Kyndryl and Elastic expand partnership to help users enhance data-driven digital transformation initiatives

Kyndryl and Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, have expanded global partnership to provide customers full-stack observability, enabling them to accelerate their ability to search, analyze and act on machine data (IT data and business data) st.....»»

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Baby star "burps" tell tales of frantic feeding, data shows

The youngest stars often shine in bright bursts as they consume material from surrounding disks......»»

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Eufy caught lying about local-only security cameras with footage sent to cloud, accessible in unencrypted streams

Home security cameras have gotten a lot better in recent years, but the security of your footage has always been a concern. Anker’s Eufy brand claims to keep data local, but a security researcher has exposed that the claim is far from true, with f.....»»

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Apple Music Replay 2022 is here: How to find your top songs, artists, albums, and more

Apple Music Replay is one of the most highly anticipated launches for Apple Music users every year. It gives subscribers the ability to view a full year in review of their listening habits, with top songs, albums, listening statistics, and more. Thi.....»»

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How To Transfer Your PS4 Game Saves To Your PS5

If you've managed to get your hands on a PS5, but you don't want to lose any of your precious PS4 save data, there's plenty of options to transfer it. If you've mana.....»»

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Apple Pay likely launching in South Korea this week

Apple Pay is now available in dozens of countries, and Apple has been working to expand that list every year. Now it seems that Apple’s digital payments platform is about to launch in South Korea as a local bank is announcing that its customers wi.....»»

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Kensington"s new SlimBlade Pro Trackball is ergonomic & ambidextrous

Kensington's new SlimBlade Pro Trackball provides users with an ergonomic way to navigate their Mac or another computer.Kensington SlimBlade Pro TrackballThe plug-and-play SlimBlade Pro offers connectivity through Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, or a wir.....»»

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Live fast, avoid extinction: Fast-lived species may be more resilient to human influences

Animals that live fast—that is, frequent or abundant reproduction and short lifespans—are more resilient to human-driven land use changes than those with slow life-histories, finds a new study led by UCL researchers......»»

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Social media conversations are driven by those on the margins, says new research

Log on to your favorite social media site and you're likely to see a slew of posts and opinions on controversial topics like social justice, immigration, and corrupt elections. And while it may seem natural to assume that the prevailing online opinio.....»»

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Google Maps having widespread issues with voice search on CarPlay

Google Maps relies on voice search, opting to keep you safe while on your drive. Unfortunately, it looks like the voice search feature in Google Maps for CarPlay is breaking for a number of users, only working after multiple attempts. more… The p.....»»

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Meta Fined $275 Million In Facebook Data Scrape

The Irish Data Protection Commission fined Meta over $200 million for a Facebook privacy breach involving the data of half a billion users. Here's a recap. The Irish.....»»

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Apple Music Replay 2022 gets a revamp with Instagram-like reels, here’s how to share yours

It took longer than expected, but Apple Music users can properly share their 2022 Replay on social media, similar to what Spotify subscribers can already. With a new design and Instagram-like reel sections, it’s easier to show your friends and.....»»

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Elon Musk wants 1 billion Twitter users within 18 months

The Elon Musk Twitter carnival continues with a strange new development many people might not have had on their Twitter disaster bingo card. The newly minted CEO of Twitter shared a lofty goal for a company that some fear is struggling to keep on the.....»»

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New Apple Fitness+ Weekly Workout Streak award is coming

A new Weekly Workout Streak award is coming to Apple Fitness+, encouraging users to take at least one workout every week.The new weekly workout streak was first spotted in beta test versions of iOS 16 back in July, but now it has officially been anno.....»»

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Misinformation tool measures exposure to false claims by political elites

Researchers have developed a new tool to measure Twitter users' exposure to misinformation from political elites......»»

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Apple Music Replay gets animated revamp for 2022

Apple Music has released its annual Replay feature, but for 2022, users' most-played tracks are shown in a new animation.It's still not quite on a part with Spotify's Wrapped feature, but Apple Music Replay does the same job of presenting each user w.....»»

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Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy

Twitter said it will no longer enforce its longstanding Covid misinformation policy, yet another sign of Elon Musk's transformation of the social media company he bought a month ago......»»

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VW could partner with Foxconn to revive Scout brand in U.S.

A partnership with VW would be a breakthrough for the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer's automotive ambitions......»»

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VW-backed Northvolt may delay German battery plant for U.S. push

Surging energy costs are threatening to delay a plan to build the Northvolt plant in Germany as the company mulls taking advantage of big incentives offered under a U.S. climate and tax law to expand in the market......»»

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Europe falling behind US and China in industry transformation, says VW brand CEO

Fundamental changes happened in the global industrial landscape in recent years as electrification and geopolitical conflicts arose. Volkswagen brand CEO Thomas Shafer raised a concern that Germany and the EU are losing competitiveness on the world s.....»»

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App Store Awards 2022: BeReal, GoodNotes 5, and Gentler Streak are among the winners

Apple just announced the best apps and games of 2022 that won the App Store Awards. By spotlighting 16 applications, the company says they “inspired users to engage more deeply with the world, expand their imaginations, and stay connected to fr.....»»

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