Largest structures in the universe show clear light-shifted signal of rotation

By mapping the motion of galaxies in huge filaments that connect the cosmic web, astronomers at the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP), in collaboration with scientists in China and Estonia, have found that these long tendrils of galaxi.....»»

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Google Chrome To No Longer Show Secure Website Indicators

Google Chrome will no longer show whether a site you are visiting is secure and only show when you visit an insecure website. Bleeping Computer reports: To further push web developers into only using HTTPS on their sites, Google introduced the protoc.....»»

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JLab Audio"s latest true wireless earbuds come in five colors and start at just $20

The new Go Air Pop true wireless earbuds can be used independently or together, and include a built-in MEMS microphone in each bud for clear calls. Each set comes with three ear tip sizes to help ensure a snug and comfortable fit......»»

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Mapping the cellular circuits behind spitting

For over a decade, researchers have known that the roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans can detect and avoid short-wavelength light, despite lacking eyes and the light-absorbing molecules required for sight. As a graduate student in the Horvitz lab, Nikh.....»»

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Bringing discoveries to light: X-ray science at Argonne

For more than 25 years, the Advanced Photon Source's intense X-rays have enabled important breakthroughs. With a massive upgrade in the works, scientists will be able to see things at scale never seen before......»»

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Prestressed plasters for old buildings

Bent concrete beams, cracks on the undersides of bridges, risk of rust for the reinforcement: In Switzerland, many structures are getting on in years. Take national roads, for example: According to the 2019 report of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO),.....»»

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What does the Alexa yellow ring color mean?

Your Echo device has an LED indicator to provide all sorts of useful Alexa information. Let's take a look at what the common yellow ring light means for users!.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 vs. HP Spectre x360

The Samsung Galaxy Book 360 is a thin and light 15-inch 2-in-1, but the HP Spectre x360 15 is by far the more powerful. Is it worth the extra cost?.....»»

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Deciphering how light controls stomatal production in plants

NUS biologists have discovered the mechanism of how light regulates stomatal production on the leaf surface, a process critical for the adaptation and fitness of plants......»»

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Air pollution exposure is shifting from outdoor to indoor – here"s why

You may have seen the before-and-after-lockdown photos of major cities that appear to show dramatic changes in air quality. In one, the India Gate war memorial in New Delhi is barely visible amid the smog. Then, during lockdown, it's clearly visible.....»»

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Study provides first holistic assessment of plastic pollution in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is renowned globally for its stunning beaches and crystal clear ocean......»»

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Taiwan networking IC suppliers gain shifted orders

IC design houses, such as MediaTek and Realtek Semiconductor, have landed a ramp-up in orders from Taiwan-based networking device makers, which are encountering longer delivery lead times at their US chip partners, according to industry sources......»»

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New model tracks carbon in agroecosystems

Carbon is everywhere. It's in the atmosphere, in the oceans, in the soil, in our food, in our bodies. As the backbone of all organic molecules that make up life, carbon is a very accurate predictor of crop yields. And soil is the largest carbon pool.....»»

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How we see better by "looking away"

When we fixate an object, its image does not appear at the place where photoreceptors are packed most densely. Instead, its position is shifted slightly nasally and upwards from the cellular peak. This is shown in a recent study conducted at the Univ.....»»

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Amazon Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings series finally has a premiere date

The first season of Amazon Prime Video's Lord of the Rings series has wrapped with a new picture from the set, and the show will finally bow in September 2022......»»

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Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series: Everything we know so far

The Lord of the Rings prequel series developed by Amazon has a multiseason commitment and a $1 billion budget. Here's everything we know about the show so far......»»

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Astronomers spot light behind a black hole for the first time, reaffirming Einstein"s theory of general relativity

Led by Stanford University’s Dan Wilkins, the team focused on a black hole that is 10 million times as massive as our sun and located 1,800 million light years away in a galaxy called I Zwicky......»»

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Lilium in talks with Brazilian airline for $1B order

German electric aircraft startup Lilium is negotiating the terms for a 220-aircraft, $1 billion order with one of Brazil’s largest domestic airlines, the companies said Monday. Should the deal with Azul move forward, it would mark the largest order.....»»

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Lake Huron sinkhole surprise: The rise of oxygen on early Earth linked to changing planetary rotation rate

The rise of oxygen levels early in Earth's history paved the way for the spectacular diversity of animal life. But for decades, scientists have struggled to explain the factors that controlled this gradual and stepwise process, which unfolded over ne.....»»

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Major Ethereum Upgrade Set To Alter Supply, Fix Transaction Fees

Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain network, is about to undergo a technical adjustment that will significantly alter the way transactions are processed, as well as reduce the supply of the ether token and sharply boost its price. The scheduled c.....»»

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Bird and mammal diversity is declining with biological invasions

The introduction of invasive species leads to a decline in certain native species. A team of researchers from the CNRS and the University of Paris-Saclay has managed to show that 11% of the global phylogenetic diversity of birds and mammals, in other.....»»

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