Meet Moley: A robotic chef that’s cooking up a crazy new future for your kitchen

Today, our kitchens have things like ovens, fridges, stovetops, toasters, and microwaves. Tomorrow, they might just have built-in robotic sous chefs......»»

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Pluggable Optics at Heart of Cisco, Acacia Dispute

The dissolution of a planned deal between the two companies underscores the future value of pluggable optics......»»

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Can Employees Get the Job Done on Their Mobile Devices? And Should They?

With more people working remotely, many workers are turning to mobile devices, but are they effective and should workers use them to meet business goals. Continue reading........»»

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Can solid state batteries power up for the next generation of EVs?

As the market for EVs shifts to include commercial vehicles, aerospace, off-roaders and microtransit, the commercial future for SSBs is finally looking a little more solid. Lithium-ion batteries power almost every new phone, laptop and elec.....»»

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California will fail to meet carbon reduction goals, scathing audit of state predicts

The state auditor criticized California's air-pollution agency for mishandling some of its climate-change programs Tuesday, saying the state is in danger of failing to meet the Legislature's targets for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions......»»

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Meet Smash Ventures, the low-flying outfit that has quietly funded Epic Games among others

When in 2018, Smash Ventures showed up as an investor in a $1.25 billion round for Epic Games — reportedly the largest ever investment in a video game company at the time — it was the first time many had heard of the investing outfit. Whe.....»»

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Fabricating the future with a new environment friendly method of polymerization

Many materials in the modern world—from the plastics that dominate it to the electronic chips that drive it—are constructed of polymers. Given their ubiquity and the evolving requirements of our world, finding better and more efficient methods of.....»»

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Meet the LatinX Startup Alliance and Startout founders from TC Include at TC Sessions: Justice 2021

Meet the LatinX Startup Alliance and Startout founders from TC Include at TC Sessions: Justice 2021.....»»

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Study could explain tuberculosis bacteria paradox

Tuberculosis bacteria have evolved to remember stressful encounters and react quickly to future stress, according to a study by computational bioengineers and infectious disease experts......»»

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Types of rashes associated with MIS-C

Researchers describe the array of rashes seen in MIS-C patients at their hospital through late July 2020, providing photos and information that could help doctors diagnose future cases......»»

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Four areas in Retail in which RPA can make a difference

Robotic Process Automation can play a crucial role in transforming the retail industry in areas such as business and data analytics, store planning and inventory management, customer support, and supply chain management.  Retail, like every other in.....»»

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Need of the hour and the future: Online proctoring software(s)

Online Proctoring in the era of the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 has been a year of many firsts. Institutions across different sectors have had to embrace a digital revolution that many in a way saw coming. In the education sector, online proctored exams h.....»»

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Scientists begin building highly accurate digital twin of our planet

A digital twin of our planet is to simulate the Earth system in future. It is intended to support policy-makers in taking appropriate measures to better prepare for extreme events. A new strategy paper by European scientists and ETH Zurich computer s.....»»

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Biopolymer-coated nanocatalyst can help realize a hydrogen fuel-driven future

To combat climate change, shifting from fossil fuels to clean and sustainable energy sources is imperative. A popular candidate in this regard is hydrogen, an eco-friendly fuel that produces only water when used. However, the efficient methods of hyd.....»»

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Chip shortage may threaten PlayStation 5 supplies at Christmas

Sony’s gaming chief refuses to guarantee there will be enough consoles to meet demand. Enlarge / To call Sony's PlayStation 5 "in demand" would be an understatement. The global semiconductor shortage is threatening to constrain PlayStation.....»»

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What the Texas-Freeze Fiasco Tells Us About The Future of the Grid

Depending on your point of view, the Texas blackouts were caused by deregulation, green energy, or an isolated electrical grid “Don’t Mess with Texas” started life as part of an anti-litter campaign, back in 1985, and soon became an inter.....»»

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FarmWise plans to add autonomous crop dusting to its suite of robotic services

The robotics revolution in farming is set to continue as the autonomous crop cultivation company FarmWise looks to add new capabilities to its autonomous farming equipment. The San Francisco-based company is currently testing the application of fungi.....»»

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Why we should release New Zealand"s strangled rivers to lessen the impact of future floods

When two West Coast rivers flooded on the same day in 2019, the Waiho tore down a bridge and cut off local communities for 18 days, and the Fox eroded a landfill, exposing 135 tons of rubbish that contaminated beaches more than 100km away......»»

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Researchers are turning kitchen waste into biofuels

When we eat, our bodies convert food into energy that fuels our lives. But what happens to the energy stored in the 80 billion pounds of food thrown away annually in America? As part of advancing sustainable energy solutions, scientists at the Depart.....»»

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This giant Instant Pot is getting a ridiculous discount at Walmart

The Instant Pot DUO80, which may be your ultimate kitchen companion with seven functions, is available from Walmart at $51 off, bringing its price down to $99......»»

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Future Acres launches with the arrival of crop-transporting robot, Carry

When people ask me which robotics categories are poised for the biggest growth, I often point to agriculture. The technology already has a strong foothold in places like warehouse and logistics, but it’s impossible to look at the American – and g.....»»

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