Nonchlorinated solvent-processed high-performance ambipolar transistors

This research is led by Prof. Yunqi Liu (Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Prof. Yunlong Guo (Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences). Ambipolar polymer semiconductors have wide applications in electronic devices suc.....»»

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6 easy ways to dramatically increase your MacBook’s performance

If your Mac is feeling slow, we have six ways that you can boost its performance without downloading any extra software......»»

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Apple AirTags Being Used By Thieves To Track High-End Cars To Steal

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: This week, Canadian police announced that car thieves have been using AirTags to track vehicles they want to steal. York Regional Police (which serves an area north of Toronto) revealed that it h.....»»

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Musk Says Tesla"s Cybertruck Will Have Four-motor Variant

Tesla boss Elon Musk said on Friday the electric-car maker's much-anticipated Cybertruck would come with a high- end four-motor variant. From a report: "Initial production will be 4 motor variant, with independent, ultra fast response torque control.....»»

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Apple AirTags being used by thieves to track high-end cars to steal

Canadian police say they've had five such incidents since September. Enlarge / Technology that can track stolen property can also be used to track property to steal. (credit: Getty Images) When Apple debuted its new AirTag tra.....»»

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Amazon Charges Sellers Fees That Are High Enough To Offset Losses from Prime, a New Report Says

The massive reach of Amazon's e-commerce platform is appealing for any small business that wants to sell its products online. But a new report suggests that the cost of doing business can become a Faustian bargain for a third-party seller, as the fee.....»»

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Toys prove to be better investment than gold, art, and financial securities

Unusual ways of investment, such as collecting toys, can generate high returns. For example, secondary market prices of retired LEGO sets grow by 11% annually, which is faster than gold, stocks, and bonds, HSE University economists say. Their paper w.....»»

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Two-dimensional bipolar magnetic semiconductors with electrically controllable spin polarization realized

Two dimensional (2D) magnetic semiconductors, integrating semiconductivity, ferromagnetism and low dimensionality, serve as the cornerstone for high-speed nanospintronic devices. However, the practical applications of nowadays 2D magnetic semiconduct.....»»

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Grid Legends will be released at the end of a game-packed February

Grid Legends will fuse an intense story featuring real-life actors with its high-octane racing action......»»

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New Blockchain Tech Promises To Ease Ethereum"s Growing Pains

New technology promising to solve Ethereum's growing pains is gaining traction, increasing bets that some day most of the network's transactions might not actually take place on its own blockchain. From a report: For years slow speeds and high transa.....»»

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Qualcomm to diversify foundry sources for flagship SoCs

Unsatisfactory manufacturing yield rates for Samsung's 4nm process technology are prompting Qualcomm to diversify its foundry sources for high-end Snapdragon SoCs, industry sources believe......»»

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Intel executives soon to visit TSMC for 3nm

High-level executives of Intel will pay a visit to Taiwan in mid-December and meet TSMC to discuss the US vendor's demanded 3nm chip capacity, according to industry sources......»»

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Taiwan ranked largest semiconductor equipment market in 3Q21

Worldwide semiconductor equipment billings increased 8% sequentially and a robust 38% on year to US$26.8 billion in the third quarter of 2021, according to SEMI. The quarter also marked the fifth consecutive quarter of record-high billings......»»

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Highlights of the day: Chipmakers having growing demand for foundry services

Qualcomm, seeing Samsung 4nm process' weak yield rate, is likely to diversify its foundry sources for high-end Snapdragon SoCs to several different foundries, while Intel is set to visit TSMC in Taiwan to strive for any available 3nm capacity from th.....»»

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Shaping up nicely: Adjusting the plasma edge can improve the performance of a star on Earth

While trying out a new device that injects powder to clean up the walls of the world's largest stellarator, a twisty fusion device known as Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X) in Greifswald, Germany, scientists were pleased to find that the bits of atoms confined.....»»

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SiFive unveils new RISC-V processor P650

SiFive has announced the availability of its P650 processor, a new addition to its Performance family, which it said is expected to be the fastest licensable RISC-V processor IP core in the market. The SiFive Performance P650 will enable RISC-V desig.....»»

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Best Sony TV deals for December 2021

For gorgeous, high-quality TVs, one of the best brands to look for is Sony. We've searched out for the very best Sony TV deals from across the internet......»»

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SiFive"s New RISC-V Chip Challenges Decades-old Computing Designs

The Performance P650 won't beat a top-end Arm chip in a Samsung or Apple smartphone, but the startup believes its designs eventually could. From a report: It's really hard to get a new chip family to catch on when companies like Intel and Qualcomm sh.....»»

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Is There More to a Healthy-Heart Diet Than Cholesterol?

A high-fat diet is thought to increase the risk of a heart attack. But some say that the long-held dogma of “bad” cholesterol might be flawed -- Read more on»»

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Researchers develop a two-photon microscope that provides unprecedented brain-imaging ability

Advancing our understanding of the human brain will require new insights into how neural circuitry works in mammals, including laboratory mice. These investigations require monitoring brain activity with a microscope that provides resolution high eno.....»»

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Scientists pinpoint protein"s role in critical gene expression

Each cell in our body needs a fuel source to grow and divide to keep us alive. Most cells prefer a fuel source of high energy-containing sugar, but there are many times when our cells find themselves in short supply and must find other sources of ene.....»»

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