Most of us really want to start delegating work tasks to AI already

New research claims most workers are more than willing to share their workload with artificial intelligence......»»

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You"re never too busy for self-gifting, study finds

People who are feeling tense due to demands at work or home tend not to reward themselves with gifts, new research finds—even though a new product or visit to the spa might be exactly what they need......»»

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Sunny Balwani: Former Theranos executive gets nearly 13 years in prison

Second-in-command Sunny Balwani receives a heavier sentence than the start-up's founder Elizabeth Holmes......»»

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TP-Link expands HomeKit lineup with new Kasa outdoor smart plug and in-wall light switches

TP-Link today is expanding its lineup of Kasa smart home accessories with three new HomeKit offerings. Delivering some of its first accessories that work with Siri right out of the box, the new TP-Link Kasa arrives just in time for pairing with hol.....»»

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How to shut down & start up automatically in macOS Ventura

Scheduling your Mac to reboot automatically has changed in macOS Ventura, and not for the better. Here's how to get it done.It's good practice to schedule your Mac to automatically shut down and restart, so the system gets a refresh and will run more.....»»

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Fifty years later, remastered images reveal Apollo 17 in stunning clarity

"Come toward me, baby! Looks like it’s moving... Don’t run over me!" Enlarge / Eugene Cernan is seen inside the Lunar Module after a long day's work on the lunar surface. (credit: Andy Saunders/Apollo Remastered) Sho.....»»

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Deal with sophisticated bot attacks: Learn, adapt, improve

A computer program known as a “bot” acts as an agent for a user or another program or mimics human action. Bots are typically used to automate particular tasks so they can be used without specific human instructions. In this Help Net Secu.....»»

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The significance of TSMC building fabs in US

The global notebook market increased from 158 million units in 2019 to 247 million in 2021, thanks to the work-from-home demand, and it will not be easy to surpass the 200 million-unit mark again after 2022......»»

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Freyr establishes JV with Nidec for battery energy storage solutions

Freyr Battery has received another push for scaling up its business. On December 6, the company announced it had set up a joint venture with Nidec to develop batteries for energy storage systems. Mass production is expected to start in 2025......»»

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid guide: basic tips and tricks

Here's a full breakdown of how Tera Raid Battles work. There's a lot more to these than just throwing your strongest Pokémon out there and hoping for the best......»»

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Someone paid $95,000 for this pair of jeans recovered from 1857 shipwreck

Work pants were recovered from wreck of the SS Central America, which sank in 1857. Enlarge / Would you pay $95,000 for these jeans? They were salvaged from the wreck of the SS Central America, which sank in 1857. (credit: Holabi.....»»

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Study: Proximity to senior managers enhances inventors" productivity, creativity

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become increasingly common, but is it productive? New research in Management Science finds proximity to senior managers at corporate headquarters makes inventors in companies' research and de.....»»

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Transport of air masses in connection with El Niño decoded

The El Niño phenomenon influences the weather in distant regions, as far away as the U.S., India or the Mediterranean region. But how exactly these so-called teleconnections actually work has not yet been clarified completely......»»

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How to unlock augments in Fortnite

The battle royale has changed a lot. Before you get taken by surprise, here's a complete breakdown of how to unlock augments and how they work in Fortnite......»»

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Ground telescopes can adapt to satellite megaconstellations if they get accurate telemetry data

The growing population of communication satellites such as Starlink and OneWeb is posing challenges for Earth-based astronomy facilities. Since such constellations will not be going away soon, astronomers want to find ways to work around the issue......»»

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Why married mothers end up doing more housework when they start out-earning their husbands

The idea of a male "breadwinner" in married heterosexual couples might seem old fashioned. But as a social construct, the view that a husband's primary role is to earn money has proved to be exceptionally durable......»»

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Can "voluntourism" outgrow the white savior stereotype and make a positive change post-pandemic?

As the tourism industry emerges from pandemic shutdowns and border closures, so too is "voluntourism," the sometimes controversial combination of overseas volunteer work and more traditional tourist experiences......»»

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Sea urchins have invaded Tasmania and Victoria, but people can"t work out what to do with them

While crown-of-thorns starfish on the Great Barrier Reef have long been ecological villains in the popular imagination, sea urchins have mostly crawled under the national radar—until now......»»

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Ukraine hails "priceless" help from Amazon Web Services

Ukraine vice PM hails AWS' work to keep the country online in the face of war......»»

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Get this 15-inch laptop with a year of Microsoft 365 for $199

If you need something basic to get online and do work that is also budget-friendly, this Gateway Notebook is an excellent option......»»

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Server DRAM contract prices to hit bottom by 1Q23

Contract prices for server DRAM memory are expected to hit bottom between the fourth quarter of 2022 and first-quarter 2023 and then start recovering, according to industry sources......»»

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