iPhone 14: hard to replicate long tail effect without production adjustment

Despite the drastically different sales performances of the iPhone 14 Pro series and the iPhone 14, Apple doesn't appear to be adjusting its production volume. Whether or not the iPhone 14 can recreate the long tail effect of the previous generations.....»»

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How karst caves can be used as a terrestrial simulation platform to test and design human bases in lunar lava tubes

If human beings want to survive on the other planets for a long time, they must first find or set up a safe, stable, and long-term shelter. Lunar lava tubes are geological structures on the moon discovered in recent years. They take the form of hollo.....»»

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The secret to STEM diversity may lie in peer mentorship

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently published a paper in Nature Communications showing that when first-year female STEM students are mentored by student peers, the positive ripple effect lasts throughout their undergraduat.....»»

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Polysilicon prices decline sharply in China

Quotes for polysilicon in the China market is falling because a substantial increase in production capacities in fourth-quarter 2022 has sharply driven up supply, according to industry sources......»»

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Apple officially brings 5G to iPhone with iOS 16.2 RC in the second most populous country

Apple on Wednesday released iOS 16.2 RC to developers and beta users ahead of the official release of the update expected sometime this month. As we know, the update adds new features like Apple’s Freeform app, new HomeKit architecture, and Apple.....»»

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Hands on with Apple Music Sing on iPhone, iPad, & Apple TV

Apple Music Sing officially arrives in the iOS 16.2 update. We took it for a spin ahead of the release and will walk you through how it works and what devices are supported.Apple Music Sing now availableRecently announced, Apple Music Sing is a karao.....»»

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Elon Musk rejects concerns over beds at Twitter HQ

The billionaire has previously told workers to commit to long hours or leave......»»

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Apple"s plan to scan iPhone photos for child abuse material is dead

While Apple's controversial plan to hunt down child sexual abuse material with on-iPhone scanning has been abandoned, the company has other plans in mind to stop it at the source.Apple's proposed CSAM detection featureApple announced two initiatives.....»»

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Apple drops iOS 16.2 RC with upgrades to end-to-end encryption, Apple Music Sing, and more

iOS 16.2 RC for iPhone and iPad is now available for testing through Apple’s developer beta program. Today’s release introduces a number of enhancements to end-to-end encryption across various services including Messages in iCloud. The release c.....»»

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Apple will ship 9 million fewer iPhones in Q4 than expected

Increased uncertainty in China around iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing has caused Morgan Stanley to drop its iPhone shipment prediction by another 3 million units in Q4 2022.iPhone 14 Pro impacted by Foxconn protestsThe zero Covid policy in China has led.....»»

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French environment group files complaint over iPhone repair practices

A French environmental group has filed a complaint against Apple because the company restricts the use of "unauthorized" parts in iPhone repairs.iPhone repairThe complaint targets a practice Apple uses for its devices, called pairing. It associates t.....»»

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New find suggests ankylosaurs’ tail clubs were for bashing each other

The evolution of this weapon may have had little to do with threats from predators. Enlarge / The tail clubs of ankylosaur species seem to have been used to bash each other rather than predators. (credit: Henry Sharpe) N.....»»

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Fifty years later, remastered images reveal Apollo 17 in stunning clarity

"Come toward me, baby! Looks like it’s moving... Don’t run over me!" Enlarge / Eugene Cernan is seen inside the Lunar Module after a long day's work on the lunar surface. (credit: Andy Saunders/Apollo Remastered) Sho.....»»

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Apple iPhone 13 review: the iPhone for the masses

The iPhone 13 strikes a great balance between performance and price, even if it isn't the most premium option......»»

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Adobe Stock will sell AI-generated artwork with conditions

Adobe recently announced it would begin accepting — and selling — stock images generated by AI tools, so long as they are labeled as such.Adobe StockMany generative AI tools exist, such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and others, that le.....»»

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Popular Copilot budgeting and finance app now available on the Mac

One of the most popular budgeting and financial planning apps for iPhone, dubbed Copilot, is expanding to the Mac for the first time. Copilot combines in-depth reporting and personalization to help you budget and track your finances, with “hyper-p.....»»

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Gamevice Flex: A pro gaming controller for your iPhone

Are you looking for an integrated controller setup for your iPhone? Then check out the Gamevice Flex. The post Gamevice Flex: A pro gaming controller for your iPhone first appeared on Phandroid. When it comes to gaming on our phones, obviou.....»»

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Apple to use made-in-America chips for iPhones and Macs

Apple chief Tim Cook has confirmed that the tech giant has inked a deal to buy 'Made in America' chips for its iPhone, iPads, and Mac computers......»»

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How to secure iPads in medical offices, retail stores and more with Maclocks

Long-time Apple security and display experts Maclocks is noticing a shift in Apple's focus with every new launch. Here's what to pay attention to.MacLocks offer business solutions for Apple productsThe 2022 iPad provides businesses and enterprise use.....»»

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Protect a charging iPhone & iPad with a Baseus 40W Power Strip

Powering multiple devices doesn't mean you need to use multiple outlets, as the new Baseus PowerCombo Pro 40W Power Strip provides connections so your iPhone, iPad, and four more device can charge at the same time.Baseus PowerCombo 40W Surge Protecto.....»»

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Best MagSafe wallets for the 2022 holiday season

The MagSafe launch with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X brought with it a new twist on iPhone accessories. Here are the best holiday options for snap-on MagSafe wallets.A black Apple MagSafe Wallet on a brown leather case. Like other accessories, several b.....»»

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