Motorola finally unveils refreshed Razr clamshell, but getting one could be a challenge

Let's go ahead and get the bad news out of the way up front. Motorola is only launching the Razr 2022 in China, at least for now. With any luck, they'll reconsider and bring it to more markets but we'll have to wait and see how that plays out......»»

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DOJ finally posted that “embarrassing” court doc Google wanted to hide

Google exec said users get hooked on search engine like “cigarettes or drugs.” Enlarge (credit: Yulia Reznikov | Moment) The US Department of Justice has finally posted what judge Amit Mehta described at the Google s.....»»

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Is California"s wildfire season finally over? Don"t bet on it, experts say

California has entered fall amid notably moist conditions that have left some wondering whether this year's fire season has officially fizzled......»»

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Blackpoint Cyber unveils Cloud Response for Google Workspace

Blackpoint Cyber has announced the expansion of its cloud security product, Cloud Response, to Google Workspace. Blackpoint first introduced Cloud Response for Microsoft 365, the first true Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service in the cloud, t.....»»

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Rocket Report: Iran launches satellite; Artemis II boosters get train ride

Is ArianeGroup finally getting more serious about a reusable rocket? Enlarge / All four RS-25 main engines are now installed on the core stage for the Artemis II mission. Welcome to Edition 6.13 of the Rocket Report! Wh.....»»

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Study sheds light on differentiated nitrogen sources of co-occurring epiphytes in Chinese subtropical forests

Epiphytes, including lichens, bryophytes, ferns and spermatophytes, are a large and widely distributed group across many forest ecosystems. Acquiring enough nitrogen (N) to support their life processes in nutrient-poor canopies is a crucial challenge.....»»

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Revolutionary X-ray microscope unveils sound waves deep within crystals

Researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Stanford University, and Denmark Technical University have designed a cutting-edge X-ray microscope capable of directly observing sound waves at the tiniest of scales—t.....»»

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Human evolution: Hominins challenge giant hyenas for carcasses in Prehistoric simulations

Hominins—the group that includes humans and our extinct relatives—may have been capable of competing with giant hyenas for carcasses abandoned by saber-toothed cats and jaguars during the late-early Pleistocene era (approximately 1.2 to 0.8 milli.....»»

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Attaining wider viewing angles for holographic 3D displays

The holographic 3D display is an important technology with excellent application prospects. However, the viewing angle of holographic 3D displays is currently limited by existing strategies. This significant challenge must be addressed before hologra.....»»

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Meta unveils its next-generation Ray-Ban smart glasses

Meta has announced a new version of the Ray-Ban smart glasses that comes with new features like being able to livestream. The post Meta unveils its next-generation Ray-Ban smart glasses appeared first on Phandroid. A couple of years ago, M.....»»

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PingSafe unveils MSSP partnership with Human Managed

PingSafe has unveiled a strategic partnership with Human Managed, providing data-driven and evidence-based security findings to improve the security posture of their extended customer base. Available now in Human Managed’s flagship Intelligence Dec.....»»

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5 takeaways from America"s landmark lawsuit against Amazon

An antitrust lawsuit from 17 states and the Federal Trade Commission this week against Amazon represents the US government's biggest regulatory challenge yet against the e-commerce juggernaut......»»

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We finally know for sure what a trilobite ate

Tens of thousands of fossils later, we've found a trilobite with a full stomach. Enlarge (credit: Jiri Svoboda) Trilobites first appear early in the Cambrian and are one of the earliest examples of arthropods, the group.....»»

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Zuckerberg unveils Quest 3 as Meta tries to stay ahead in the mixed reality headset game

Meta is moving forward in its efforts to dominate the AR world with the new and improved Meta Quest 3. CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the headset at Meta Connect Wednesday......»»

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The Meta Quest 3 is the mixed reality future I’ve been waiting for

After months of anticipation, we finally had a chance to strap on Meta's Quest 3 VR headset, and it's a game-changing device......»»

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Scientists develop an electrically driven organic semiconductor laser

Scientists at St Andrews are leading a significant breakthrough in a decades-long challenge to develop compact laser technology......»»

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Sonoma puts the last nail in the coffin for PostScript on macOS

PostScript, the venerable page description language dating back to Macs in the '80s, has finally hit the end of the road in macOS Sonoma.Apple's support for Adobe PostScript hits the end of the road in SonomaApple is clear about the removal in its re.....»»

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iPhone 15 Pro Max review: Come for 5x optical zoom, stay for USB-C

Titanium, 5x zoom, and A17 Pro make the iPhone 15 Pro Max a well-rounded upgrade for the Apple devout, and people looking at a Pro iPhone for the first time.iPhone 15 Pro MaxAnnual iPhone updates create the ultimate challenge for Apple — find at le.....»»

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Likely asteroid debris found upon opening of returned NASA probe

After a seven-year wait, NASA scientists on Tuesday finally pried open a space probe carrying the largest asteroid samples ever brought back to Earth, finding black debris......»»

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Apple Podcasts has gotten a big overhaul – here are the big changes

The Apple Podcasts redesign has finally left beta, and it's bringing new features like connecting your subscriptions to it......»»

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Here’s How Long the iOS 17.0.2 Update Takes

Here’s How Long the iOS 17.0.2 Update Takes is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. Apple’s iOS 17.0.2 update is a small point upgrade, but it could take quite a bit of time to install on your iPhone. The company’s finally pulled its iOS.....»»

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