NASCAR ditches decades of tradition for its Next Gen race car

Cup cars will run centerlock wheels, sequential transmissions, and flat floors. On May 5, NASCAR unveiled its seventh-generation race car at its tech center in Charlotte, North Carolina......»»

Category: topSource:  arstechnicaMay 6th, 2021

Baltic herring larvae show effects of climate change

Data collected for over two decades shows that rising Baltic Sea water temperature is one of the main factors in the increasingly earlier appearance and faster growth of Baltic herring larvae......»»

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Riders Republic gets a 64-player race mode, release date

Riders Republic, Ubisoft's upcoming sports game, got a new gameplay trailer at E3......»»

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Norway sees oil in its future despite warnings

Norway, Western Europe's biggest oil producer, plans to continue exploration and drilling in coming decades, the government said Friday, despite concerns about its impact on the climate......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 12th, 2021

Pine Island Glacier"s ice shelf is ripping apart, speeding up key Antarctic glacier

For decades, the ice shelf helping to hold back one of the fastest-moving glaciers in Antarctica has gradually thinned. Analysis of satellite images reveals a more dramatic process in recent years: From 2017 to 2020, large icebergs at the ice shelf's.....»»

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New material inspired by spider silk could help solve our plastic problem

Plastics are very useful materials. They've contributed significant benefits to modern society. But the unprecedented amount of plastics produced over the past few decades has caused serious environmental pollution......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 11th, 2021

Heat waves rise in India as climate change intensifies

Severe heat waves, responsible for thousands of deaths across India over the last three decades, are now increasing in frequency due to climate change, says a new study......»»

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UNESCO report calls for investments in science in the face of growing crises

Spending on science worldwide increased (+19 percent) between 2014 and 2018, as did the number of scientists (+13.7 percent). This trend has been further boosted by the COVID crisis, according to UNESCO's new science report, "The Race against Time fo.....»»

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Florida bans "critical race theory" from its classrooms

Florida's state Board of Education banned "critical race theory" from public school classrooms Thursday, adopting new rules it said would shield schoolchildren from curricula that could "distort historical events.".....»»

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Samsung made a new 50-megapixel image sensor with the smallest pixels yet

The megapixel race is far from over in the smartphone world, which is why Samsung just announced a new image sensor for phones that supposedly has the smallest pixel size achieved to date for a mobile image sensor......»»

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After 30 years, ‘Crossing the Chasm’ is due for a refresh

"The chasm," a difficult transitional period from visionary early adopters to mainstream customers has been one of the canonical foundational concepts to product-market fit for the past three decades. Jeff Bussgang Contr.....»»

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The best Tales games, ranked from best to worst

The Tales series has a storied history spanning multiple decades. Our ranking of the best Tales games shows you which ones to play first......»»

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Decades-old ASCII adventure NetHack may hint at the future of AI

Machine learning models have already mastered Chess, Go, Atari games and more, but in order for it to ascend to the next level, researchers at Facebook intend for AI to take on a different kind of game: the notoriously difficult and infinitely compl.....»»

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Spacecraft buzzes Jupiter"s mega moon, 1st close-up in years

NASA's Juno spacecraft has provided the first close-ups of Jupiter's largest moon in two decades......»»

Category: topSource:  physorgRelated NewsJun 9th, 2021

Anti-Piracy Outfits Target Anti-Piracy Company With Questionable DMCA Takedowns

The CoPeerRight Agency is a French anti-piracy company that's been around for nearly two decades. Aside from targeting pirated content on P2P networks and video hosting services, the company shares promotional trailers for clients as well. Ironically.....»»

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70 years of automotive design from the front row

Robert Cumberford continues to remain by default the English-speaking world’s dean of automotive design criticism. His career spanned decades, yet his authority on the subject remains undimmed......»»

Category: autoSource:  autonewsRelated NewsJun 9th, 2021

The Rise of Digital Escape Rooms

Over two decades or so, escape rooms have become exponentially more popular, and today they are internationally, as popular of a group activity as scavenger hunts, laser tag or even bowling. With the rise in escape rooms, there is no surprise that th.....»»

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Honeywell and Cambridge Quantum form joint venture to build a new full-stack quantum business

Honeywell, which only recently announced its entry into the quantum computing race, and Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQ), which focuses on building software for quantum computers, today announced that they are combining Honeywell’s Quantum Solu.....»»

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Google ditches pay-to-play Android search choice auction for free version after EU pressure

Google ditches pay-to-play Android search choice auction for free version after EU pressure.....»»

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Algae blooms harmful to aquaculture: UN global assessment

Potentially lethal marine algae blooms have not increased in number over the last three decades, but pose a serious threat to aquaculture, according to a UN global assessment released Tuesday......»»

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The next 20 are years crucial in determining the future of coal

Decisions made now will determine whether economies win or lose money as the coal industry changes over the next couple of decades......»»

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