Increasing the memory capacity of intelligent systems based on the function of human neurons

Researchers have recently developed a new artificial neuron inspired by the different modes of operation of human neurons. This process has enabled recurrent networks to learn temporal relationships of more than a thousand discrete time units where c.....»»

Category: biomedSource:  sciencedailyJun 10th, 2021

The sound of science: Why audio is the next frontier in Mars exploration

For most of human history, space exploration has been carried out with visual technologies like telescopes. Now, astronomers are turning to microphones.....»»

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Can A.I. beat human engineers at designing microchips? Google thinks so

Google found that artificial intelligence is capable of designing microchips. A.I.-designed chips were better and made quicker than those made by human experts......»»

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Introducing play to higher education reduces stress and forms deeper connection material

A new study found higher education students are more engaged and motivated when they are taught using playful pedagogy rather than the traditional lecture-based method. The study was conducted by University of Colorado Denver counseling researcher Li.....»»

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Pollutant concentration increases in the franciscana dolphin

The concentration of potentially toxic metals is increasing in the population of the franciscana dolphin—a small cetacean, endemic to the Rio de la Plata and an endangered species— according to a study led by a team of the Faculty of Biology and.....»»

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Guardians of the Galaxy will make players craft motivational speeches

The developers behind Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy break down some of the game's wackiest systems......»»

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We have another highly effective COVID vaccine, based on different tech

While not needed for the US, it should help with the global vaccine push. Enlarge / A participant gets his second dose of the Novavax vaccine during the clinical trial. (credit: Karen Ducey / Getty Images) Today, a company called Novavax annou.....»»

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Chip shortages lead to more counterfeit chips and devices

Industry analysts recommend businesses take extra care with the supply chain. Enlarge / This pair of FT232RL USB to serial UARTs looks quite similar—but the one on the right is a counterfeit based on a mask-programmable microcontroller and onl.....»»

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Scientists Propose "Neuro-Rights" to Protect Brains From Future Manipulation

Slashdot reader AmiMoJo shares a report from Reuters: Scientific advances from deep brain stimulation to wearable scanners are making manipulation of the human mind increasingly possible, creating a need for laws and protections to regulate use of t.....»»

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NASA Finally Shows Off Assembled "Space Launch System" Megarocket

Slashdot reader ytene writes: The BBC are showing the first set of images of NASA's now-assembled "Space Launch System" (SLS) vehicle, noting that NASA intends to use it to launch a human crew back to the moon later this decade. Testing will take pla.....»»

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Dartmouth Abandons Controversial Online Cheating Investigation at Medical School

Dartmouth's Geisel medical school is dropping its investigation into alleged online cheating, the New York Times reports: In March, Dartmouth charged 17 students with cheating based on a review of certain online-activity data on Canvas — a pop.....»»

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Climate change is a threat to Africa"s transport systems: What must be done

Transportation infrastructure, such as roads and railway systems, is one of the sectors most threatened by climate change. Extreme weather events—such as flooding, sea level rises and storm surges—repeatedly wreak havoc on transport networks......»»

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New discovery shows human cells can write RNA sequences into DNA

Cells contain machinery that duplicates DNA into a new set that goes into a newly formed cell. That same class of machines, called polymerases, also build RNA messages, which are like notes copied from the central DNA repository of recipes, so they c.....»»

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McDonald"s Hit by Data Breach

McDonald's said hackers stole some data from its systems in markets including the U.S., South Korea and Taiwan, in another example of cybercriminals infiltrating high-profile global companies. From a report: The burger chain said Friday that it recen.....»»

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Facebook Accounts For Over Half of Sex Trafficing Recruitment

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CBS News: The majority of online recruitment in active sex trafficking cases in the U.S. last year took place on Facebook, according to the Human Trafficking Institute's 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report......»»

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Heat waves rise in India as climate change intensifies

Severe heat waves, responsible for thousands of deaths across India over the last three decades, are now increasing in frequency due to climate change, says a new study......»»

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Machine learning aids in materials design

A long-held goal by chemists across many industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, energetics, food additives and organic semiconductors, is to imagine the chemical structure of a new molecule and be able to predict how it will function for a de.....»»

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Uncovering cellular mechanisms driving epidermal form and function

A team of Northwestern Medicine investigators has discovered a set of intracellular mechanisms that support the polarized function of the skin's outermost layer, the epidermis, according to findings published in Current Biology......»»

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SK Hynix server DRAM defects send spot prices up

Spot market prices for server DRAM memory have shown a sudden rise amid speculation over a batch of SK Hynix-produced defective wafers, according to industry sources......»»

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Vietnam establishes 25 new industrial parks in first 5 months of 2021

In the first five months of 2021, 25 new industrial parks were established in Vietnam, a significant increase from the first-half 2020's six, according to research by US-based CBRE......»»

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Taiwan IC distributors to enjoy strong 2021

Taiwan-based IC distributors, particularly those specializing in memory IC sales, are poised to generate impressive revenues in 2021, according to industry sources......»»

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