glass fiber design that enables exceptionally long observations of a large number of individual, freely moving nanoparticles in a liquid. This allows the size dist.....»»

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Can Taiwan LED makers benefit from government-proposed tax incentives?

The Taiwan government has proposed an income tax credit to encourage R&D of innovative technologies and products as well as purchases of equipment used in advanced manufacturing processes. Since some Taiwan-based LED makers have been developing advan.....»»

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3D printing can help produce valuable radiopharmaceuticals

Without accurate diagnostics, it is difficult to talk about effective treatment of patients, especially in the case of cancer. Today, as much as 80% of diagnostic procedures using radiopharmaceuticals require the use of molybdenum-99. In the future,.....»»

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More flexible than we thought: Worms provide new insights into the evolution and diversification of TGF-beta signaling

The TGF-ß cellular signaling network, essential to various functions in all metazoans and involved in many severe human pathologies like autoimmune diseases and cancer, is more flexible than previously thought......»»

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Victrix Pro BFG review: Unique PS5 controller could replace your DualSense

This new modular PlayStation 5 controller might just be innovative enough to replace your trusty DualSense......»»

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G-protein coupled receptor findings could accelerate research and development of new cancer treatments

Researchers from City of Hope, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the United States, have identified how a protein receptor targeted by about 33% of all federally approved medication works. The discovery could facilitat.....»»

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Using a green algae capsule to deliver chemotherapeutic drugs to a mouse via the GI tract

A team of researchers at the University of California, San Diego, has developed a green algae capsule for delivering chemotherapy drugs to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In their study, published in the journal Science Robotics, the group delivered.....»»

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Using lasers to bond semiconductor electronics components

Today, lasers are well-established in daily life, even if it is sometimes hard to tell what and where they are. As an example, we can find them in CD/DVD readers or medical applications like cancer and eye surgery, being essential tools in a vast ran.....»»

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Amazon"s $199 AirPods Pro 2 deal returns, AirPods Max drop to $439

Amazon's AirPods deals deliver the best prices this weekend, with AirPods Pro 2 back on sale for $199.99 and AirPods Max getting a new $110 discount.Apple AirPods are discounted at Amazon.Black Friday pricing has returned on Apple AirPods Pro 2, with.....»»

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"Virtual pillars" separate and sort blood-based nanoparticles

Engineers at Duke University have developed a device that uses sound waves to separate and sort the tiniest particles found in blood in a matter of minutes. The technology is based on a concept called "virtual pillars" and could be a boon to both sci.....»»

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The most innovative headphones of 2022

2022 saw tons of new headphones and earbuds. And while many offered rock-solid improvements to the formula, these are the ones that stood out from the crowd......»»

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The most innovative streaming devices of 2022

Apple TV 4K and Amazon Fire TV Cube didn't change a lot in 2022, but they did get better, innovating out of iteration......»»

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The most innovative TV tech of 2022

2022 was an amazing year for TVs as the showdown between OLED and QLED panels has given us the best of both worlds with stunning QD-OLED innovation......»»

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The most innovative monitors of 2022

Monitors had a big year, especially in the realm of innovative form factors and new technology......»»

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The most innovative gaming tech of 2022

There may not have been any big home console launches in 2022, but this year has been pivotal for for the future of gaming hardware......»»

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The most innovative tech products of 2022

We tested a lot of products in 2022, but these are the ones that stood out from the rest of the pack and brought something new to the table.....»»

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