iOS 16 bug crashes your Mail app with a single string of text

It seems that every year or two, a bizarre bug is discovered in iOS that causes an app or the entire system to crash. One that many iPhone owners likely remember is the Telugu bug. By sending one character in a messaging app, you could crash an iPhon.....»»

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Android apps are getting a major text-to-speech upgrade

Android users will get 421 voices in 67 languages that have been upgraded with a new voice model and synthesizer......»»

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Russia demands an explanation after Apple removes its Facebook competitor from the App Store

VK said on its website that its apps, which include, VK Music, and Youla classifieds, are blocked by Apple but continue to work on devices that already have them installed. However, it did warn that there may be "be difficulties with notifica.....»»

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Stable Diffusion: weird for visual arts, a boon for image compression algorithms?

Stable Diffusion is a machine learning algorithm capable of generating weirdly complex and (somewhat) believable images just from interpreting natural language descriptions. The text-to-image AI model is incredibly popular among users despite the fac.....»»

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Cloudflare launches invisible, privacy-focused Captcha to take on Google

With the arrival of ReCaptcha 3 in 2018, Google removed the need to pick out specific sections of pictures, decipher barely legible text, or even click a box to prove you weren't a bot, replacing them with scores based on user interactions......»»

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Sony Is Bringing Another PlayStation Exclusive To PC Next Month

Sony's string of recent PlayStation ports to PC is continuing, and this time, the exclusive being ported will likely be a surprise for pretty much everyone. Sony's s.....»»

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NESOS gives 8-bit system a GUI desktop, 8 tiny files, and it’s amazing

You can type out a single screen of text, with a controller. That's impressive. Enlarge / You're limited to eight files and a word processor, but you can put them anywhere you want in NESOS' rich (for 1985) desktop environment. (credit.....»»

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Long-range wireless charging a reality in new smart-lock – using infrared

Long-range wireless power has been a long-term dream, where a single charger in a single location in our home, can beam power to all of our portable devices. That simply isn’t possible given existing technologies, but smart lock company Alfred has.....»»

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Apple continuing command of global smartphone profits, and the lead is growing

Continuing a decade-long string of domination, Apple is again on top of the heap for smartphone profits, with the iPhone collecting 80% of all the profit in the industry.iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro MaxApple's revenues grew 3% year-over-year despi.....»»

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Meta announces Make-A-Video, which generates video from text

Using a text description or an existing image, Make-A-Video can render video on demand. Enlarge / Still image from an AI-generated video of a teddy bear painting a portrait. (credit: Meta) Today, Meta announced Make-A-Video, a.....»»

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British Technology the World Cannot Live Without

All of us probably agree that it is possible to live without technology. We’d probably also agree, however, that giving up technology for a single day is unbearable and very annoying. The... The post British Technology the World Cannot Live Wit.....»»

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Sham referendums in Ukraine see Apple pull major Russian apps from the store

The Russian government’s decision to hold sham referendums in Ukraine has seen Apple pull a number of major apps in response to new sanctions. Popular Russian apps removed from the App Store worldwide include and Facebook competitor VK. Th.....»»

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How to mark all messages as read in iOS 16

That unread messages tally can get out of control. Here's how to deal with them all in seconds, by quickly marking all text messages as read in iOS 16.While notification badges are helpful to highlight things that need immediate attention, they can s.....»»

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Single cell research spotlights the role of DNA methylation in cell fate decisions

Research applying single-cell analysis techniques and comparisons to a cell atlas resource allowed researchers at the Babraham Institute to connect observed development defects caused by disrupted DNA methylation processes with an understanding of th.....»»

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When Will the Pandemic Truly Be ‘Over’?

Everyone wants to be done with Covid. But no single milestone will signal the end of the virus......»»

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Better than JPEG? Researcher discovers that Stable Diffusion can compress images

Lossy compression bypasses text-to-image portions of Stable Diffusion with interesting results. Enlarge / These jagged, colorful blocks are exactly what the concept of image compression looks like. (credit: Benj Edwards / Ars Technica).....»»

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Intel’s Unison app on Windows will let you text and send files from your Android device or iPhone

When it comes to an all-around solution to texting and sharing files between your phone and Windows computer, there isn’t one. Intel is aiming to fix that with a new Windows app called Unison that will be capable of sending texts and sharing files.....»»

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The best ad-blocking apps for Android in 2022

If pop-up ads, banner ads, and flashy text all intrude on the web page or video you're viewing on your Android device, get an ad-blocker. Here are the best......»»

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Study says this $27 sleep aid works 20x better than anything else

You are not alone. That is the single most important thing to remember if you’re reading this right now and you have been dealing with sleep problems. That’s why so many people out there look on Amazon for the best sleep aids. Issues rang.....»»

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Windows 11 22H2 suffers nasty bug that crashes some PCs with Intel CPUs

Got an Intel CPU? Then you may not be able to upgrade to Windows 11 22H2, at least not yet......»»

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will add a new mutant to the MCU

In the closing moments of Ms. Marvel’s season finale on Disney Plus, Marvel Studios changed the course of the MCU forever. With a single line of dialogue, Marvel announced that Kamala Khan is indeed a mutant. It will probably be a few more year.....»»

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