New comprehensive study on feeding patterns of tiger mosquitos in Europe

This study, published recently in the international journal Insects, was conducted by researchers from the University of Granada, the Doñana Biological Station, and the Biomedical Research Networking Centre for Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERE.....»»

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Developer of Handheld Cable Tester for U.S. Army Dies at 80

IEEE also mourns the loss of Europe’s ‘father of the Internet’ and others Photo: Lisa Stern Martin Rosenzweig Developed a handheld cable tester for the U.S. Army Life member, 80; died 28 September When Ros.....»»

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Ancient DNA reveals clues about how tuberculosis shaped the human immune system

A new study employing ancient human DNA reveals how tuberculosis has affected European populations over the past 2,000 years, specifically the impact that disease has had on the human genome. This work has implications for studying not only evolution.....»»

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A parental paradox for Black girls in the justice system

For Black girls in the juvenile justice system, attention from a caregiver might amount to too much of a bad thing, a recent study suggests......»»

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Study aims to help governments maximize profits from oil and gas auctions

Federal and state governments auction leases to oil and gas companies to extract natural resources from public land. A revamp of the auction system—utilizing a new model developed by a Rice University economist—could lead to more competitive bids.....»»

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Breaking the patrisharky: Scientists reexamine gender biases in shark, ray mating research

Shark scientists at Georgia Aquarium, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, and Dalhousie University are challenging the status quo in shark and ray mating research in a new study that looks at biological drivers of multiple paternity.....»»

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Citizen science study captures 2.2M wildlife images in NC

You didn't need a Ph.D. to contribute to research into wildlife abundance and behavior in North Carolina, thanks to a large-scale citizen science project led by North Carolina State University researchers......»»

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By detecting genetic material, fast sensor has potential use as a clinical tool

In less than a second, a small sensor used in brain chemistry research can detect the key molecules that provide the genetic instructions for life, RNA and DNA, a new study from American University shows......»»

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Can Alien Smog Lead Us to Extraterrestrial Civilizations?

A new study modeled whether we could find intelligent life on another planet—by looking for its pollution......»»

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Limiting invasive species may be a better goal than eliminating them

Managing invasive species—not eliminating them altogether—is a better use of time and conservation resources in many cases, according to a study led by a University of Alberta biologist......»»

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Microplastics found in 100% of sampled Pennsylvania waterways, study shows

Studies released this week suggest microplastics—tiny polymer fragments—are ubiquitous in local waterways, even finding their way into the guts and digestive tracts of the prized blue crabs that populate the Delaware Bay......»»

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Woolly mammoths may have shared the landscape with first humans in New England

Woolly mammoths may have walked the landscape at the same time as the earliest humans in what is now New England, according to a Dartmouth study published in Boreas. Through the radiocarbon dating of a rib fragment from the Mount Holly mammoth from M.....»»

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This frog has lungs that act like noise-canceling headphones, study shows

To succeed in mating, many male frogs sit in one place and call to their potential mates. But this raises an important question familiar to anyone trying to listen to someone talking at a busy cocktail party: how does a female hear and then find a ch.....»»

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Study uncovers how big droughts in the Greater Mekong trigger carbon dioxide emission bursts

A study on big droughts in the Greater Mekong region revealed findings that can help reduce the carbon footprint of power systems while providing insights into better designed and more sustainable power plants......»»

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Research shows dating stereotypes still exist in the virtual world

More people than ever are using online dating sites, with virtual dates becoming the new normal for single people during lockdown. Now a new study shows that while the way we date may have changed, some traditional gender stereotypes still remain......»»

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Gene drives may help control invasive grey squirrel in the UK

Existing gene drive technologies could be combined to help control the invasive grey squirrel population in the UK with little risk to other populations, according to a modelling study published in Scientific Reports......»»

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Wipro to buy London’s tech consultancy firm Capco for $1.45 billion

Wipro said on Thursday it has reached an agreement to buy 22-year-old British tech consultancy firm Capco for $1.45 billion as the major Indian software exporter looks to win customers in Europe and Asia. The Indian firm, which identifies U.S. as its.....»»

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IFC backs Bolt with $24M to expand its transportation network in emerging markets

Bolt, an Uber competitor that is building an international on-demand network of services to transport people, food and other items in cars, scooters and bikes across Europe and Africa, has picked up some strategic funding today to continue expanding.....»»

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Apple’s App Store is now also under antitrust scrutiny in the UK

Apple is facing another antitrust investigation in Europe into how it operates the iOS App Store. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced today that it’s opened an investigation following a number of complaints from dev.....»»

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Seagrass loss around the UK may be much higher than previously thought

The loss of seagrass in the waters around the UK is much higher than previously estimated. A new study published in Frontiers in Plant Science concludes that, with high certainty, at least 44% of the UK's seagrasses have been lost since 1936, of whic.....»»

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Accelerating gains in abdominal fat during menopause tied to heart disease risk

Women who experience an accelerated accumulation of abdominal fat during menopause are at greater risk of heart disease, even if their weight stays steady, according to a new analysis. The study -- based on a quarter century of data collected on hund.....»»

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