How DNSpooq Attacks Could Poison DNS Cache Records

Earlier this week security experts disclosed details on seven vulnerabilities impacting Dnsmasq, "a popular DNS software package that is commonly deployed in networking equipment, such as routers and access points," reports ZDNet. "The vulnerabilitie.....»»

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Can Users Poison the Data Big Tech Uses to Surveil Them?

"Algorithms are meaningless without good data. The public can exploit that to demand change," argues a new article in MIT's Technology Review (shared by long-time Slashdot reader mspohr): Data is fed into machine-learning algorithms to target you wi.....»»

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A new type of supply-chain attack with serious consequences is flourishing

New dependency confusion attacks take aim at Microsoft, Amazon, Slack, Lyft, and Zillow. Enlarge (credit: Przemyslaw Klos / EyeEm / Getty Images) A new type of supply chain attack unveiled last month is targeting more and more companies, with.....»»

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More top-tier companies targeted by new type of potentially serious attack

New dependency confusion attacks take aim at Microsoft, Amazon, Slack, Lyft, and Zillow. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) A new type of supply chain attack unveiled last month is targeting more and more companies, with new rounds this week takin.....»»

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Nubia"s RedMagic 6 breaks two smartphone records: a 165Hz screen and 18GB of RAM

Both the RedMagic 6 and RedMagic 6 Pro boast the latest Qualcomm 888 SoC, 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen, and 165Hz refresh rate, the fastest available on any smartphone today. They also feature a single-finger touch sampling rate of up to 500Hz, or up.....»»

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Why Electronic Health Records Haven"t Helped U.S. With Vaccinations

Covid-19 has laid bare crippling interoperability issues .entry-content .tisubhead { color: #999999; font-family: verdana; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; letter-spacing: 1px; margin-bottom: -5px !important; te.....»»

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Call of Duty patch brings "biggest download day on record"

Download records were broken last week when Call of Duty released a major update, Virgin Media says......»»

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How Gootkit trojan distributes ransomware via Google SERPs

Unknowing developers that search forums for script help can fall victim to Gootkit trojan and ransomware attacks Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article......»»

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Microsoft accuses China over email cyber-attacks

The US tech giant blamed the attacks on Hafnium, a state-sponsored group operating out of China......»»

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Microsoft issues emergency patches for 4 exploited 0-days in Exchange

Attacks are limited for now but may ramp up as other hackers learn of them. Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Microsoft is urging customers to install emergency patches as soon as possible to protect against highly skilled hackers who are activel.....»»

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High fat diets may over-activate destructive heart disease protein

Consumption of a high fat diet may be activating a response in the heart that is causing destructive growth and lead to greater risk of heart attacks, according to new research......»»

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Brave Privacy Bug Exposed Tor Onion URLs To Your DNS Provider

Brave Browser had a privacy issue that leaked the Tor onion URL addresses you visited to your locally configured DNS server, "exposing the dark web websites you visit...", writes Bleeping Computer. Long-time Slashdot reader AmiMoJo quotes their rep.....»»

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Study uncovers flaws in process for maintaining state voter rolls

States regularly use administrative records, such as motor-vehicle data, in determining whether people have moved to prune their voter rolls. A Yale-led study of this process in Wisconsin shows that a significant percentage of registered voters are i.....»»

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"Miracle poison" for novel therapeutics

Researchers demonstrate they can engineer botulinum toxin proteins (called proteases) to find new targets with high selectivity, a critical advance toward potential new treatments for everything from neuroregeneration to cytokine storm......»»

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GCHQ says AI can help UK combat disinformation attacks

GCHQ has said it believes it can use artificial intelligence (AI) to help expose disinformation attacks by hostile foreign states trying to undermine the UK's democracy......»»

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Pirate attacks more frequent in waters with destructive fishing practices

A new investigation of maritime piracy reveals that pirate attacks occur more frequently in locations where destructive and illegal fishing practices take place. Raj Desai and George Shambaugh of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., present the.....»»

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How to clear the cache on an iPhone

Clearing your cache is a simple yet effective way of freeing up storage space on your iPhone and making it run faster. Here's how to do it in a few easy steps......»»

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Apple Is Going To Make It Harder to Hack iPhones With Zero-Click Attacks

Apple is going to make one of the most powerful types of attacks on iPhones much harder to pull off in an upcoming update of iOS. From a report: The company quietly made a new change in the way it secures the code running in its mobile operating syst.....»»

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Long-term exposure to low levels of air pollution increases risk of heart and lung disease

Analysis of records for more than 63 million Medicare enrollees from 2000 to 2016 finds long-term exposure to air pollution had a significant impact on the number of people hospitalized for cardiac and respiratory conditions. Researchers examined thr.....»»

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Rogue returns as one of Diablo IV"s playable character classes

The Rogue is a carryover from the original Diablo, and can specialize in both ranged and close quarters combat using bows and daggers, respectively. She primarily relies on imbued weapons, powerful combo attacks, deadly poisons and shadow magic to ge.....»»

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Why do mass shootings spawn conspiracy theories?

While conspiracy theories are not limited to any topic, there is one type of event that seems particularly likely to spark them: mass shootings, typically defined as attacks in which a shooter kills at least four other people......»»

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