NASA’s Mars rover has just completed a historic task

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover has finished what the space agency is calling “humanity’s first sample depot on another planet.”.....»»

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NASA picks a commercial partner to visit the far side of the moon

NASA has contracted Firefly Aerospace to deliver payloads including a radio telescope to the far side of the moon, which minimizes radio noise coming from Earth......»»

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How much fuel is left in this 20-year-old Mars orbiter?

Figuring out how much fuel remains in the Mars Odyssey spacecraft turned out to be more complicated than NASA engineers were expecting......»»

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How NASA’s Dragonfly mission will assess Titan for habitability

NASA's robotic rotorcraft Dragonfly will explore Saturn's moon Titan -- a location that is intriguing because it is thought to be potentially habitable......»»

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How Europe’s ExoMars rover plans to get to Mars without Russia

ExoMars was supposed to be a joint Europe-Russia mission. But the rover will now be sent to Mars using a European lander instead......»»

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NASA uses 30-year satellite record to track and project rising seas

Observations from space show that the rate of sea level rise is increasing. Knowing where and how much rise is happening can help coastal planners prepare for future hazards......»»

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The best way to learn about Venus could be with a fleet of balloons

Interest in the exploration of Venus has kicked up a notch lately, especially after a contested recent discovery of phosphine, a potential biosignature, in the planet's atmosphere. Plenty of missions to Venus have been proposed, and NASA and ESA have.....»»

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NASA instrument bound for Titan could reveal chemistry leading to life

A new NASA mission to Saturn's giant moon, Titan, is due to launch in 2027. When it arrives in the mid-2030s, it will begin a journey of discovery that could bring about a new understanding of the development of life in the universe. This mission, ca.....»»

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We finally have proof of active volcanoes on Venus

Researchers pored over images from Magellan's visit to Venus in the early 1990s. Enlarge / A perspective view across Maat Mons on Venus, based on Magellan radar data. (credit: NASA/JPL) Venus is almost the same size, ma.....»»

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Update of a local tree field guide offers "antidote for plant blindness"

Asked to name his favorite tree, Paul W. Meyer, the former director of Penn's Morris Arboretum, likens the task to "asking a parent to name their favorite child.".....»»

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Researchers prepare for quantum sensing in outer space

As part of a new NASA Quantum Pathways Institute consisting of a multi-university research team, UC Santa Barbara professor of electrical and computer engineering Daniel Blumenthal will help to build technology and tools to improve measurement of imp.....»»

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Future NASA moonwalkers to sport sleeker spacesuits

Moonwalking astronauts will have sleeker, more flexible spacesuits that come in different sizes when they step onto the lunar surface later this decade......»»

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Modern glacier remains found near Mars equator suggest water ice possibly present today at low latitudes

In a groundbreaking announcement at the 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference held in The Woodlands, Texas, scientists revealed the discovery of a relict glacier near the equator of Mars. Located in Eastern Noctis Labyrinthus at coordinates 7°.....»»

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Pluto team updates science from the solar system"s edge

Nearly eight years after its historic Pluto flyby, NASA's New Horizons probe is getting ready for another round of observations made from the icy edge of the solar system—and this time, its field of view will range from Uranus and Neptune to the co.....»»

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Engineers keep an eye on fuel supply of NASA"s oldest Mars orbiter

Measuring the fuel supply on Odyssey, a decades-old spacecraft without a fuel gauge, is no easy task......»»

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Tragedy plus time equals a BlackBerry comedy

The rise and especially the calamitous fall of BlackBerry precipitated by Steve Jobs and the iPhone is the subject of a new movie, opening in theaters in May.Six months after it completed post-production and the search for a distributor ramped up, "B.....»»

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Taiwan makes further inroads into global space supply chain, now eyeing satellite components

The industrial event 'Satellite 2023' has begun in Washington DC, USA, attracting over 350 companies from the aerospace supply chain, among them household names like NASA, SpaceX, OneWeb and Intelsat. As a crucial link in the global electronics indus.....»»

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How to watch NASA unveil its next-generation spacesuit

NASA is about to unveil a prototype of the all-new spacesuit that astronauts will wear when they set foot on the moon in just a few years from now......»»

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Webb captures rarely seen prelude to a supernova

A Wolf-Rayet star is a rare prelude to the famous final act of a massive star: the supernova. As one of its first observations in 2022, the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope captured the Wolf-Rayet star WR 124 in unprecedented detail. A distinc.....»»

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NASA may use a ‘space tug’ to decommission the space station

NASA is aiming to build a special spacecraft capable of guiding the International Space Station to a safe deorbit position when it’s decommissioned in 2030......»»

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Android 14 will kill “task killer” apps that claim to make your phone feel faster

In a potential change to Android 14, it seems that Google will be making a move that will essentially render those “task killer” apps useless. The post Android 14 will kill “task killer” apps that claim to make your phone feel faster first ap.....»»

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