Larry Page"s electric air taxi startup is winding down

Kittyhawk, the electric air taxi startup backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, announced Wednesday that it plans to "wind down" operations......»»

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India"s private space sector skyrockets

When Indian entrepreneur Awais Ahmed founded his satellite startup in Bangalore in 2019, his country was still a year away from opening the space industry to the private sector......»»

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Toyota is remaking its EV factories in 6 radical steps

Toyota is radically rebooting its famed manufacturing system for its next generation of Tesla-fighting electric vehicles, due in 2026. Automotive News synthesizes days of company briefings and demonstrations to deliver a step-by-step picture of the p.....»»

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Automaker group warns NHTSA"s fuel economy proposal could threaten EV transition

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation argues NHTSA's fuel economy standards, if finalized as proposed, could threaten the auto industry's transition to electric vehicles......»»

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Do you criticize or celebrate your colleagues? It may depend on your social position

Online technology is fundamentally reshaping employee evaluations. In the last decade or so, companies such as IBM, Amazon, and General Electric have adopted performance feedback apps that allow employees to "review" one another in real time. These a.....»»

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Best electric car charger deals: $100 off home charging stations

An electric vehicle won't get you far without an EV charger, and these are some of the best electric car charger deals you can find right now......»»

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2024 Honda Prologue EV heats up midsize crossover segment

Honda’s first new-era EV marks the beginning of the automaker’s ambitious push to hit half a million electric vehicle sales in North America by 2030......»»

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The catch-22s of reservoir computing: Researchers find overlooked weakness in powerful machine learning tool

In nonlinear dynamic systems, a change in one place can trigger an outsized change elsewhere. The climate, the workings of the human brain, and the behavior of the electric grid are all examples—and all change dramatically over time. Because of the.....»»

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Best pressure washer deals: Up to $110 off Greenworks and Sun Joe

We've got some of the best pressure washer deals that you can find online, whether you're looking to purchase an electric device or one that's powered by gas......»»

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The three-row Kia EV9 SUV will cost $54,900, on sale later this year

Production of the big EV will move to West Point, Georgia, in 2024. Enlarge / This is a prototype of the new Kia EV9 electric SUV, which goes on sale in the last quarter of 2023. (credit: Kia) Kia has announced pricing.....»»

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Researchers dynamically tune friction in graphene

The friction on a graphene surface can be dynamically tuned using external electric fields, according to researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign led by Professor Rosa Espinosa-Marzal of the Department of Civil and Environmental Eng.....»»

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Sonoma puts the last nail in the coffin for PostScript on macOS

PostScript, the venerable page description language dating back to Macs in the '80s, has finally hit the end of the road in macOS Sonoma.Apple's support for Adobe PostScript hits the end of the road in SonomaApple is clear about the removal in its re.....»»

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China shies away from confrontation with Europe over EV probe

European officials were expecting criticism after announcing a probe into China’s electric-vehicle subsidies. Instead they found President Xi Jinping’s government is ready to talk......»»

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One of the best values in electric SUVs comes from the last brand you’d expect

The Mercedes-Benz EQB may not jump out as a budget model, but compared to other electric SUVs out there, it's actually very affordable......»»

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26-year-old tech CEO found dead in Baltimore with signs of blunt-force trauma

The Baltimore Police Department has announced an arrest warrant for a suspect wanted for the murder of Pava LaPere, the 26-year-old CEO of startup EcoMap Technologies, who was found dead in a downtown Baltimore apartment Monday with signs of blunt-fo.....»»

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Possible Honda NSX successor to debut as EV at Japan Mobility Show

A possible all-electric successor to the NSX supercar will headline Honda's booth at next month's Japan Mobility Show as it pulls the wraps on three world premieres......»»

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Entrepreneurs are facing a mental health crisis, according to report

Mental health is a pressing concern in the startup community. Entrepreneurs face a number of unique challenges, including securing funding and meeting grueling performance targets—all while trying to achieve a work-life balance. These demands can t.....»»

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Ford pauses work on $3.5 billion battery factory in Michigan

The site was going to make lithium iron phosphate cells for electric vehicles. Enlarge / Ted Miller, manager of Ford Battery Cell Research and Advanced Engineering, holds a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery during a presentati.....»»

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The 2024 BMW i7 M70—electric luxury turned up to 11

Adding more power often adds little to the EV experience, but we like this one. Enlarge / The i7 M70 features new mirrors and side skirts to go with new suspension and brakes and a more powerful rear motor. (credit: Jonathan Gitl.....»»

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Apple chip secrets case: Rivos countersues, says iPhone maker makes staff scared to leave

Rivos, a stealth startup, was accused of stealing Apple chip secrets by poaching staff who took with them “gigabytes of sensitive System-on-a-Chip specifications and design files.” The startup has now countersued the iPhone maker. The counters.....»»

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Rivos countersues Apple over employee intimidation with restrictive agreements

Chipmaking startup Rivos is now countersuing Apple, claiming that the tech giant forces employees into restrictive contracts designed to prevent them from seeking employment elsewhere.In May 2022, Apple launched a lawsuit against "stealth" startup Ri.....»»

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