Incorporating AI in audio chips now a trend, says Cirrus Logic

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into audio processors is gaining traction and is becoming more and more necessary for PC applications, according to Cirrus Logic, a US-based audio and visual analog IC designer......»»

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Law geeks shine a light on secretive Google antitrust trial

With no audio or video, a handful of activists try to ensure world knows what's happening. (credit: Shutterstock) Months out of law school, Yosef Weitzman already has a huge courtroom role in the biggest antitrust trial.....»»

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A possible explanation for an increasing trend in the cyclone Genesis Potential Index in the Arabian Sea

A team of Earth scientists and oceanographers affiliated with several institutions in India, working with a colleague from the U.S., has developed possible explanations for some of the factors involved in the observed increasing trend in the cyclone.....»»

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McIntosh’s House of Sound is a five-story audio Eden in NYC

McIntosh Group's House of Sound is a custom towhnouse in Manhattan that offers personalized listening tours of some of the world's best-sounding audio gear......»»

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Apple AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C review: A glimpse into the future?

The new AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C involve more than just a new charging case. They could be a sign for what's to come in wireless audio......»»

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Critical Trend Micro vulnerability exploited in the wild (CVE-2023-41179)

Trend Micro has fixed a critical zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2023-41179) in several of its endpoint security products for enterprises that has been spotted being exploited in the wild. About CVE-2023-41179 The nature of the flaw hasn’t been rev.....»»

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Fake WinRAR PoC spread VenomRAT malware

An unknown threat actor has released a fake proof of concept (PoC) exploit for CVE-2023-4047, a recently fixed remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in WinRAR, to spread the VenomRAT malware. The fake WinRAR PoC On August 17, 2023, Trend Micro.....»»

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Amazon"s new Echo devices bring generative AI and new smart home features

Amazon's Alexa assistant gets upgraded smarts in new Echo devices that include smart glasses called Echo Frames, an upgraded Echo Show 8 with a display, and new Fire TV devices for audio and visuals.Amazon has new smart devices for the homeDuring a h.....»»

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Mexican court ruling upholding women"s right to abortion shows global trend better than US Roe v Wade decision

It may surprise you to learn that, over the past 30 years, no fewer than 60 countries have liberalized their abortion laws while only four have rolled back abortion rights. The United States is, of course, one of the latter group that has recently re.....»»

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SpaceX breaks another booster reuse record, but did anyone see it?

SpaceX has continued its trend toward a minimalist broadcast approach. Enlarge / Starlink 6-17 launches from Florida on Tuesday night. (credit: SpaceX) SpaceX launched its 67th rocket of the year on Tuesday night, a stag.....»»

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Future Intel chips will let PCs rival Macs by next year, claims CEO

Windows PCs powered by future Intel chips will rival the performance of Apple Silicon Macs, claims the company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger. No such claim was made for this year’s chip, Meteor Lake, which will debut on December 14 – but Gelsinger sa.....»»

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US says it has no evidence that Huawei can make advanced smartphones "at scale"

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says the US government has no evidence that Huawei can produce smartphones with advanced chips "at scale," as it continues to investigate how the sanctioned Chinese manufacturer made an apparent breakthrough with its.....»»

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Rising OT/ICS cybersecurity incidents reveal alarming trend

60% of cyberattacks against the industrial sector are led by state-affiliated actors and often unintentionally enabled by internal personnel (about 33% of the time), according to Rockwell Automation. This corroborates other industry research showing.....»»

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Tivoli Audio’s Model Two Digital speaker abandons terrestrial radio

Tivoli Audio's Model Two Digital is a wireless-only tabletop speaker that can be oriented horizontally or vertically......»»

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Arizona TSMC plant: Governor claims it might be upgraded from a ‘paperweight’

After an analyst described the Arizona TSMC plant as a “paperweight” – due to the fact that all the chips it makes will have to be sent to Taiwan for the final stage of production – the state’s governor has claimed that this might change......»»

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You can pay more to play this fall’s biggest games early, but there’s a big catch

More games are letting buyers who preorder pricey premium editions play a few days early, but the growing trend comes with some headaches......»»

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The Canadian company that owns NAD and Bluesound now owns MQA

Lenbrook, the Canadian owner of Bluesound, NAD, and PSB Speakers, has acquired MQA, settling short-term fears about the British audio company's prospects......»»

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Google will Reportedly Ditch Samsung for its Tensor Chips, but not Anytime Soon

New information brings to light Google's plans for the Tensor series in the next few years. The post Google will Reportedly Ditch Samsung for its Tensor Chips, but not Anytime Soon appeared first on Phandroid. The introduction of Google&#.....»»

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A modern digital light processing technology to 3D print microfluidic chips

Conventional manufacturing methods such as soft lithography and hot embossing processes can be used to bioengineer microfluidic chips, albeit with limitations, including difficulty in preparing multilayered structures, cost- and labor-consuming fabri.....»»

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What is Qobuz? Music, features, and pricing explained

Calling all audiophiles! There's a streaming platform called Qobuz that prioritizes hi-res audio playback. Here's everything you should know about the service......»»

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"Crappier-than-crap" molecule exposed in overhaul of carbon-nitrogen-hydrogen chemistry

Russian researchers have explained why scientists studying crude oil and celestial chemistry—as well as certain down-to-earth matters—frequently come across some molecules incorporating carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen but not other combinations of.....»»

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