Moore’s law is reaching its limits. Could graphene circuits help?

The number of transistors that chipmakers can pack into an integrated circuit is reaching the upper limit of what's possible. Wrinkled graphene could fix that......»»

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Finally, 3D-printed graphene aerogels for water treatment

Graphene excels at removing contaminants from water, but it's not yet a commercially viable use of the wonder material......»»

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Dynamical machine learning accurately reconstructs volume interiors with limited-angle data

Tomographic reconstruction of an object's interior volume from limited angular views is a challenging problem with practical applications in biological imaging, failure analysis of integrated circuits, etc. A team at MIT presents a dynamical machine.....»»

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Europe seeks to limit use of AI in society

The rules are proposals and could take several years to become law......»»

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Programming proteins to turn cells into molecular computers

A new method of breaking and fixing proteins could speed the development of sophisticated computer-like circuits in cells that will pave the way to new biotechnology and medical advances......»»

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Victory for municipal broadband as Wash. state lawmakers end restrictions

Proposed law allowing public broadband networks awaits governor's signature. Enlarge / State Capitol building in Olympia, Washington. (credit: Getty Images | traveler1116) The Washington state legislature has voted to end limits on municipal b.....»»

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Facebook, Instagram users can now ask ‘oversight’ panel to review decisions not to remove content

Facebook’s self-styled ‘Oversight Board’ (FOB) has announced an operational change that looks intended to respond to criticism of the limits of the self-regulatory content-moderation decision review body: It says it’s started.....»»

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Prehistoric Pacific Coast diets had salmon limits

Humans cannot live on protein alone—even for the ancient indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest whose diet was once thought to be almost all salmon......»»

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Luxury sales reaching historic highs

Higher-end brands raced out of the gates in the first quarter, a time of year when they typically underperform. Mercedes-Benz took pole position......»»

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Cellebrite helps Brazilian police arrest murder suspects after recovering data from locked iPhones

Cellebrite is an advanced and controversial tool that has been used by law enforcement officers to crack the iPhone security on multiple occasions. Today Brazilian police confirmed that they used this tool to unlock the iPhones of two child murder s.....»»

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Advertisers "staring into the abyss" as Apple limits ad tracking

Apple's forthcoming App Tracking Transparency privacy feature in iOS 14 leaves advertisers guessing, but sure that revenues will be hit.Users will be asked whether they want to allow ad tracking or notAs Apple reminds developers to prepare for App Tr.....»»

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New Arkansas Law--and Similar Bills--Endanger Transgender Youth, Research Shows

The legislation runs counter to evidence that puberty blockers and hormone treatments are safe and save lives -- Read more on»»

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So you want to raise a Series A

Bucky Moore, a partner at Kleiner Perkins, gives founders tactical advice on the process of raising a Series A round. During a seed funding round, a founder needs to convince a venture capital investor on a vision. But during a Series A fun.....»»

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The Thrusters Behind NASA"s Mission to the Asteroid Psyche

Hall thrusters have been used in satellites for years. Now, they'll play a crucial role in reaching a metallic asteroid called Psyche......»»

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New research shows how courts often resist abuse allegations

A new four-part HBO series, "Allen v. Farrow," documents the accusations of sexual abuse against film director Woody Allen and the aftermath. The documentary calls on the expertise of Joan S. Meier, a professor of law at George Washington University.....»»

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Scientists" findings suggest corals will withstand climate change

Charles Darwin, the British naturalist who championed the theory of evolution, noted that corals form far-reaching structures, largely made of limestone, that surround tropical islands. He didn't know how they performed this feat......»»

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Microsoft Finds Bosses Out of Touch, Google Workspace Tightens Storage and More News

Microsoft research highlights problems with remote work, Yammer updates its event management capabilities, Google limits storage space in Workspace & more news. Continue reading........»»

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A graphene system that freezes electrons as the temperature rises

Two teams of researchers have independently found that there exists a certain type of graphene system where electrons freeze as the temperature rises. The first team, with members from Israel, the U.S. and Japan, found that placing one layer of graph.....»»

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Research team demonstrates control mechanism for quantum material

How can large amounts of data be transferred or processed as quickly as possible? One key to this could be graphene. The ultra-thin material is only one atomic layer thick, and the electrons it contains have very special properties due to quantum eff.....»»

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Biden admin could set emissions limits so low gas cars can’t meet them

New rules will be written with climate mitigation in mind, new EPA chief said. Enlarge (credit: Thomas Kienzle / AFP / Getty Images) The Environmental Protection Agency will be issuing revised fuel economy standards by the end of July, said ne.....»»

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Entropy measurements reveal exotic effect in "magic-angle" graphene

Most materials go from being solids to liquids when they are heated. One rare counter-example is helium-3, which can solidify upon heating. This counterintuitive and exotic effect, known as the Pomeranchuk effect, may now have found its electronic an.....»»

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