Nearby star cluster houses unusually large black hole

Fast-moving stars imply that there's an intermediate-mass black hole there. Enlarge / From left to right, zooming in from the globular cluster to the site of its black hole. (credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, M. Häberle) Super.....»»

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How to join the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 beta

It's almost time to squad up and get ready for some Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 matches. If you want a leg up on the competition, here's how to enter the beta......»»

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6’s two beta periods are on the way

Activision announced that an early access beta period will be coming at the end of August, followed by an open beta......»»

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Q&A: What past environmental success can teach us about solving the climate crisis

Susan Solomon, MIT professor of Earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences (EAPS) and of chemistry, played a critical role in understanding how a class of chemicals known as chlorofluorocarbons were creating a hole in the ozone layer......»»

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Loss of oxygen in bodies of water identified as new tipping point

Oxygen concentrations in our planet's waters are decreasing rapidly and dramatically—from ponds to the ocean. The progressive loss of oxygen threatens not only ecosystems, but also the livelihoods of large sectors of society and the entire planet,.....»»

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Supermassive black holes have masses of more than a million suns—but their growth has slowed as the universe has aged

Black holes are remarkable astronomical objects with gravity so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape them. The most gigantic ones, known as "supermassive" black holes, can weigh millions to billions times the mass of the sun......»»

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Best Buy Black Friday in July sale: Apple Watch $100 off, $749 M2 MacBook Air, $500 off iPad

Best Buy is challenging Amazon Prime Day by offering Black Friday in July savings on dozens of Apple products.Save up to $700 on Apple at Best Buy.The Black Friday in July Sale delivers triple-digit discounts on hundreds of popular electronics, inclu.....»»

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This GoPro bundle is only $250 and includes awesome accessories

This GoPro Hero 11 Black Bundle deal is affordable and gives you everything you'll need to use it effectively......»»

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Nearby exoplanet could be first known ocean world: Webb telescope

A planet relatively close to Earth could be the first ever detected with a potentially life-sustaining liquid ocean outside our Solar System, according to scientists using the James Webb space telescope......»»

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Best Lego Prime Day deals: Star Wars, Marvel, Technics, more

Lego fans, don't miss the fantastic discounts that are available from Lego Prime Day deals. Enjoy savings on Lego sets featuring Marvel, Star Wars, and more!.....»»

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Fly Me to the Moon review: charming, bubbly fun

Scarlett Johansson brings her full star power to the sparkly, crowd-pleasing new screwball space movie, Fly Me to the Moon......»»

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Saturday Citations: The first Goldilocks black hole; Toxoplasma gondii metabolism; pumping at the speed of muscle

This week: Physicists conducted a biological study, engineers built a waste-recycling suit for astronauts (and worm riders), and astronomers identified the first known intermediate-mass black hole, and it's right here in our own galactic back yard......»»

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Complex impact of large wildfires on ozone layer dynamics unveiled

In a revelation that highlights the fragile balance of our planet's atmosphere, scientists from China, Germany, and the U.S. have uncovered an unexpected link between massive wildfire events and the chemistry of the ozone layer. Published in Science.....»»

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How astronomers work out the size of the solar system

The size of the solar system is defined by the volume of space over which the sun's influence exceeds those of other nearby stars in the Milky Way galaxy. This influence derives from two fundamental forces of nature: gravity and magnetism......»»

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Shining a light on Colorado"s little-known fireflies

Owen Martin steps carefully through the knee-high grass growing up around a long-abandoned railroad track near Sawhill Ponds in Boulder, Colorado. It's almost pitch black out. The sun set 45 minutes ago, and the only light now comes from the distant.....»»

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Captain America: Brave New World teaser introduces Red Hulk to the MCU

There's quite a few familiar characters from 2008's The Incredible Hulk. Anthony Mackie wields the shield in Captain America: Brave New World. Marvel Studios has dropped the first teaser for Captain America: Brave New World, star An.....»»

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Why Toyota’s Tacoma isn’t the star of its new branded TV content

Toyota’s AMC Networks partnership includes a short film and social content for nature doc viewers......»»

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Hubble finds evidence for rare black hole in Omega Centauri

An international team of astronomers has used more than 500 images from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope spanning two decades to detect seven fast-moving stars in the innermost region of Omega Centauri, the largest and brightest globular cluster i.....»»

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Belle II experiment reports the first direct measurement of tau-to-light-lepton ratio

The Belle II experiment is a large research effort aimed at precisely measuring weak-interaction parameters, studying exotic hadrons (i.e., a class of subatomic particles) and searching for new physical phenomena. This effort primarily relies on the.....»»

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A black bear may pave the way for new wildlife crossings

A bear taking the scenic route around Southern California may help researchers learn how wild animals cross freeways to get from one habitat to the next—and how they might be kept out of your backyard......»»

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Black Americans develop mental resilience to discrimination early

No one likes to feel like they're not getting the respect or courtesy they deserve. Think about the last time you felt patronized, or treated as inferior, or received worse customer service than another person in line......»»

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