Mystery malware steals 26M passwords from millions of PCs. Are you affected?

Massive trove can be used for ransomware, espionage, and more. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Researchers have discovered yet another massive trove of sensitive data, a dizzying 1.2TB database containing login credentials, browser cookies, aut.....»»

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Microsoft Linux Repos Suffered 22-Hour Outage

"Everything from Visual Studio Code to Microsoft Edge and Teams package links were affected," reports Windows Central. They note Azure's status page (which now shows the issue lasting for more than 22 hours), though however long it lasted, "it's a vi.....»»

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Las Vegas weighs tying growth to conservation amid drought

Record-breaking heat and historic drought in the U.S. West are doing little to discourage cities from planning to welcome millions of new residents in the decades ahead......»»

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Newly discovered Vigilante malware outs software pirates and blocks them

Most malware tries to steal stuff. Vigilante, by contrast, takes aim at piracy. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) A researcher has uncovered one of the more unusual finds in the annals of malware: booby-trapped files that rat out downloaders and.....»»

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New tools needed to effectively and fairly plan relocation of those displaced by climate

Current approaches for planning relocation for potentially millions of people affected by climate change and related risks are "woefully inadequate" and risk worsening societal inequities, experts wrote in a policy perspective on June 17 in Science......»»

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Theory of Tradition: Why architect Seiichi Shirai practiced calligraphy

Seiichi Shirai (1905-1983) was an influential architect whose work has affected the designs of significant architects of the 20th century. Associate Professor Kosuke Hato of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University h.....»»

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Tibet was crossroads for giant rhino dispersal

The giant rhino, Paraceratherium, is considered the largest land mammal that ever lived and was mainly found in Asia, especially China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan. How this genus dispersed across Asia was long a mystery, however. A new discov.....»»

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Why the Bitcoin bust could finally bring down inflated GPU prices

The recent Bitcoin bust affected more than just the cryptocurrency market. Experts speculate that it may also lead to a drop in the price of RTX 3080......»»

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Hackers Are Selling Data Stolen From Audi and Volkswagen

On Friday, Volkswagen disclosed a data breach that it said affected 3.3 million customers and interested buyers. On Monday, hackers put the data stolen from the car maker on sale on a notorious hacking forum. From a report: In the sales listing revie.....»»

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Ending furlough will hit older workers hard: How to soften the blow

UK employers affected by the pandemic have been able to put their employees on furlough thanks to the coronavirus job retention scheme, with the government covering 80% of their monthly wages up to £2,500. The furlough scheme is set to wind down in.....»»

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Spot market prices for wafer-use polysilicon rise by over 20%

Spot market prices for polysilicon have recently risen by over 20% to US$36-37 per kilogram from the level early this year, but silicon wafer makers will be little affected by the price hikes as they have inked long-term contracts with suppliers of t.....»»

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How Software Is Eating the Car

The trend toward self-driving and electric vehicles will add hundreds of millions of lines of code to cars. Can the auto industry cope? From a report: Ten years ago, only premium cars contained 100 microprocessor-based electronic control units (ECUs).....»»

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How sex trafficking trauma affects the way its survivors parent

A study of young immigrant mothers who are survivors of sex trafficking found that the trauma affected how they parented: It made them overprotective parents in a world perceived to be unsafe, it fueled emotional withdrawal when struggling with stres.....»»

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How a well-timed hashtag made Juneteenth an official holiday for millions

The movement to make Juneteenth a federally recognized holiday in the U.S. is gaining steam -- and it's mostly thanks to a well-timed social media campaign......»»

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A molecular switch for organisms adapting to fasts

Getting energy and nutrients from the environment—eating—is such an important function that it has been regulated through sophisticated mechanisms over hundreds of millions of years. Some of these mechanisms are only now beginning to be unraveled.....»»

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Mystery of Betelgeuse"s dip in brightness solved

When Betelgeuse, a bright orange star in the constellation of Orion, became visibly darker in late 2019 and early 2020, the astronomy community was puzzled. A team of astronomers have now published new images of the star's surface, taken using the Eu.....»»

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Mystery solved: Astronomers discover what’s up with Betelgeuse

The mystery of Betelgeuse's dimming has been solved, thanks to observations which show that the star was obscured by a cloud of dust......»»

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COVID-19, public ignorance and democratic decline chipping away at conservation

Studies examining how the pandemic has affected the environment around the globe have produced mixed results......»»

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Why spiders are cloaking Gippsland with stunning webs after floods

Stunning photographs of vast, ghostly spider webs blanketing the flood-affected region of Gippsland in Victoria have gone viral online, prompting many to muse on the wonder of nature......»»

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Counting mammals, birds and dung beetles could be vital for saving the Amazon

The Amazon rainforest holds around 50% of all remaining rainforests on the planet, while hosting more than 400 species of mammal, 1700 species of bird and an unknown number of insect species numbering in the millions. It is also vital for maintaining.....»»

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Web Inventor Berners-Lee To Auction Original Code as NFT

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is auctioning his original source code for the web in the form of a "non-fungible token," as digital collectibles continue to fetch millions of dollars despite the recent sell-off in cryptocurrencies. From a report: The auction at.....»»

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