Immersive Experiences: Be There or Be Left Behind

The customer experience environment was already beginning to be defined by a continuous state of rapid evolution. COVID-19 simply accelerated this trend. Continue reading........»»

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WandaVision season finale: What we learned and what we still want to know

WandaVision's season finale wrapped things up, but still left us with plenty of questions. Here's what we know and what we're still wondering about......»»

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Dan Siroker’s new startup Scribe automates Zoom note-taking

Optimizely co-founder Dan Siroker said the idea for his new startup Scribe goes back to a couple of personal experiences — and although Scribe’s first product is focused on Zoom, those experiences weren’t Zoom-related at all. Instead, S.....»»

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The Famed Painting The Scream Holds a Hidden Message

Open speculation about his mental health plagued the artist Edvard Munch. In his most famous work, he left a biting commentary -- Read more on»»

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Microsoft Bing updates search results interface to make it more visually immersive

Microsoft Bing updates recipe results, similar looking items, expandable carousels, infographic panels and local answers design. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Stream raises $38M as its chat and activity feed APIs power communications for 1B users

A lot of our communication these days with each other is digital, and today one of the companies enabling that — with APIs to build chat experiences into apps — is announcing a round of funding on the back of some very strong growth. Stre.....»»

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Species evolve heat tolerance more slowly than cold tolerance

Many species might be left vulnerable in the face of climate change, unable to adapt their physiologies to respond to rapid global warming. According to a team of international researchers, species evolve heat tolerance more slowly than cold toleranc.....»»

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Toro acquires robotic tractor/snow blower maker, Left Hand Robotics

Toro this week announced its intentions to acquire Left Hand Robotics. The Colorado-based startup (not to be confused with Righthand Robotics) is a natural fit for the lawn mowing giant, as the producer of the RT-1000, an autonomous system capable of.....»»

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From the ashes of nearly a billion dollars, Ample resurrects Better Place’s battery swapping business model

A little over thirteen years ago, Shai Agassi, a promising software executive who was in line to succeed the chief executive at SAP, then one of the world’s mightiest software companies, left the company he’d devoted the bulk of his profe.....»»

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Creating joyful shopping experiences in a post-pandemic world

In the midst of challenges, 2020 gave us a lot of things to be thankful for. The global crisis pushed us to experience a way of life we might have never believed was possible. We’ve been able to work remotely, with little or no loss of productivity.....»»

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Right-wing misinformation on Facebook is more engaging than its left-wing counterpart, research finds

By now it's well known that Facebook has a misinformation problem. The company has tried to address it in various ways, from labeling false claims to reducing its visibility in users' feeds. But a new study from researchers at New York University fin.....»»

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Rating tornado warnings charts a path to improve forecasts

The United States experiences more tornadoes than any other country, with a season that peaks in spring or summer depending on the region. Tornadoes are often deadly, especially in places where buildings can't withstand high winds......»»

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KEF Mu3 true wireless earbuds review: Beauty and the beat

Sound quality, battery life rock, but KEF may have left too many features out......»»

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Behavior of wild capuchin monkeys can be identified by marks left on their tools

A group of researchers including Tiago Falótico, a Brazilian primatologist at the University of São Paulo's School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH-USP), archeologists at Spain's Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution (I.....»»

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Military trials training for missions in virtual reality

BBC's Zoe Kleinman experiences software which creates virtual training simulations for the military......»»

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Flaws In Zoom"s Keybase App Kept Chat Images From Being Deleted

chicksdaddy writes: The Security Ledger reports that a flaw in Zoom's Keybase secure chat application left copies of images contained in secure communications on Keybase users' computers after they were supposedly deleted, according to researchers fr.....»»

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Can "Ready" Crowdfund a Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck Enclosure for Cyberpunk Enthusiasts?

There's 29 hours left in a Kickstarter campaign to fund "an open source, Linux-based, highly modular, customizable portable computer kit that accommodates anything from a Raspberry Pi to a Ryzen x86 4x4 single-board computer and more," writes READY!1.....»»

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Snøhetta designs Tokyo restaurant with all-black interior and stage-like kitchen

Architecture firm Snøhetta has worked with Bronx-based cooking collective Ghetto Gastro to create a jet-black eatery in Tokyo that will house immersive dining experiences. Read more Architecture firm Snøhetta has worked with Bronx-based co.....»»

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Only a few hours left to buy early-bird passes to TC Early Stage 2021

Only a few hours left to buy early-bird passes to TC Early Stage 2021.....»»

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MLM schemes in the UK: The "cult-like" beauty businesses in your DMs

Newsbeat hears from young women about their experiences working for multi-level marketing companies......»»

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How Content-Driven Experiences Can Help Brands Succeed in D2C

Direct-to-consumer isn’t just for D2C-native brands anymore. Continue reading........»»

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