Motorola has wasted no time in launching its Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 rival

Just a day after the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 launch, Motorola has gone and launched its Moto Razr 2022.....»»

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DART asteroid impact imaged by Webb and Hubble space telescopes

The Hubble and Webb telescopes captured DART smashing into an asteroid this week – the first time they've simultaneously observed the same celestial target......»»

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Samsung confirms it"ll sell newer refurbished phones – that"s great news

Samsung has confirmed to TechRadar that it'll be expanding its range of refurbished and renewed phones soon......»»

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How to watch The Greatest Beer Run Ever movie

The Greatest Beer Run Ever is the latest Apple Original Film, now streaming on the Apple TV+ streaming service. The movie stars Zac Efron as Chickie Donohue, telling the incredible true story of a man who volunteers to go to Vietnam, during war time.....»»

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Anker’s new Soundcore Liberty 4 beat AirPods to the punch with built-in heart rate sensor, more

Today, Anker is expanding its Soundcore lineup with a new pair of flagship earbuds. Arriving with a respectable feature set to take on the like of AirPods Pro, Anker is beating Apple to the punch by launching the new Soundcore Liberty 4 with built-i.....»»

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Impinj Authenticity provides product authentication to prevent counterfeits

Impinj announced the Impinj Authenticity solution engine to provide real-time, high-volume product authentication for brands and their customers. A new Impinj Authenticity cryptographically authenticates everyday items – such as retail merchandise,.....»»

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HyperJuice Stackable GaN USB-C chargers recalled for going all AirPower on 7 people

Hyper makes some excellent charging products for iPhone, but one seems to have been ahead of its time. The HyperJuice Stackable GaN 65W USB-C charger that we reviewed a couple years back is under a voluntary recall. more… The post HyperJuice Stac.....»»

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HomePod remains far from perfect, but Apple’s smart speaker has evolved a lot

When I first joined 9to5Mac a year and a half ago, I wrote that HomePod needed to properly count Apple Music’s played songs and stats. After all this time and with two major operating system updates, Apple didn’t succeed in fixing this issue. Ho.....»»

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Hurry — save $550 with this limited time Dell XPS 13 laptop deal

Dell has discounted its popular XPS 13 by a massive $550, bringing its price down to just $900 and making for one of the best laptop deals available......»»

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This 65-inch QLED TV from Samsung has a massive discount

If you're looking for the best 65-inch TV out there, this Neo QLED from Samsung comes pretty close, and it even has a substantial $900 discount!.....»»

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How to watch Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football

It's the third time around for Thursday Night Football this season, with Miami at Cincinnati. But most of us just want to know if the Amazon stream will work......»»

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Amazon raising hourly pay for warehouse and delivery workers

Amazon on Wednesday said it is raising the average starting pay for its warehouse workers and delivery drivers to more than $19 an hour, up from $18 previously, at a time when union pushes continue to spread across several of its facilities......»»

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Lip reader reveals what Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman said in their Deadpool 3 update video

Look at these two… Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman just delivered the most amazing Deadpool 3 announcement possible, confirming that Wolverine is coming to the MCU in time for him to appear in Avengers 5 and 6. But the image above comes from the.....»»

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Invisibility cloak: Clothing company says garments that make the wearer invisible are only 5-10 years away

Vollebak embedded the coat with 42 panels of graphene, a highly conductive material that some companies, like Samsung, believe can provide longer-lasting and faster-charging batteries. In fact, Professor Coskun Kocabas of UoM says the material works.....»»

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Intel and Samsung show off slideable display for future laptops

The standalone display looks no different than an ordinary tablet but "slides" open to expand into a larger 17-inch display......»»

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Razer recruits Verizon to help with its 5G gaming handheld

Razer and Qualcomm announced a dev kit for the handheld last December, but there was no mention of Verizon's involvement at the time. That device looked a lot like a widescreen Sega Game Gear, just with more buttons......»»

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Gaming monitor shipments are down for the first time ever

Trendforce's Anita Wang released a report on the matter that also covers details such as sales for panel types and screen curvature. In 2021, there were 22.8 million shipments of gaming monitors compared to an estimated 20.5 million units shipped for.....»»

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More than superfood: Researchers study use of duckweed

In Asia, duckweed has been used as a food for a long time. The research group CritMET: Critical Metals for Enabling Technologies at Jacobs University Bremen recently discovered that duckweed is not only rich in nutrients, it also stores rare earths t.....»»

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Baltic Sea pipeline leak damages marine life and climate

Methane escaping from the damaged Nord Stream pipelines that run between Russia and Europe is likely to result in the biggest known gas leak to take place over a short period of time and highlights the problem of large methane escapes elsewhere aroun.....»»

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WoW Dragonflight release date announced: It"s sooner than you think

WoW Dragonflight is launching on November 28, 2022. This is a lot sooner than some of us expected, with many previously theorizing that the game would be pushed to 2023......»»

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When Should You Get the New COVID Booster and the Flu Shot?

Now is a good time to get both your COVID and flu shots, according to a nurse and public health expert.....»»

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