Mortal Kombat sequel will be written by Moon Knight scribe

Jeremy Slater, the head writer of Marvel Studios' Moon Knight, has signed on to pen a sequel to last year's hit, Mortal Kombat, based on the video games......»»

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What the new Jurassic Park movie gets wrong: Aerodynamic analysis causes a rethink of the biggest pterosaur

One of the most exciting moments of the new Jurassic Park sequel, "Jurassic World Dominion," is when the Quetzalcoatlus swoops down from the sky and attacks the heroes' aircraft. With its gigantic wings reaching 10 meters in length end to end, the Qu.....»»

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What"s it like to be on Venus or Pluto? We studied their sand dunes and found some clues

What is it like to be on the surface of Mars or Venus? Or even further afield, such as on Pluto, or Saturn's moon Titan?.....»»

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A Death Stranding sequel is reportedly in development

Actor Norman Reedus has seemingly confirmed that a sequel to Death Stranding is currently in production......»»

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Where the MCU’s Moon Knight can go from here

Moon Knight took the MCU down a refreshingly psychological path, and there are still a few avenues Oscar Isaac's hero can venture through......»»

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Racism is different from colorism

Ronald Hall is a professor in the School of Social Work at Michigan State University. He has written over 200 books/articles/monographs, etc., on colorism—discrimination on the basis of skin tone, often among the same ethnic or racial group. Below.....»»

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Astronauts may one day drink water from ancient moon volcanoes

Billions of years ago, a series of volcanic eruptions broke loose on the moon, blanketing hundreds of thousands of square miles of the orb's surface in hot lava. Over the eons, that lava created the dark blotches, or maria, that give the face of the.....»»

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For All Mankind sets its alternate timeline sights on Mars in S3 trailer

"There is a primal urge in all of us to explore." The space race shifts to Mars in For All Mankind S3. The fictional battle for the domination of space between the US and Russia shifts its focus from the Moon to Mars for the third season.....»»

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New Thor: Love and Thunder image confirms big link to Moon Knight

A new Thor: Love and Thunder image reveals the Marvel movie's ties to Moon Knight on Disney Plus......»»

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A CubeSat is flying to the moon to make sure Lunar Gateway"s orbit is stable

Before this decade is over, NASA will send astronauts to the moon for the first time since the Apollo Era. As part of the Artemis Program, NASA also plans to establish the infrastructure that will allow for a "sustained program of lunar exploration.".....»»

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Scientists grow plants in lunar dirt, next stop moon

For the first time, scientists have grown plants in soil from the moon collected by NASA's Apollo astronauts......»»

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Moon goes blood red this weekend: "Eclipse for the Americas"

A total lunar eclipse will grace the night skies this weekend, providing longer than usual thrills for stargazers across North and South America......»»

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How Realistic Is the Celestial Navigation in Moon Knight?

You can definitely use the stars as your guide. But let’s check whether a scene from the Disney+ live action series would work in the real world......»»

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How to grow plants on the moon

What do you need to make your garden grow? As well as plenty of sunshine alternating with gentle showers of rain—and busy bees and butterflies to pollinate the plants—you need good, rich soil to provide essential minerals. But imagine you had no.....»»

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Dune Part 2 hires superstar actor for its lead villain role

Dune Part 2 has added a major Severance star to its cast as the sequel's main villain......»»

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Christopher Walken will play the Emperor in Dune: Part Two

Dune director Denis Villeneuve has reportedly cast veteran actor Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV in the upcoming sequel, Dune: Part Two......»»

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Cress Seeds Grown in Moon Dust Raise Hopes for Lunar Crops

The prospect of growing crops on the moon has edged a little closer after researchers nurtured plants -- some more successfully than others -- in lunar soil for the first time. From a report: Scientists planted thale cress seeds in moon dust brought.....»»

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Alan Wake gets an AMC show, Switch port, and sequel update

In celebration of Alan Wake's 12th anniversary, Remedy Entertainment announced the Remastered version will come to Switch......»»

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Researchers Grew Tiny Plants in Moon Dirt Collected Decades Ago

The seedlings sprouted in the regolith scooped up in the 1960s and ’70s, but astronauts won’t be harvesting lunar spuds anytime soon......»»

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A first: Scientists grow plants in soil from the Moon

Scientists have grown plants in soil from the Moon, a first in human history and a milestone in lunar and space exploration......»»

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Snapping a black hole: How the EHT super-telescope works

Powerful enough to spot a golf ball on the moon, the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) is a network of radio dishes designed to detect the light cast when matter disappears into the maw of a black hole......»»

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