Microchip Precise Time Scale Systems enables traceability to UTC without depending on GNSS

The strength of a nation’s infrastructure is increasingly dependent on the accuracy of time. With pervasive cybersecurity threats to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), utilizing an alternative time system is a matter of national security......»»

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Early human ancestors one million years older than thought

The fossils of our earliest ancestors found in South Africa are a million years older than previously thought, meaning they walked the Earth around the same time as their East African relatives like the famous "Lucy", according to new research......»»

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130-Year-Old Menus Show How Climate Change Affects What We Eat

By studying the so-called mean temperature of restaurant seafood, scientists have shown how the species that fill our plates have changed with time......»»

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Everything leaving Netflix in July 2022

Only a handful of movies and TV shows are leaving Netflix in July, but you'll still need to map out your time to catch your favorites before they depart!.....»»

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Everything leaving Hulu in July 2022

If you're feeling the heat, then maybe it's time to stay inside and cool off with your favorite TV shows and movies before they leave Hulu at the end of July!.....»»

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The best Netflix original series right now (July 2022)

While awaiting the return of a show is a great time to look back at the Netflix's library of originals and find something you might have missed......»»

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New Utility Fixes Windows Defender Hogging CPU Time on Intel CPUs

A weird bug has been discovered in Windows Defender's real-time notification system that causes it to suck up CPU resources. Run this free utility to see if it's affecting your rig. The post New Utility Fixes Wind.....»»

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Triply eclipsing stellar systems

Stars with the mass of the sun or larger are typically accompanied by one or more orbiting companion stars. The system forms when gravity contracts the gas and dust of an interstellar cloud until clumps develop that are dense enough to coalesce into.....»»

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Fortnite Chapter 3 guide: Season 3, week 4 quests and how to complete them

The newest batch of Fortnite challenges is live, this time for Season 3, Week 4. Here are the new challenges with guides for completing all of them......»»

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Best smartwatch deals for July 2022

Now is a great time to pick up a smartwatch for cheap. With so many models available, you can find a deal almost all of the time......»»

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Right-to-repair court case decision delayed for third time since March

In a court filing, U.S. District Judge Douglas Woodlock cited "the need to consider fully the implications" of the Supreme Court's decision Thursday in West Virginia vs. EPA......»»

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The ugly side to Apple’s embrace of third-party App Store payments

Apple is finally opening the App Store gates for developers to use third-party payment systems, but actually taking that path is risky and cumbersome......»»

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Companies have a simple and legal way to help their workers living in anti-abortion states—expanding paid time off

Employers looking for ways to support their workers seeking abortions in states where it's now illegal or soon will be don't have it easy......»»

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Study begins to unravel the mysterious evolution of fatherless male insects

It's not often that you see genetic systems described as "bizarre" in the title of a scientific research paper. That is unless it's from the lab of San Francisco State University Associate Professor of Biology Scott Roy, who has a particular penchant.....»»

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Best home internet deals for July 2022: AT&T, Spectrum, Optimum and more

Spend a little time to nail down the right internet service provider for you. These internet deals and bundles from top ISPs will have you enjoying faster network speeds (and saving some money) in no time......»»

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Astronauts Suffer Significant, Permanent Bone Density Loss in Space

Kinesiologists Leigh Gabel and Steven Boyd from the University of Calgary have published a new study that examines the bones of astronauts, finding that extended time in space causes degradation in bones that never.....»»

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A gentler, more precise laser cutting technique

Laser cutting techniques are usually powered by high energy beams, so hot that they melt most materials. Now scientists from McGill University have developed a gentler, more precise technique using low-power visible light......»»

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CHT, AWS team up to help Taiwan clients improve data governance

Taiwan's top telecom operator Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) has newly incorporated data governance architecture G@S (Governance@Scale) provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help clients accelerate digital transformation and promote their business growth.....»»

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Apiiro platform enhancements allow developers to proactively remediate critical risks

Apiiro announced the expansion of its platform from code to runtime. Apiiro can now connect application risks in runtime back to the source code to proactively fix critical risks and reduce the remediation time by 90%. The Cloud has transformed the w.....»»

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New infosec products of the week: July 1, 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from Fusion Risk Management, G-Core Labs, Rafay Systems, and RangeForce. Fusion Risk Management announces new capabilities to improve incident response for organi.....»»

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TSMC sees clients scale back orders

TSMC has seen its major clients adjust downward their chip orders for the rest of 2022, which may prompt the pure-play foundry to cut its revenue outlook for 2022, according to industry sources......»»

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