Leading scientists warn of global impacts as Antarctic nears tipping points

As governments convene for the annual Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) June 14-24, 2021, an Expert Working Group of leading Antarctic scientists warns that climate change is pushing this remote polar region, which connects all our ocean b.....»»

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Bird and mammal diversity is declining with biological invasions

The introduction of invasive species leads to a decline in certain native species. A team of researchers from the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay has managed to show that 11% of the global phylogenetic diversity of birds and mammals, in other.....»»

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Scientists synthesize gypsum substitute

An international team of scientists has proposed a method of production of high-quality gypsum binders based on synthetic calcium sulfate dihydrate produced from industrial waste. Tests of the obtained material have shown that it not only meets all t.....»»

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ASC 100: Hana Microelectronics branches out to 5G, SiC industries

For years, the business of Hana Microelectronics, the leading EMS provider in the Southeast Asia region, took off as orders divert from, to, or within China. Its business in China is expected to further benefit from China's new self-reliance policy......»»

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Square to acquire Afterpay, Australian buy now, pay later platform for $29 billion

Jack Dorsey's Square is spending $29 billion on an Australian buy now, pay later firm — a massive purchase that will help his company build out its global payments empire......»»

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Best cheap Dyson vaccum and fan deals for August 2021

It's pretty easy to find deals on Dyson's class-leading hardware to keep your home clean and healthy......»»

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UN warns hunger is expected to rise in 23 global hotspots

Hunger is expected to rise in 23 global hotspots in the next three months with the highest alerts for "catastrophic" situations in Ethiopia's embattled Tigray region, southern Madagascar, Yemen, South Sudan and northern Nigeria, two U.N. agencies war.....»»

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Palit tells customers to avoid second hand graphics card used for mining

With Ethereum hovering around $2,300 per token and difficulty back to more than 7.0P, crypto-currency mining isn't as profitable as it was earlier this year. Mineable crypto alternatives are not much better than Ethereum, leading miners to sell some.....»»

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Growth roundup: Investing in community, targeting developers, new marketer recs

“The best thing a startup can do, and I’m seeing it happen more and more, is investing in community early on,” growth marketing expert Max van den Ingh of Unmuted tells us. “When I was leading growth at MisterGreen, we created a c.....»»

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Blood-sucking flies may be following chemicals produced by skin bacteria to locate bats to feed on

We humans aren't the only animals that have to worry about bug bites. There are thousands of insect species that have evolved to specialize in feeding on different mammals and birds, but scientists are still learning how these bugs differentiate betw.....»»

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"Greening" biomaterials and scaffolds used in regenerative medicine

Green manufacturing is becoming an increasingly critical process across industries, propelled by a growing awareness of the negative environmental and health impacts associated with traditional practices. In the biomaterials industry, electrospinning.....»»

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CDC Scaled Back Hunt for Breakthrough Cases Just as the Delta Variant Grew

The U.S. agency leading the fight against Covid-19 gave up a crucial surveillance tool tracking the effectiveness of vaccines just as a troublesome new variant of the virus was emerging. From a report: While the Centers for Disease Control and Preven.....»»

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Huawei’s latest flagship phone has HarmonyOS, a Qualcomm SoC, and no 5G

Facing export ban and chip shortage, Huawei is scraping together what it can find. The Huawei P50 Pro, in several colors. Despite facing down a global.....»»

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Elon Musk calls Apple’s App Store fees ‘a de facto global tax on the Internet’

Elon Musk is siding with Epic Games in the App Store monopoly case, with the Tesla CEO firing off a tweet Friday morning that called Apple’s Store fees “a de facto global tax on the Internet,” also adding that “Epic is right.&.....»»

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Samsung continues to lead global smartphone market despite quarterly decline

Apple trailed in third place with 48.9 million iPhones shipped, followed by Oppo at 34 million units shipped and Vivo at 33 million......»»

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Chromosome positioning during sperm differentiation described

Chromosomes occupy specific regions of the cell nucleus called chromosome territories. In somatic cells, scientists have observed that there is a correlation between this positioning and genome regulation. In fact, alterations in chromosome distribut.....»»

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Italian community hopes to save fire-ravaged ancient tree

Scientists in Sardinia are hoping a thousand-year-old olive tree nearly destroyed by recent fires can be saved, mobilising volunteers to stand guard around the remains of the ancient tree......»»

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Scientists upturn understanding of how key hormones act in cells

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have overturned conventional wisdom on the workings of vital hormone receptors within cells, a finding that could boost drug development for diabetes and related metabolic disorders, cancer.....»»

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A phytoplankton that synthesizes petroleum-equivalent hydrocarbons

Director-General Naomi Harada and colleagues from the Research Institute for Global Change at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, in collaboration with Assistant Professor Yuu Hirose from Toyohashi University of Technology and S.....»»

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Caterpillars borrow weapons from viruses in battle against parasitic wasps

Exactly how the caterpillars are winning this tiny evolutionary arms race is the subject of an article just published in the journal Science by an international research team including scientists from University of Saskatchewan (USask)......»»

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New polymer composite for electromagnetic shielding applications

scientists from NUST MISIS, South Ural State University and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research together with colleagues from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Belarus have developed a new radar absorbing polymer composite with exfoliated graphite (EG)/barium.....»»

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