Norway’s Kolonial rebrands as Oda, bags $265M on a $900M valuation to grow its online grocery delivery business in Europe

Food delivery startups, and specifically those focused on grocery delivery, continue to reap super-sized rounds of funding in Europe, buoyed by a year of pandemic living that has led many consumers to shift to shopping online. Today, the latest of th.....»»

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Asustek considering making PCs in India, says report

Asustek Computer is currently in talks with partners in India for manufacturing PCs there, and is looking to expand its share in the South Asian country's consumer PC market to 20%, according to a report by the Hindu citing Arnold Su, business head,.....»»

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Gets "Freedom Expression" Award Sponsored By YouTube

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Newsweek: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki received a "Free Expression" award from the Freedom Forum Institute in a virtual ceremony sponsored by YouTube, an online video platform owned by Google. On Thursday, YouTu.....»»

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Handwashing responsible for bacteria in sinks, largest non-hospital study shows

Handwashing is shaping communities of bacteria that live and grow in the plumbing of domestic sinks, scientists have found......»»

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Would Be Cool if Everyone Normalized These Pesky Data Leaks, Says Data-Leaking Facebook in Leaked Memo

Facebook wants you to believe that the scraping of 533 million people's personal data from its platform, and the dumping of that data online by nefarious people, is something to be "normalised." The Register: A blundering Facebook public relations op.....»»

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Who’s funding privacy tech?

New regulations, stricter cross-border data transfer rules and increasing calls for data sovereignty have helped the privacy startup space grow thanks to an uptick in investor support. Privacy isn’t dead, as many would have you believ.....»»

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How “cosmetic” DLC became “pay to win” camouflage in some online shooters

COD: Warzone and Fortnite struggle to balance player style and gameplay visibility. Roze's "Rook" skin in Call of Duty: Warzone drapes the player head to toe in black......»»

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Ten ways to ensure bees benefit from the solar power boom

Researchers assessing the impact of solar energy development across Europe have come up with ten ways in which the expansion of solar can be shaped to ensure pollinators benefit......»»

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Database developed on key mollusk to study pollution in coastal areas

Scrobiculariaplana is a type of wedge clam widely found along the coasts and estuaries of northern Europe, the Mediterranean and West Africa. Like other mollusks, it is used as a bioindicator to study pollution in these types of ecosystems, for its a.....»»

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Health insurance advertisers in the U.S. now required to pass Google Ads certification

Similar to Google’s certification program for online pharmacies, this is another layer of protection for consumers and another step for healthcare advertisers. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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HAAH shifts U.S. sales plan back to Chinese imports

HAAH Motors Holdings has shifted its business plan back to importing fully assembled cars from China. A year ago, the California startup said that it would build the vehicles at a U.S. plant, but now has put those plans on hold......»»

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Online Retailer Newegg Accepting Dogecoin as Payment Option

Online electronics retailer Newegg said it is now accepting dogecoin as a method of payment. From a report: Customers will be able to complete transactions using the dogecoin held in their BitPay wallet, according to an announcement Tuesday. Newegg f.....»»

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Book: LEVERS – The Framework For Building Repeatability into Your Business

The best businesses are data-driven and metrics-driven. Instead of simply tracking top-line metrics, every person in the organization understands their role, how they impact the business metrics, and how this impacts its larger goals.  One of th.....»»

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Hydrogen is one future fuel oil execs and environmentalists could both support

Tehran, 1943: Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill—hosted by the young Shah Reza Pahlavi—agree on plans for the two-front attack on Hitler while sketching out the east-west division of Europe. Holding the meeting in Iran, wi.....»»

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Cleaner fish from salmon farming affect wild populations

A growing demand for cleaner fish in salmon farms raises concerns about overfishing and human-mediated geneflow to wild populations. A recent study reveals that up to 20 percent of the local populations of corkwing wrasse in mid Norway may constitute.....»»

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Database relaunch to help protect endangered maritime archaeology

An online resource documenting maritime archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has been improved and relaunched—helping to further protect sites that are under threat of destruction, erosion or neglect......»»

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No quick fix for climate change

We could spray the atmosphere with particles that reflect sunlight or fertilize algae to grow and take up more CO2. We could release minerals that react with CO2or capture the gas directly from the air. These are some of the geoengineering techniques.....»»

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Religion played an important role in Britain voting to leave the EU in 2016, research shows

Faith played an "important and under-appreciated role" in the UK's choice to leave Europe, with Anglicans more likely to back Brexit, a major new study shows......»»

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MediaTek likely to post revenue growth of 10-20% in 2Q21

MediaTek is expected to post sequential revenue growth of over 10% or even 20% in the second quarter of 2021, after seeing its revenues grow 12.06% sequentially to NT$108.033 billion (US$3.88 billion) in the first quarter......»»

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Foxconn to adjust business at Wisconsin plant

Foxconn will continue to invest in Wisconsin but will look for suitable business sectors there, according to company chairman Young-Way Liu in response to the firm's decision to downsizing its manufacturing plant - originally meant to be an LCD fab -.....»»

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Indonesian edtech CoLearn gets $10M Series A led by Alpha Wave Incubation and GSV Ventures

Indonesian startup CoLearn started as a chain of physical tutoring centers and was in the process of shifting to a hybrid offline-online model when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The team sensed that remote learning would permanently change how students.....»»

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