Mind-blowing iPhone feature in iOS 16 triggers alerts when your phone hears certain sounds

iOS 16 introduced a new feature on the iPhone called Sound Recognition that instructs the iPhone to always listen for specific sounds. Once the iPhone hears the sound, it can play an alarm to warn you about what’s going on. Sound Recognition is.....»»

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ASUS Confirms Upcoming ROG Phone 8 Launch

The post simply displays a photo showing off part of the phone, with a rather dark background. The post ASUS Confirms Upcoming ROG Phone 8 Launch appeared first on Phandroid. While it’s not one of the top-selling phone lines out ther.....»»

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iPhone 16 microphones, Apple Watch flashlight, and Emergency SOS on the AppleInsider Podcast

This week, we're all being spied on — a little — while some sources are hearing news about iPhone 16 microphones, and others are having their lives saved by Emergency SOS on their iPhones.Hosts William Gallagher and Wes Hilliard get into the good.....»»

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Daily Telescope: Seeing stars with an iPhone in the bottom of the Grand Canyon

"There I was, flat on my back on a sand berm, with the best camera I had." Enlarge / Stars over the Grand Canyon. (credit: Mitchell Yee) Welcome to the Daily Telescope. There is a little too much darkness in this worl.....»»

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Screens 5 goes universal with new iPhone and iPad toolbars and more Mac features

Screens, the excellent VNC remote desktop app for Apple devices, has finally gone universal with Screens 5. The new version launched this week, making Screens easier to discover on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Screens 5 also introduces new toolbar controls.....»»

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M2 MacBook Air hits $830, Anker Nano USB-C chargers from $11, iPhone 15 aluminum bumper cases, more

Thursday has a fresh batch of discounts now live with a chance to save $269 on Apple’s 13-inch M2 MacBook Air at $830. It comes joined by a batch of our favorite iPhone 15 chargers marked down from $11 courtesy of the new Anker Nano lineup. Plus, t.....»»

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Mammoth 2 marches onto iOS with curated Mastodon Smart Lists, For You timeline, more

Mammoth is making no bones about it. The Mastodon client for iPhone strives to be good enough to viably replace Twitter/X. Mammoth 2 is taking on the challenge with curated Smart Lists with content to follow based on category, a For You timeline, and.....»»

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Final Cut Pro 10.7 – automatic timeline scrolling – better than expected! [Video]

Final Cut Pro 10.7 has several noteworthy additions, but automatic timeline scrolling is hands-down the headline feature in this release. Automatic timeline scrolling does just as its name implies – moving the timeline automatically as playback com.....»»

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iPhone 15 vs 15 Pro: Everything that’s different and buyer’s guide

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are Apple’s latest and greatest devices. While the iPhone 15 Pro is naturally more feature-rich and powerful, it may be overkill for many. And the iPhone 15 has gained pro features of its own this year like the Dynamic I.....»»

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Tested: elago’s new MagSafe stand delights with a StandBy-first build and Macintosh design

elago launched a last month, bringing its fascination with the classic Macintosh to your setup as an iPhone 15 companion. I just had to have it, for the past week or so it’s been hanging out on my nightstand as my overnight docking station. With a.....»»

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Not all Pixel phones will get the new Repair Mode feature

As part of the upcoming Pixel Feature Drop, Google is introducing a new Repair Mode to eligible Pixel handsets, but not all Pixel phones have made the cut. The post Not all Pixel phones will get the new Repair Mode feature appeared first on Phandroid.....»»

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Samsung’s next foldable phone will stop looking so weird

A new rumor from Korea claims that for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, Samsung might change the display aspect ratio. The post Samsung’s next foldable phone will stop looking so weird appeared first on Phandroid. One of the things we don’.....»»

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If you"re using a Magic Keyboard, you"ve opened up an attack vector

A researcher has found ways to enter type on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone without your permission, if you're connected to a Bluetooth Magic Keyboard.An Apple Magic KeyboardBeing able to connect keyboards wirelessly is the enormous boon of Bluetooth —.....»»

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WhatsApp now lets you send self-destructing voice messages

WhatsApp has offered self-destructing photo and video messages since 2021, and now it's expanded the feature to voice messages......»»

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The best smart blinds for Google Home, Alexa, and HomeKit

Smart blinds make it easy to control your window shades using your phone or voice assistant. Here's our list of the best smart blinds you can buy right now......»»

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Examining factors that determine creaky voice use

Vocal fry has a bad reputation in American English. A subtype of creaky voice, a feature of speech that sounds gravelly and pulse-like, this manner of speech is sometimes used to form judgment about the speaker. In many languages, the creaky tone cha.....»»

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This new Windows 11 shortcut made using my PC so much easier

One feature that flew under the radar in Windows 11's latest feature update has made using my PC feel so much easier......»»

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Linux distros are about to killer Windows feature: The Blue Screen of Death

Systemd is used by Debian, Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, and many downstream distros. Enlarge (credit: hdaniel) Windows' infamous "Blue Screen of Death" is a bit of a punchline. People have made a hobby of spotting them out in t.....»»

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Grunt or whistle: Successful honey-hunters know how to communicate with wild honey-seeking birds

In many parts of Africa, humans cooperate with a species of wax-eating bird called the greater honeyguide, Indicator indicator, which leads them to wild bees' nests with a chattering call. By using specialized sounds to communicate with each other, b.....»»

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One of 2023’s most interesting Android phones just dropped

Realme's latest phone is a flagship powered by Qualcomm's best silicon. But it's the touchless hand gestures that truly set it apart from the rest......»»

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YouTube TV looks to lessen live latency with broadcast delay feature

YouTube TV just added a feature that should make watching live sports better — and much closer to actually being live......»»

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