How stem cells synchronize to repair the spinal cord in axolotls

The spinal cord is an important component of our central nervous system: it connects the brain with the rest of the body and plays a crucial part in coordinating our sensations with our actions. Falls, violence, disease—various forms of trauma can.....»»

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New tool enables mapping of protein interaction networks at scale

Proteins—long chains of amino acids—each play a unique role in keeping our cells and bodies functioning, from carrying out chemical reactions, to delivering messages, and protecting us from potentially harmful foreign invaders. More recent resear.....»»

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Scientists boost gene knockdown in human cells with CRISPR-Cas13 using chemically modified guide RNAs

In the latest of ongoing efforts to expand technologies for modifying genes and their expression, researchers in the lab of Neville Sanjana at New York University (NYU) and the New York Genome Center (NYGC) have developed chemically modified guide RN.....»»

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Nanoparticles could boost cancer immunotherapy

Boosting function of natural killer cells with magnetic nanoparticles could make cancer immunotherapy more efficient, according to a Northwestern Medicine study published in ACS Nano......»»

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How sex cells get the right genetic mix: An interdisciplinary approach solves a century-old puzzle

A new discovery explains what determines the number and position of genetic exchanges that occur in sex cells, such as pollen and eggs in plants, or sperm and eggs in humans......»»

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Atomic-level, 3-D structure of MUTYH protein opens small window into DNA repair mechanism

Researchers have analyzed the three-dimensional structure of a protein that suppresses the development of colorectal polyposis, MUTYH, at the atomic level and clarified the repair mechanism for DNA mispairings by MUTYH. Since mutations in the MUTYH g.....»»

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Study reveals how a key protein enables the process of meiosis to unfold

To create eggs and sperm, cells must rewire the process of cell division......»»

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Girls are less likely to see science as a viable career when taught alongside scientifically confident classmates

Being in a classroom surrounded by children who are confident and interested in science can actually put girls off pursuing a career in STEM subjects, according to a new study. In contrast, boys seem to be inspired by their peers' confidence and are.....»»

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Chromosome positioning during sperm differentiation described

Chromosomes occupy specific regions of the cell nucleus called chromosome territories. In somatic cells, scientists have observed that there is a correlation between this positioning and genome regulation. In fact, alterations in chromosome distribut.....»»

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Scientists upturn understanding of how key hormones act in cells

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have overturned conventional wisdom on the workings of vital hormone receptors within cells, a finding that could boost drug development for diabetes and related metabolic disorders, cancer.....»»

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Molecular mechanism of ruthenium-complex-induced DNA phase separation revealed

The phenomenon of "liquid-liquid" phase separation (LLPS) of biological macromolecules in living cells regulates many cell activities......»»

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Researchers construct lab-made "cells" with organelles to mimic cellular signaling

Cells are compartmentalized microreactors that integrate spatially organized organelles in a confined space to afford biochemical reaction networks......»»

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In plant cells, a conserved mechanism for perceiving mechanical force resides in unexpected location

Minuscule tunnels through the cell membrane help cells to perceive and respond to mechanical forces, such as pressure or touch. A new study in the journal Science is among the first to directly investigate what one type of these mechanosensitive ion.....»»

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World pledges $4B in push to repair COVID"s education damage

International governments and companies have pledged more than $4 billion to educate 175 million children around the world and prevent a generation's chances being blighted by the coronavirus pandemic......»»

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Molecular atlas reveals how brain cells develop

As the fertilized egg divides, initially undifferentiated cells take on specific functions, becoming more distinct as different tissues and organs emerge. Understanding how hundreds of disparate cell types arise has proven difficult, largely because.....»»

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Machine learning models to help photovoltaic systems find their place in the sun

Scientists develop algorithms that predict the output of solar cells, easing their integration into existing power grids......»»

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Ford to locate Ion Park battery lab in Romulus, Mich., receive tax breaks

The facility will open by the end of next year and help Ford develop its own battery cells for future electric vehicles......»»

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How cells remember inflammation

When a tissue experiences inflammation, its cells remember. Pinning proteins to its genetic material at the height of inflammation, the cells bookmark where they left off in their last tussle. Next exposure, inflammatory memory kicks in. The cells dr.....»»

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Cell-analysis technique could combat tuberculosis

Researchers have developed a way to analyze how individual immune cells react to the bacteria that cause tuberculosis. It could pave the way for new vaccine strategies and provide insights into fighting other infectious diseases......»»

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New study provides clues to decades-old mystery about cell movement

A new study shows that the stiffness of protein fibers in tissues, like collagen, are a key component in controlling the movement of cells. The groundbreaking discovery provides the first proof of a theory from the early 1980s and could have a major.....»»

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Potential role of "junk DNA" sequence in aging, cancer

Researchers have recently identified a DNA region known as VNTR2-1 that appears to drive the activity of the telomerase gene, which has been shown to prevent aging in certain types of cells. Knowing how the telomerase gene is regulated and activated.....»»

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