Machine learning uncovers "genes of importance" in agriculture and medicine

Machine learning can pinpoint "genes of importance" that help crops to grow with less fertilizer, according to a new study published in Nature Communications. It can also predict additional traits in plants and disease outcomes in animals, illustrati.....»»

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Are smart thermostats worth it? Pros and cons of connected thermostats

Are smart thermostats worth it? Between the cost, the hassle of installation, and learning a whole new system, there's a lot to invest......»»

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Novel eremophilane sesquiterpenoids with immunosuppressive activity isolated from Parasenecio albus

Plants of the genus Parasenecio┬áhave long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for invigorating the circulation of blood, relieving rheumatic ache, and for the treatment of injures from falls. Previous phytochemical investigations on Paraseneci.....»»

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Male mice exposed to simulated deep space radiation experienced impaired spatial learning

A team of researchers working at multiple facilities in the San Francisco area has found that male mice exposed to radiation similar to that encountered by humans on long space missions experienced problems with spatial learning several months later......»»

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Fire-starting drones are actually helping some firefighters

A drone designed to start fires on purpose may sound like an alarming idea, but such a machine is actually providing assistance to firefighters in Australia......»»

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Fighting viruses with interchangeable defense genes

Bacterial viruses, so-called phages, destroy bacteria. Bacteria are constantly exposed to viral attacks. A research team led by Martin Polz, a microbiologist at the University of Vienna, has now studied how bacteria defend themselves against viral pr.....»»

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Novel advanced light design and fabrication process could revolutionize sensing technologies

Vanderbilt and Penn State engineers have developed a novel approach to design and fabricate thin-film infrared light sources with near-arbitrary spectral output driven by heat, along with a machine learning methodology called inverse design that redu.....»»

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On Back to the Future day, Porsche celebrates 1.21 GW charging capacity

The electric car failed in the 1920s because of a lack of rural electrification. Enlarge / Everyone loves a good time machine, including Porsche. The company made a short video to celebrate reaching a charging capacity milestone in the.....»»

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Durability, docility genes solve domestic horse origins mystery

Humans tamed horses some 4,200 years ago in the northern Caucasus region of what is today southwestern Russia, a study said Wednesday, solving the centuries-old mystery of where and when the process began that led to today's domesticated equine popul.....»»

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Google unveils "Tensor" SoC for on-device machine learning in Pixel 6

Both of the Pixel 6 phones will incorporate Google's new Tensor processor. The SoC lies at the core of Google's machine learning model and enhances features like Google Assistant, Google Translate, Photos, and even mundane phone calls......»»

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2021 Medicine Nobel Prize Winner Explains the Importance of Sensing Touch

Ardem Patapoutian shared the physiology or medicine prize for work on mechanisms crucial to everything from bladder control to knowing where our limbs are -- Read more on»»

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Many Doctors are Switching to Concierge Medicine, Exacerbating Physician Shortages

Practices that charge sometimes hefty membership fees promise more personalized care. But the high costs and low patient volumes may limit access for everyone -- Read more on»»

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Ground-Level Ozone Is a Creeping Threat to Biodiversity

Scientists are learning how this pollutant damages plants and trees, setting off a cascade of effects that harms everything from soil microbes to wildlife......»»

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Crop diversity is needed today for tomorrow"s food security and nutrition

Although scientists have been ringing bells for more than 100 years about the decline of crop diversity in agriculture, questions about the magnitude, causes, and significance of this loss remain unanswered......»»

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Is environmentalism in our genes?

As global environmental crises mount, numerous policies have been proposed with an eye toward a more sustainable future. However, such recommendations have often gone unheeded, falling by the wayside for lack of public support......»»

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Strengthening the climate for sustainable agricultural growth

Today, the 2021 Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report), "Strengthening the Climate for Sustainable Agricultural Growth," was released by Virginia Tech's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. It urges the acceleration of productivity.....»»

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Study finds women, honor students prefer active learning spaces

The Association of American Universities has made a recent push to encourage institutions to install more active learning spaces on campuses, in which students can move and work together, instead of sitting in fixed seats in a traditional lecture hal.....»»

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Cat bacteria treats mouse skin infection, may help you and your pets as well

Researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine used bacteria found on healthy cats to successfully treat a skin infection on mice. These bacteria may serve as the basis for new therapeutics against severe skin infections in huma.....»»

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Targeting cancer at the nanoscale

Scientists from the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Tracer Kinetics at Osaka University developed a novel system for targeted cancer radiation therapy that uses gold nanoparticles labeled with astatine-211. Owing to the limited range and half-life.....»»

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Five critically endangered monkeys shot dead in Vietnam

Poachers in Vietnam have shot dead five critically endangered langurs, a type of monkey killed for bushmeat and traditional medicine, state media said Tuesday......»»

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Best Black Friday office chair deals 2021: What to expect

Get ready for this year's Black Friday office chair deals by learning all the information that you need ahead of the shopping holiday, including what to expect......»»

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