How to protect online privacy in the age of pixel trackers

Tracking pixels like the Meta and TikTok pixels are popular tools for online businesses to monitor their website visitors’ behaviors and preferences, but they do come with risks. While pixel technology has been around for years, privacy regulat.....»»

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Researchers develop online hate speech "shockwave" formula

A George Washington University research team has created a novel formula that demonstrates how, why, and when hate speech spreads throughout social media. The researchers put forth a first-principles dynamical theory that explores a new realm of phys.....»»

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iOS 17 locks access to your Safari private browsing tabs behind Face ID auth

With iOS 16, Apple made it so that Hidden album in Photos could be automatically locked from prying eyes with Face ID. With iOS 17, that privacy is now extended to Safari too with Private Browsing. more… The post iOS 17 locks access to your Safar.....»»

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Craig Federighi on new Apple privacy features; how Apple will protect us from AI

Apple software lead Craig Federighi has talked about the new privacy features announced in yesterday’s keynote, and how Apple intends to protect us from some of the threats presented by AI. As part of this, he says, Apple will use AI to fight one.....»»

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Apple adds pronoun fields with privacy focus to Contacts app on iOS 17

iOS 17 and watchOS 10 introduce a new way to easily swap contact information between iPhones, Apple Watches, or both. NameDrop, the new feature in beta now and debuting for everyone this fall, lets you control what information you share over AirDrop.....»»

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1Password introduces two new passkey features to promote passwordless future

1Password begins to offer customers the ability to save and sign into online accounts with passkeys. This summer, early adopters can begin unlocking their 1Password account with a passkey. “Our mission is to help people safeguard their digital.....»»

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BlackBerry and Upstream Security join forces to protect software-defined vehicles

BlackBerry announced a partnership with Upstream Security to enable automakers to strengthen the overall security posture of their vehicles, by leveraging the rich telemetry data and edge compute capabilities from BlackBerry IVY. Upstream’s clo.....»»

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Craig Federighi outlines iOS 17 privacy & Apple"s stance on AI

Along with the software and hardware announcements at WWDC, Apple executive Craig Federighi emphasized the company's ongoing commitment to privacy, exemplified by features such as "Check In," and why he thinks AI can be beneficial for users.Apple is.....»»

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Developers gain new SDK tools for Privacy Label generation and security checks

Apple is creating new tools around third-party SDK use to simplify developer software pipelines, like Privacy Label generation.A Privacy Label for TikTokWhen developers build their apps, they often use third-party SDKs to implement different features.....»»

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Apple rejected nearly one million apps for privacy violations between 2020 and 2022

Between 2020 to 2022, Apple rejected almost one million apps from the App Store for privacy violations, and the number is increasing substantially.Privacy is a major reason for App Store rejectionsThe company routinely shares annual reports of App St.....»»

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Illinois environmentalists push for state action to protect wetlands after Supreme Court ruling rolls back federal rules

Across the country, marshes, swamps and bogs quietly soak up flood water and filter pollutants. Ecologists agree they are one of the best natural defenses against climate change......»»

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Landmark Supreme Court decision in Nepal helps protect wildlife and ensure social justice

A Nepalese conservationist has successfully petitioned Nepal's Supreme Court, securing an order that will see key wildlife conservation laws better enforced—including among the country's powerful and elite......»»

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"Too small and carefree": Endangered animals released into the wild may lack the match-fitness to evade predators

Breeding threatened mammals in fenced, predator-free areas is a common conservation strategy in Australia. The method is designed to protect vulnerable species and breed animals for release into the wild......»»

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Inside 4chan’s top-secret moderation machine

Internal documents show how chaotic moderation allowed racism and violence to take over. Enlarge (credit: Anjali Nair/Getty Images) On May 14, 2022, 18-year-old Payton Gendron sent out a link to a select group of online.....»»

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UNESCO hails $2.9-bn Australian plan to protect Great Barrier Reef

The UN's cultural agency UNESCO welcomed on Tuesday commitments from Australia to protect the Great Barrier Reef, with the government pledging 4.4 billion Australian dollars ($2.9 billion) to safeguard the natural wonder......»»

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Microsoft to pay $20 million to settle Xbox Live privacy allegations

Microsoft will pay $20 million to settle US government allegations that the tech giant violated children's privacy by illegally collecting their personal information through its Xbox Live gaming service......»»

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Microsoft to pay $20M over Xbox child privacy violations

Microsoft has agreed to pay $20 million to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over Xbox-related child privacy violations......»»

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Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations

The tech giant used data collected from child Xbox users without telling parents, US regulators say......»»

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Social media posts can be used to track individuals" income and economic inequalities

Striking differences in the content shared by people who live in wealthier versus poorer neighborhoods has led researchers to believe that our general online posting activity, beyond Nextdoor, can reveal our socioeconomic status, making user profilin.....»»

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Google Pixel Watch just crashed back to its cheapest-ever price

The Google Pixel Watch has hit its lowest-ever price at Best Buy. Here's why the stylish watch is worth your money......»»

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There’s a huge sale on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro happening today

The Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are both great phones and they're available at fantastic prices right now at Amazon......»»

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