How Tech Is Revitalizing the Medical Product Approval Process

Blockchain, AI, cloud computing, and remote health-monitoring devices can drive adoption of decentralized clinical trials .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold;.....»»

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With more Apple Silicon-powered Macs inbound, the iMac Pro gets discontinued

Apple has quietly added a “while supplies last” label to the iMac Pro product page, and also disabled upgrade options for the computer. MacRumors reached out to Apple, who confirmed that when iMac Pro supplies run out, the computer will indeed be.....»»

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The Product Manager asterisk

Product manager might be one of the most grey roles within a startup. However, as a company progresses and the team grows, there comes a time when a founder needs to carve out dedicated roles. Of these positions, product management might be one of th.....»»

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Can Users Poison the Data Big Tech Uses to Surveil Them?

"Algorithms are meaningless without good data. The public can exploit that to demand change," argues a new article in MIT's Technology Review (shared by long-time Slashdot reader mspohr): Data is fed into machine-learning algorithms to target you wi.....»»

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Wind Replaces Coal As Main Source of Power In Germany

Qbertino writes:, a German tech news publisher, reports that wind has replaced coal as the main source of power in Germany. From the report: "The share of renewable energies in the amount of electricity generated and fed into the grid domest.....»»

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Microsoft hack: White House warns of "active threat" of email attack

The tech giant says a state-sponsored group operating out of China is breaching email servers......»»

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VC Lindy Fishburne on the sudden democratization of science — and deep tech investing

Deep science investor Lindy Fishburne cofounded the seed- and early-stage venture firm Breakout Ventures several years ago, after cofounding Breakout Labs within the Thiel Foundation back in 2011, and she has made a wide array of interesting bets in.....»»

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Consumers fear self-driving future, but like the tech that blazes the path

Only 14 percent of drivers would trust automated vehicles to drive them around, according to an annual AAA survey. But people do like driver-assist features......»»

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China will use aging chips while its semiconductor industry catches up

As the trade war between China and the US rages on, the Chinese government is doing everything in its power to prop up the local tech industry. Flagship chinese companies like Huawei no longer get access to American silicon or the software required f.....»»

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Women With Byte

Technology can empower society, yet stories of the important women who have shaped that tech are often overshadowed — or even erased. Women With Byte is a continuing series of articles in which we look at the many contributions women have made.....»»

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Students Are Easily Cheating "State-of-the-Art" Test Proctoring Tech

Students are using HDMI cables and hidden phones to cheat on exams administered through invasive proctoring software like Proctorio. From a report: "I've taken online exams cheating and not cheating and they are just about as stressful anyways so fuc.....»»

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India Threatens Jail for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter Employees

India's government has threatened to jail employees of Facebook, its WhatsApp unit and Twitter as it seeks to quash political protests and gain far-reaching powers over discourse on foreign-owned tech platforms, WSJ reported Friday, citing people fam.....»»

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Samsung’s 3-nm Tech Shows Nanosheet Transistor Advantage

Nanosheet devices allow tuning of memory cell design in a way FinFETs can’t The logic chip industry is heading toward a fundamental change in the structure of transistors. Today’s transistors, called FinFETs, will give way to devices variou.....»»

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Regulators May Finally Get to Tame Big Tech

There have been a number of high level hearings into the behavior of big tech on both sides of the Atlantic. It's only the beginning. Here's why. Continue reading........»»

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Ford says "no negative impact" to dealers from chip shortage

Ford Motor Co. told dealers this week it would not lower their product allocations in response to a shortage of microchips used in vehicles......»»

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White House signals coming antitrust push with Tim Wu appointment

The nod indicates that the new administration isn't planning to go easy on tech. Enlarge / The White House South Lawn, which is unfortunately not the view most folks working for a presidential administration have. (credit: Joe Daniel Price | Ge.....»»

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How and when to hire your first product manager

In the world of early-stage startups, job titles are often a formality. In reality, each employee may handle a dozen responsibilities outside their job description. The choose-your-own-adventure type of work style is part of the magic of startups and.....»»

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Dan Siroker’s new startup Scribe automates Zoom note-taking

Optimizely co-founder Dan Siroker said the idea for his new startup Scribe goes back to a couple of personal experiences — and although Scribe’s first product is focused on Zoom, those experiences weren’t Zoom-related at all. Instead, S.....»»

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UK’s MHRA says it has ‘concerns’ about Babylon Health — and flags legal gap around triage chatbots

The UK’s medical device regulator has admitted it has concerns about VC-backed AI chatbot maker Babylon Health. It made the admission in a letter sent to a clinician who’s been raising the alarm about Babylon’s approach toward patie.....»»

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Address cybersecurity challenges before rolling out robotic process automation

The security aspect of RPA isn’t implemented in the early stages of development — leaving organizations vulnerable to cybercriminals. Alan Radford Contributor Alan Radford is regional CTO of One Identit.....»»

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BCAS3-C16orf70 complex is a new actor on the mammalian autophagic machinery

Autophagy is an intracellular degradation process of cytosolic materials and damaged organelles. Researchers at Ubiquitin Project of TMIMS have been studying the molecular mechanism of mitophagy, the selective autophagy process to eliminate damaged m.....»»

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