It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity that grounded Boeing’s Starliner

NASA negotiating with SpaceX for additional crew missions to space station. Enlarge / The Boeing Starliner spacecraft to be flown on Orbital Flight Test-2 is seen at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on June 2, 2021. (credit: NA.....»»

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Sea otters demonstrate that there is more to muscle than just movement, it can also bring the heat

Life in the cold can be difficult for animals. As the body chills, organs including the brain and muscles slow down......»»

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Color-changing magnifying glass gives clear view of infrared light

Detecting light beyond the visible red range of our eyes is hard to do, because infrared light carries so little energy compared to ambient heat at room temperature. This obscures infrared light unless specialized detectors are chilled to very low te.....»»

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Some polycrystal grain boundaries feel the heat more than others

Polycrystals are solid materials that are made up of lots of small crystals. The points where the crystals meet are known as grain boundaries (GBs). GBs are important because they can affect the way the solid behaves. However, conventional analysis t.....»»

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Heat, no food, deadly weather: Climate change kills seabirds

The warming of the planet is taking a deadly toll on seabirds that are suffering population declines from starvation, inability to reproduce, heat waves and extreme weather......»»

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Humidity changes in dead fern fronds drives unique timing of spore dispersal in a widespread fern species

The sensitive fern—named due to its sensitivity to drought and frost—is a widespread species found throughout eastern North America and eastern Asia. It is a dimorphic plant because it has two distinct types of leaves—one for photosynthesis and.....»»

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Heat dissipation vendors cautiously optimistic about 2022 as Samsung reintroduces vapor chambers to new phones

Samsung Electronics reportedly is looking to once again use vapor chambers (VCs) in its new mobile phone models slated for launch in 2022. While it may not all be smooth sailing, heat dissipation companies are cautiously optimistic about the heat dis.....»»

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Eight worst wildfire weather years on record happened in the last decade: study

The world's eight most extreme wildfire weather years have occurred in the last decade, according to a new study that suggests extreme fire weather is being driven by a decrease in atmospheric humidity coupled with rising temperatures......»»

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Researchers team up to clearer picture of molten salts

Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge, Brookhaven and Idaho national laboratories and Stony Brook University have developed a novel approach to gain fundamental insights into molten salts, a heat transfer medium important to advanced en.....»»

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LemTech expects cooling solutions for emerging applications to boost sales

Since emerging applications such as EVs, the metaverse and low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites are expected boost demand for cooling, LemTech, which specializes in heat dissipation solutions, is expected to enjoy surging orders for the upcoming years, a.....»»

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Eco-friendly greenhouses grow food with waste heat

Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are being grown with warmth harnessed from a water treatment works......»»

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A new way to generate electricity from waste heat: Using an antiferromagnet for solid devices

Forcing electrons to flow perpendicularly to a heat flow requires an external magnetic field—this is known as the Nernst effect. In a permanently magnetized material (a ferromagnet), an anomalous Nernst effect (ANE) exists that can generate electri.....»»

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Heterogeneous chips stimulating demand for cooling solutions, says Jentech

Demand for cooling solutions has been driven by heterogeneous chips integration, according to thermal heat spreader maker Jentech Precision Industrial......»»

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KPD 0005+5106: Roasted and shredded by a stellar sidekick

An exhausted star still has some punches to deliver. Astronomers have found that a white dwarf is pummeling a companion object—either a lightweight star or a planet—with incessant blasts of heat and radiation plus a relentless gravitational pull.....»»

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Heat flow controls the movement of skyrmions in an insulating magnet

Tiny amounts of heat can be used to control the movement of magnetic whirlpools called skyrmions, RIKEN physicists have shown. This ability could help to develop energy-efficient forms of computing that harness waste heat......»»

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FAA Memo Reveals More New Boeing 787 Manufacturing Defects

The Seattle Times reports: The litany of manufacturing defects on the 787 Dreamliner is expanding as Boeing engineers take apart planes and discover new or more widespread issues, a Federal Aviation Administration internal memo indicates. The FAA me.....»»

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Extreme heat events jeopardize cardiovascular health, experts warn

A consequence of global warming is a greater frequency and intensity of extreme heat events. This extreme heat is associated with a greater risk of adverse cardiovascular incidents, especially for adults with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases......»»

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Why NASA is dropping three probes through Earth’s atmosphere today

A supply craft returning from the ISS today will perform one final scientific investigation using a set of probes to collect data on heat shielding......»»

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Thrustmaster and Boeing collaborate on $500 flight yoke and quadrant

Thrustmaster announced on November 9 the pre-order details and availability dates of the TCA Yoke Boeing Edition and TCA Quadrant Boeing Edition, which they plan to sell individually and bundled. The idea is to recreate the controls of a 787 as close.....»»

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How "Green" Are Wood Pellets as a Fuel Source?

Europe is betting big on wood to replace coal, but the industry is taking heat for stoking carbon emissions and air pollution......»»

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Bill Gates’ nuclear power company selects a site for its first reactor

First-of-its-kind reactor to be built in Wyoming with heavy Dept. of Energy backing. Enlarge / In TerraPower's design, the nuclear reactor is separated from the power generation process by molten salt heat storage. (credit: TerraPower).....»»

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