NASA’s Earth Observatory spots newly birthed island in the Pacific

NASA has spotted a newly birthed island out in the Pacific Ocean. The island is the result of a series of eruptions from a volcano situated in the Home Reef, a seamount in the Central Tonga Islands. NASA says the seamount repeatedly oozed lava and ej.....»»

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SpaceX eyes mission to extend life of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope

SpaceX is working with NASA to explore the possibility of using its Dragon spacecraft to extend the life of the Hubble Space Telescope mission......»»

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NASA’s Juno spacecraft shares first image from Jupiter moon flyby

NASA's Juno spacecraft has sent back its first image of Jupiter's icy Europa moon in one of the closest flybys in decades......»»

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Are you inundated by a never-ending stream of cyberattacks?

Trellix released global research revealing the cost of siloed security, weak spots in protection, and lack of confidence amongst security operations teams. The study of 9,000 global cybersecurity professionals also looks to the future of security and.....»»

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NASA’s Juno spacecraft shares first image from Jupiter moon fly-by

NASA's Juno spacecraft has sent back its first image of Jupiter's icy Europa moon in one of the closest fly-bys in decades......»»

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Juno swoops past Europa, revealing the mysterious, icy world [Updated]

"We are screaming by pretty fast." Enlarge / The complex, ice-covered surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa was captured by NASA’s Juno spacecraft during a flyby on Sept. 29, 2022. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SWRI/MSSS) 3:25pm ET.....»»

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FCC OKs satellite de-orbit rule despite possible conflict with NASA guidelines

5-year satellite de-orbit rule passes despite lawmakers questioning FCC authority. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | PM Images) The Federal Communications Commission today unanimously approved a rule that aims to minimize space.....»»

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NASA and SpaceX are studying a Hubble telescope boost, adding 15 to 20 years of life

"It's doing great science as we speak." Enlarge / The crew of Polaris Dawn, from left: Scott Poteet, Jared Isaacman, Sarah Gillis, and Anna Menon, pose in front of SpaceX's Super Heavy rocket in South Texas. (credit: John Kraus/Polari.....»»

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Aliens have messed with the wrong girls in Slash/Back trailer

A group of teenage girls uncovers an alien invasion on an island in the Arctic Ocean in Slash/Back, and the aliens have picked the wrong town to mess with!.....»»

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Out-of-service satellites must be removed within 5 years, FCC says

Satellites that are no longer in service must get out of the sky far more quickly under a new rule adopted by US federal regulators Thursday — and it's all in the name of combating the garbage in Earth's orbit......»»

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5 Common Household Items Invented By NASA

NASA's ambition for exploring our universe has produced myriad new technologies, many of which are practical for household use. Here are some of the top five. NASA's.....»»

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How to turn off the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island, I explained that I thought the feature was brilliant, but that I’d also like to turn it off as soon as I got my hands on the device. I worried that the animations might be too annoyi.....»»

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NASA spacecraft buzzes Jupiter moon Europa, closest in years

NASA's Juno spacecraft has made the closest approach to Jupiter's tantalizing, icy moon Europa in more than 20 years......»»

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Rover findings offer glimpse of Red Planet"s ancient landscape

CU Boulder geologist Lisa Mayhew is among the scientists working to recreate the history of an ancient landscape that wouldn't look out of place in Utah—only this terrain sits on Mars millions of miles from Earth......»»

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Apple iPhone 14 review: Minor tweaks but still a great phone

The iPhone 14 is a little bit of a weird release from Apple. The iPhone 14 Pro gets new features like an always-on display, a new 48-megapixel camera sensor, and the so-called Dynamic Island. The standard iPhone 14, however, gets none of that. It doe.....»»

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Juno just raced by Europa, providing our best look in 20 years at the icy world

"We are screaming by pretty fast." Enlarge / The best images we have of Europa were gathered more than two decades ago. (credit: NASA) On Thursday morning, NASA's Juno spacecraft swooped down to within 358 km of the surface of.....»»

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Amazon Prime members can great Lord of the Rings game for free this month

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is free for all Prime members this October......»»

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Scientists improve process for turning hard-to-recycle plastic waste into fuel

Turning plastic waste into useful products through chemical recycling is one strategy for addressing Earth's growing plastic pollution problem. A new study may improve the ability of one method, called pyrolysis, to process hard-to-recycle mixed plas.....»»

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Study links cold water shock to catastrophic coral collapse in the Eastern Pacific

Marine heatwaves brought about by climate change are known to be responsible for mass mortality on some of the planet's most iconic coral reef systems......»»

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What’s going on with NASA’s mega moon rocket launch?

If everything had gone to plan, NASA's next-generation SLS rocket would have launched a while ago. But it's still very much on the ground. So what's the latest?.....»»

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Extra Hard Space Diamonds May Have Formed in an Ancient Cosmic Collision

A new formation method for rare “lonsdaleite” diamonds may illuminate a better way to produce them on Earth.....»»

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