Mitigating the cybersecurity crisis for the school year ahead

As students head back into the classroom, K-12 district leaders are faced with the difficult task of preventing and mitigating cybersecurity threats against their districts. School systems have become a popular target for cybercriminals over the last.....»»

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How to watch Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch event on October 6

Google is ushering in the fall tech season this year with an event to show off the Pixel 7 lineup and the new Pixel Watch. Here's how to tune in......»»

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Is mandatory password expiration helping or hurting your password security?

For decades cybersecurity professionals held tight to the idea that passwords needed to be changed on a regular basis. In recent years, however, organizations such as NIST and Microsoft have abandoned this longstanding best practice and are now recom.....»»

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What should investing in cybersecurity look like for a technology organization?

To withstand cyberattacks, businesses must continually update internal systems and avoid hasty tech upgrades that might open the door to attackers. In this Help Net Security video, Phillip Verheyden, Security Engineer at Shipwell, discusses the chall.....»»

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Warmer stream temperatures in burned-over Oregon watershed didn"t result in fewer trout

The number of trout in a southern Oregon stream system showed no decline one year after a fire burned almost the entire watershed, including riparian zone trees that had helped maintain optimal stream temperatures for the cold-water fish......»»

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Study finds US future floods becoming more frequent, wider spread, less seasonal

Summer 2022 has been an unprecedented one with five "1-in-1,000-year" floods experienced across the U.S.: St. Louis and Eastern Kentucky, both in July, and Southeast Illinois, Death Valley and Dallas, all in August......»»

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Should EV makers partner with miners to secure key metals?

Lithium demand is forecast to almost triple by mid-decade from last year’s level, BloombergNEF said in a July report. Prices hit a new record in China last month......»»

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2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo to kick off on October 13

The 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo press conference announced that this year's event will be held during October 13-15 at the First Exhibition Hall of the Taipei World Trade Center, where 520 breakthrough innovations in multiple technology applications wi.....»»

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Elizabeth Holmes" sentencing date has been pushed back

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of failed blood testing startup Theranos who was convicted of fraud earlier this year, may not be sentenced until next year after the judge in the case decided to allow a hearing later this month to address defense conce.....»»

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Check In This Weekend For Live Updates From Maker Faire Rome

I’m so excited to be visiting Maker Faire Rome this year for their 10th anniversary. This event is going to be absolutely monumental! One of the most fun things about attending these events is finding cool stuff and sharing it with the world......»»

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OSATs see DDI demand unlikely to pick up until 2H23

Display driver IC (DDI) demand is unlikely to pick up until the second half of next year, according to sources at DDI backend specialists......»»

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Taiwan semiconductor industry: Domestic challenges, overseas headhunting and global sharing

Taiwan's domestic market is small but the export-oriented semiconductor industry actually depend heavily on the domestic environment. As TSMC CEO CC Wei has noted, the number of semiconductors in automobiles is increasing at a rate of 15% per year. W.....»»

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The best horror movies on Netflix right now (October 2022)

October is the best time of year to watch horror movies, so we've gone ahead and rounded up all the best horror movies you can stream on Netflix right now......»»

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MS Exchange zero-days: The calm before the storm?

CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082, the two exploited MS Exchange zero-days that still have no official fix, have been added to CISA’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) Catalog. But mitigating the risk of exploitation until patches are ready.....»»

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Critical Insight releases Cybersecurity-as-a-Service to protect organizations from threats

Critical Insight has released an end-to-end offering that will evolve the security programs of healthcare, public sector, and SMB organizations. For IT Teams constrained in their ability to handle the ever-changing complexities of cybersecurity, Crit.....»»

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HackNotice’s phishing capability empowers users to identify phishing emails

HackNotice has added continuous phishing capability that educates employees about phishing and social engineering attacks while helping businesses to achieve cybersecurity compliance. HackNotice’s phishing helps people understand and recognize.....»»

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Energy crisis prompts German industry to reflect on decoupling

As tension with Russia rises, German suppliers have begun to reflect on autonomy and the the potential repercussions of decoupling from China. The German commerce media Markt und Mittestand reported that German economists and industry representatives.....»»

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Big data trove dumped after LA Unified School District says no to ransomware crooks

Big data trove dumped after LA Unified School District says no to ransomware crooks.....»»

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Study shows how math, science identity in students affects college, career outcomes

If you ask someone if they are a math or science person, they may quickly tell you yes or no. It turns out that how people answer that question in ninth grade and even earlier not only can tell you what subjects they prefer in school, but how likely.....»»

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Scientists discover dual-function messenger RNA

For the very first time, a study led by Julian Chen and his group in Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences and the Biodesign Institute's Center for the Mechanism of Evolution, has discovered an unprecedented pathway producing telome.....»»

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World"s whitest paint now thinner than ever, ideal for vehicles

The world's whitest paint—seen in this year's edition of Guinness World Records and "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert"—keeps surfaces so cool that it could reduce the need for air conditioning. Now the Purdue University researchers who created.....»»

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