Inflation Reduction Act fuels South Korean uncertainty on Chip 4 membership

On her visit to South Korea, US vice president Kamala Harris vowed to work with the country to resolve the disputes surrounding the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Signed into law last month, IRA lays out tax credits of up to US$7,500 for electric.....»»

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Upcoming MacBook Pro could have a 20-inch folding display

We have a report out of Korean tech news site The Elec that Apple is developing a 20-inch display meant for a MacBook or MacBook Pro-like device......»»

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Automakers, South Korea implore U.S. to use commercial EV tax credit

Many automakers and the South Korean government are urging the Biden administration to tap a commercial electric vehicle tax credit to boost consumer EV access, a plan that could help ease concerns over a climate bill approved in Congress......»»

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Apple will ship 9 million fewer iPhones in Q4 than expected

Increased uncertainty in China around iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing has caused Morgan Stanley to drop its iPhone shipment prediction by another 3 million units in Q4 2022.iPhone 14 Pro impacted by Foxconn protestsThe zero Covid policy in China has led.....»»

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Apple"s M1 Max MacBook Pro 14-inch with 32GB RAM dips to $2,445, plus $70 off AppleCare

Save $454 on the high-end 14-inch MacBook Pro configuration with Apple's M1 Max chip and 32GB of memory, with units in stock and ready to ship with free expedited delivery.This 14-inch MacBook Pro is loaded.Apple's MacBook Pro 14-inch with the M1 Max.....»»

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Mixing diesel and hydrogen provides big cuts in emissions

Existing engine designs can be modified to allow hydrogen injection. Enlarge / Diesel engines can be modified to burn a diesel-hydrogen mix. (credit: DjelicS) A team of engineers at the University of New South Wales (UNS.....»»

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Apple Silicon made in America – explaining the conflicting reports [Comment]

Apple CEO Tim Cook said yesterday that TSCM Arizona plants would see Apple Silicon made in America. This appeared to contradict earlier reports that the US plants would always remain a step behind the most advanced chip tech TSMC uses in Taiwan. On.....»»

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Taiwanese chip giant invests $40bn in US plant

Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC triples its investment amid a chip shortage and the US and China tech war......»»

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Lack of standardized methods, reporting formats challenges Intel"s GHG reduction efforts

Intel aims to attain net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emission for all of its operational bases around the world by 2040 in a bid to hike energy use efficiency and reduce carbon footprint for its products and platforms, but its boosting reduction in GHG.....»»

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Biden joins Tim Cook to hail TSMC"s US$40 billion US chip venture

US president Joe Biden celebrated TSMC's plans to increase its investments in Arizona to US$40 billion and construct a second factory, with companies like Apple eager to source more chips from the US......»»

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Automotive chip IDMs could hardly pass all extra costs to carmakers

With foundries' price negotiations with IDMs and tier-1 suppliers for 2023 reaching an end, foundries are unlikely to cut their prices and the chip vendors will have difficulties passing the extra costs fully to their automaker clients......»»

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iPhone chip-maker TSMC invests $40bn in Arizona plants

The Taiwan chipmaker triples its US investment amid a chip shortage and the US and China tech war......»»

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Automotive chip supply likely to stay short before 2024

Automotive chip shortages, despite improving recently, are unlikely to be fully resolved before 2024 as supply growth is unable to catch up with the rapid increase in demand, according to sources from the automotive supply chain......»»

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Apple Car on track for 2026 release, under $100K price, custom chip, and no full self-driving at launch

Over the last couple of years, we’ve heard different estimates of when Apple Car might finally make it to market which have ranged from 2024 to 2028. Now the latest report predicts a debut in 2026 with a custom Apple Silicon chip, no self-driving,.....»»

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Apple announces sweeping changes to App Store pricing

Changes may help devs handle inflation, exchange rates, and new content types. The backs of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. [credi.....»»

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Using 3D metal-printing topological materials to manipulate full-vector elastic waves

A collaboration between Prof. Weiying Deng at South China University of Technology, Prof. Feng Li at Beijing Institute of Technology, and Prof. Zhengyou Liu at Wuhan University was recently published online in National Science Review. There is growin.....»»

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Clashing laws need to be fixed if Australians want to live in bushfire-prone areas, says researcher

It's almost bushfire season. Yes, even though floods are still racing through parts of eastern Australia. Fire conditions are above average including in inland New South Wales and Queensland......»»

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TSMC triples Arizona chip factory investment to $40 billion

Before the first Arizona TSMC fab opens its doors in 2024, the company has already committed to building a second — and has announced that it will spend $40 billion on it.TSMC investing $40 billion in Arizona fabsTSMC originally committed $12 billi.....»»

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HomePod mini arrives in Finland, Norway, South Africa, Sweden

Sweden, Norway, Finland, and South Africa are finally getting the HomePod mini in December 2022, two years after the US launch.The caption reads "Colorful sound like never before," in Norwegian.Apple launched the HomePod mini in October 2020, with th.....»»

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Topco chair weighs in on US-China chip war

In a continuation of an exclusive interview with DIGITIMES, Topco Scientific (TSC) co-founder and Topco group chairman J.W. Kuo shared his views on the semiconductor industry, US-China relations, and Taiwan's role as the "Silicon Island" in the post-.....»»

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Intel CEO to meet Taiwan partners

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger will come to Taiwan before traveling to South Korea to meet the company's local partners, mainly those engaged in the PC and server industry supply chains, according to industry sources......»»

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