Nearly a hundred genes have been lost during the woolly mammoth"s evolution

A new study shows that 87 genes have been affected by deletions or short insertions during the course of the mammoth's evolution. The researchers note that their findings have implications for international efforts to resurrect extinct species, inclu.....»»

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Scientists discover dual-function messenger RNA

For the very first time, a study led by Julian Chen and his group in Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Institute's Center for the Mechanism of Evolution, has discovered an unprecedented pathway producing telome.....»»

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Newly discovered sexual reproduction process furthers understanding of plant and algae evolution

Scientists have discovered a sexual reproduction process in microalgae that helps them better understand algae and plant evolution. Their discovery could lead to new industrial applications for microalgae, ranging from wastewater treatment to product.....»»

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Gundam Evolution review: a true Overwatch 2 contender, but not a flawless one

Gundam Evolution puts a unique spin on the hero-shooter genre that's sure to deliver for fans, but not all players......»»

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Sling TV loses ESPN, other Disney channels amid contract dispute

Sling TV has lost ESPN and other major sports channels — along with the rest of the Disney-owned lineup — amid a contract dispute......»»

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Human "blastoids" offer medical hope but also deep ethical challenges

The study of blastoids, a research model of an early embryo derived from stem cells rather than from a father's sperm or a mother's egg, offers great hope for researchers investigating why pregnancies are lost at an early stage, what causes birth def.....»»

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"Mystery gene" matures the skeleton of the cell

"I'm a professional pin-in-a-haystack seeker," geneticist Thijn Brummelkamp responds when asked why he excels at tracking down proteins and genes that other people did not find, despite the fact that some have managed to remain elusive for as long as.....»»

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For "The First Lady of Engineering," Freedom Meant Facing Down Racism and Sexism ... And Breaking Her Own Rules

Yvonne Y. Clark, known as Y.Y. throughout her career, had a lifetime of groundbreaking achievements as a Black female mechanical engineer. In the second episode of the newest season of the Lost Women of Science podcast, we see Y.Y.'s true grit a.....»»

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Chernobyl black frogs reveal evolution in action

The accident at reactor four of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 generated the largest release of radioactive material into the environment in human history. The impact of the acute exposure to high doses of radiation was severe for the envi.....»»

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Scientists have a bone to pick with paleontology"s portrayal in video games

Dinosaurs, fossil collecting, and evolution are common staples of video games—letting players interact with exciting aspects of paleo-science, but many games contain negative and harmful themes that can give players a warped understanding of paleon.....»»

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Rare fossil teeth overturn long-held views about evolution of vertebrates

An international team of researchers has discovered 439-million-year-old remains of a toothed fish that suggest the ancestors of modern osteichthyans (ray- and lobe-finned fish) and chondrichthyans (sharks and rays) originated much earlier than previ.....»»

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Evolution of emerging anti-Hale region and associated eruptive solar flares

Dr. Xu Zhe, Prof. Yan Xiaoli and colleagues from the Yunnan Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have revealed how an active region (AR) evolves, re-configures the upper coronal structures, and eventually contributes to solar eruptions. R.....»»

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How the Tibetan uplift affects evolution of westerly circulation

As an important part of the global climate system, the westerly wind drives the mid-latitude surface currents, regulates the exchange of heat, water vapor, and carbon between the ocean and the atmosphere, and influences regional and global climate ch.....»»

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TransUnion TruValidate Device Risk with Behavioral Analytics improves fraud detection for businesses

To help limit the more than $100 billion of global sales revenue lost to false positives during the fraud detection process, TransUnion launched TruValidate Device Risk with Behavioral Analytics. The solution is newly fortified by NeuroID’s behavio.....»»

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Climate change could mean more intense locust outbreaks and threaten food security

A new study by a research team from Arizona State University has found that climate change will dramatically increase the intensity of locust swarms, resulting in even more crops lost to insect pests and threatening food security......»»

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Researchers identify genes potentially responsible for sugarcane"s resistance to pests, cold and drought

A study conducted at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil has identified orphan genes in wild sugarcane (Saccharum spontaneum), a species with exceptional resistance to biotic stresses such as nematodes, fungi, bacteria and other pest.....»»

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South Sudan should disarm civilians: The evidence shows this improves security

A long-running state of insecurity has recently intensified in Unity State—one of South Sudan's 10 states—resulting in many innocent lives being lost......»»

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How Squishy Math Is Revealing Doughnuts in the Brain

Topology, sometimes called rubber sheet geometry, is finding patterns in the brain, drugs and evolution.....»»

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How the Galaxy Z Flip 4 fixed my unhealthy phone habits

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4's outer display has helped me fight the urge to get lost in the flurry of unwanted notifications and social media posts......»»

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3 ways to gauge your company’s preparedness to recover from data loss

Use these three questions to assess your company’s preparedness to retrieve lost data. 1. Do you have backups of your data? This fundamental question is the basis of your reaction and remediation strategy. Without a backup, data loss is inevita.....»»

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Watchmen’s Damon Lindelof might write a Marvel movie

Damon Lindelof is a creator that doesn’t need any introduction. He frustrated most of us with the highly acclaimed Lost, but he then delighted us with The Leftovers and Watchmen. The latter was a one-season TV series for HBO, despite its popula.....»»

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