Mazda names former North America chief Masahiro Moro as next CEO

Masahiro Moro, who has led Mazda's operations in Europe and North America during his career, takes over from Akira Marumoto. He says boosting U.S. sales is a key target......»»

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Order in chaos: Atmosphere"s Antarctic oscillation has natural cycle, discover researchers

Climate scientists at Rice University have discovered an "internally generated periodicity"—a natural cycle that repeats every 150 days—in the north-south oscillation of atmospheric pressure patterns that drive the movement of the Southern Hemisp.....»»

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Researchers dig deep to unveil causes of decline for North America"s smallest falcon

The American kestrel, a colorful and charismatic falcon, has kept researchers scratching their heads for years. Population declines are confirmed across North America, but who or what to blame has remained elusive......»»

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Tim Cook talks Vision Pro price, isolation, ChatGPT, and more in ABC News interview [Video]

Apple lifted the veil on its highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset on Monday, and CEO Tim Cook discussed what the company calls spatial computing with ABC News. In the interview with Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts, Cook d.....»»

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Tim Cook: Apple Vision Pro tech is mindblowing, and will be too expensive for many

Speaking on "Good Morning America," Apple CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged that Apple Vision Pro will be too expensive for many, but says the cost is because of the "mind-blowing" engineering in it.Tim Cook on "Good Morning America"Following the launch.....»»

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Interdisciplinary team tracks the fate of plastic waste in the North Sea

The dispersal pathways of plastic waste in the southern North Sea have been investigated by an interdisciplinary research team led by the University of Oldenburg. A key part of the "Macroplastics" project was the participation of citizens. The volunt.....»»

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China"s Changan suppliers push back against forced payment cuts

The suppliers said Changan, which also has partnerships with Ford Motor Co. and Mazda Motor, told them in March that a recent wave of price cuts by its rivals had hit sales of some of its models in the world's largest auto market......»»

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Ford hires Whirlpool executive Liz Door as chief supply chain officer

The automaker, which saw its suppler relations score plummet in a recent study, said it has hired Liz Door, a sourcing executive at Whirlpool......»»

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UN climate chief hails "unique insights" of embattled COP28 head

The UN's top climate official hailed the "unique insight" of a UAE oil executive whose naming as president of the key COP28 climate summit has outraged advocates and experts......»»

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Mazda3, CX-30, CX-5 get new Carbon Turbo variants

Mazda's Mazda3, CX-30 and CX-5 will offer new Carbon Turbo variants that get a turbocharged engine, standard all-wheel drive and distinct looks......»»

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Germany returns "stolen" dinosaur fossil to Brazil

A fossil from a rare dinosaur that roamed South America 110 million years ago has been returned to Brazil from Germany, ending a diplomatic spat triggered by charges that researchers stole it......»»

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Roborock S7 Max Ultra vs. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: Similar names, very different products

Their names might only differ by a single letter, but the Roborock S7 Max Ultra and Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra are shockingly different. Here's which is best......»»

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Predictive models show wildlife managers where to find destructive feral swine

Feral swine are considered one of the top invasive species of concern in North America because of the damage they do to agricultural and natural systems. To best manage them, resource management agencies need to know more precisely where and when to.....»»

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Climate justice: Global North owes $170 trillion for excessive carbon dioxide emissions, says study

Industrialized nations responsible for excessive levels of carbon dioxide emissions could be liable to pay a total of $170 trillion in compensation or reparations by 2050 to ensure climate change targets are met, say researchers......»»

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Tracing Chile"s Indigenous roots through genetics and linguistics

How do today's Indigenous communities of South America trace back to the history of human migration and contact in the continent? An international team has worked to reconstruct the legacy of Chile's largest Indigenous community, the Mapuche, in a qu.....»»

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Sony chief warns technical problems persist for cloud gaming

Promise of technology remains unfulfilled after more than a decade of development. Enlarge / Sony chief Kenichiro Yoshida. (credit: Tokuyuki Matsubuchi via FT) Sony’s chief executive has warned that cloud gaming is sti.....»»

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Fiat future in U.S. tied to new leader, return of 500e

The Italian brand, which only sells one model in the U.S., has appointed former FCA marketer Aamir Ahmed to head its North American operations......»»

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Taiwan is a crucial partner for traditional automakers seeking an edge against Chinese competitors

Thanks to its solid technology foundation and geopolitical dynamics, the ICT industry cluster in Taiwan has gained favor from mainstream car manufacturers in Europe, America, and Japan, giving Taiwan's ICT industry further opportunity to venture into.....»»

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Apple Park faces WGA strike on first day of WWDC

The Writer's Guild of America will be making its presence felt by Apple, with it continuing its strike action at Apple Park on Monday, the same day as Apple's WWDC keynote.Apple ParkMonday is a big day for Apple, with it presenting to developers arou.....»»

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Sweltering heat in Vietnam"s north sparks power cuts

Hanoi residents flocked to the Vietnamese capital's air-conditioned shopping malls on Saturday to escape power cuts at home, as the grid struggled to cope with the high demand caused by soaring heat......»»

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VW"s Pablo Di Si: Price gouging ID Buzz buyers would be big mistake

Pablo Di Si, head of Volkswagen in North America, says dealer price gouging on the new three-row ID Buzz electric bus would not be smart......»»

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