Latest Steam survey shows AMD rebounding, an excellent month for Ampere, and a Windows 7 resurgence

Having chipped away at Intel’s CPU lead since December and finally passing the 30% mark in May, AMD experienced a surprise decline in June, dropping to 28.41%. As predicted, it appears this was only a temporary blip: Team red rebounded with a share.....»»

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Microsoft Rushes To Register Autodiscover Domains Leaking Credentials

Microsoft is rushing to register Internet domains used to steal Windows credentials sent from faulty implementations of the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover protocol. BleepingComputer reports: On Monday, Guardicore's Amit Serper released new research.....»»

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The 57 best shows on Amazon Prime Video right now

After sifting through hundreds of shows on Amazon Prime Video, we've chosen the best ones available for streaming, from the classics to new originals......»»

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The 60 best shows on Hulu right now

It can be overwhelming to navigate Hulu's robust library of TV shows, but this list is continually updated to bring you the best shows that Hulu has to offer......»»

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Windows 11 compatibility waiver warns of ‘damages’ that Microsoft could prevent

Microsoft is allowing people with unsupported hardware to install Windows 11, but you'll need to sign a waiver warning of damages beforehand......»»

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Leaked Alder Lake benchmark shows 21% performance gain over AMD

Alder Lake benchmarks continue leaking, and the latest result shows a big boost for Team Blue over AMD's top Ryzen 9 5950X......»»

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California Makes Zero-emission Autonomous Vehicles Mandatory by 2030

Starting in 2030, California will require all light-duty autonomous vehicles that operate in the state to emit zero emissions. From a report: Signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday, SB 500 represents the latest effort by the state to li.....»»

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Windows 11 hits the Release Preview Insider channel as official release nears

Near-final preview release demonstrates how the upgrade will be offered to PCs. Enlarge / The "official" Windows 11 update, complete with the UI that regular people will see, is now available in the Release Preview channel for Windows Insiders......»»

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Are domesticated oysters less prepared for climate change?

Pacific oyster faming is a multi-billion dollar industry, but there are strong concerns about the ability of oyster larvae to develop properly and survive in future ocean acidification scenarios. A recent study from University of Gothenburg shows tha.....»»

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Windows 11 Setup Warns That You Aren"t "Entitled" To Updates On Unsupported PCs

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Verge has spotted an apparently new warning message in the Windows 11 Setup app that explicitly warns users of the dangers of installing Windows 11 on unsupported hardware -- you may run into.....»»

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Could the Moon Actually Crash Toward Earth?

The trailer for the film Moonfall shows our satellite getting too close for comfort. Here are the physics of what it would take to push the moon out of orbit.....»»

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Best Black Friday Deals 2021: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

We track major online merchants and physical stores to bring you the best and latest news about upcoming Black Friday deals......»»

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Stop making employees turn on webcams during meetings

The latest battle in office life may be over whether or not to keep the camera on during virtual meetings......»»

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UK Appeals Court Rules AI Cannot Be Listed As a Patent Inventor

The United Kingdom is the latest country to rule that an artificial intelligence can't be legally credited as an inventor. Engadget reports: Per the BBC, the UK Court of Appeal recently ruled against Dr. Stephen Thaler in a case involving the country.....»»

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Hackers Breached Computer Network At Key US Port But Did Not Disrupt Operations

Suspected foreign government-backed hackers last month breached a computer network at one of the largest ports on the US Gulf Coast, but early detection of the incident meant the intruders weren't in a position to disrupt shipping operations, accordi.....»»

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Impossible Foods To Launch Meatless Pork In US, Hong Kong and Singapore

Impossible Foods' latest meatless product is set to hit tables from Thursday: plant-based pork that claims to be tastier and healthier than the real deal. CNBC reports: The ground pork product will first be available in restaurants in the U.S., Hong.....»»

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The Imaginary Rocket Driving a Small-Town Spaceport

Is the FAA licensing spaceports that are doomed to fail? From a report: The latest launch attempt out of Kodiak, Alaska's spaceport shows in vivid detail just how quickly things can go sideways. In the video, rocket maker Astra's 3.3 skids horizontal.....»»

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Laser treatment shows potential for reducing industrial chemical processing for vehicles

Long-lasting protection from corrosion is essential for materials used for vehicles and aircraft to ensure structural integrity amid extreme operating conditions. Two chemical pre-treatment processes are widely used in industrial settings to prepare.....»»

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Bayonetta 3 is on track for a 2022 release, according to Nintendo’s website

The Japanese Nintendo website's Switch release schedule shows Bayonetta is still set to launch in 2022......»»

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XPan Mode on the OnePlus 9 Pro isn’t the best use of Hasselblad’s expertise

XPan Mode is the latest camera feature added to the OnePlus 9, and it draws on partner Hasselblad’s history. But it’s not what the pair should be working on......»»

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Test drives and cell phone shopping make or break car sales for U.S. Hispanics

Research shows that Hispanic car buyers prize in-person test drives and shop by phone, but brand reputation is less of a factor in selecting a car......»»

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